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Hokkaido is Japan’s northernmost island, and primarily known for its vast wilderness, ski resorts, and the Sapporo Snow Festival featuring stunning ice and snow sculptures. Hokkaido’s capital is Sapporo, celebrated for its beer, historic Sapporo Clock Tower, and Odori Park.

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The island experiences a humid continental climate with warm, brief summers and long, cold winters, making it such a great place to visit for winter sports enthusiasts. In fact, you can be on the slopes in as little as 40 minutes from centre Sapporo! Summers in Hokkaido are incredible, with large fields of flowers and cooler weather than the rest of Japan.

Major events include the Sapporo Snow Festival in February, and the Yosakoi Soran Festival in June, a dance festival in Sapporo.

Prefecture: Hokkaido
Region: Northernmost Japan
Climate: Humid continental with cold winters and warm summers
Major Festivals: Sapporo Snow Festival, Yosakoi Soran Festival
Local Food & Drinks: Fresh seafood, Hokkaido dairy, Hokkaido ramen

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