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Volcanic archipelago with rugged terrain, white and black sandy beaches, breathtaking scenery and mountainous hiking trails

A happy Scandinavian country known for its majestic royal palaces, beautiful gardens and its iconic Little Mermaid statue

England is part of the United Kingdom and home to its most vibrant city, London, which is the financial capital of the world

A beautiful country famed for its iconic construction: the Eiffel Tower. France features valleys, mountains and seaside towns

Located in Central Europe, Hungary is usually associated with its capital city, Budapest which features dramatic cityscapes

A romantic country with great history and outstand heritage. Italy has a fantastic culinary scene, a truly diverse landscape

Japan is an archipelago composed of 6,852 islands. Its colourful capital, Tokyo, is the world’s largest metropolis

A Portuguese archipelago known for its mild climate and epic hikes along levadas. Madeira is nicknamed the garden island

New Zealand is the world’s epicentre for adventure and adrenaline seekers. The perfect destination for the outdoor lovers

A welcoming country with quaint cities, friendly locals and fantastic cuisine. Home to some of Europe’s best beaches

Famed for its legendary vampire tales. Romania features dramatic mountains landscapes, sandy beaches and thick forests

Rugged hilly terrain with beautiful lochs and remote hiking trails. Scotland is home to UK’s highest mountain: Ben Nevis

An archipelago of 115 islands located in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles is a paradise destination with pristine beaches

Slovenia is a country located in Central Europe known for its beautiful landscape and its iconic glacial Lake Bled

A diverse country, Spain is well  known for its autonomous regions all with unique cuisine, culture and history

A celtic country with a distinctive language, Wales features some of UK’s most dramatic coastline landscape