Things to do on a Princess Cruise

Thinking of booking a cruise but not sure if you’ll have enough things to do while on the cruise? We just came back from a holiday on Princess Cruises and we’re here to tell you what to do while cruising the world. We can assure you that you’ll have so many things to do, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

We spent time on the Regal Princess and we simply cannot wait to go back and hopefully enjoy another holiday cruising the world. Whether you are in it for the people watching a grand piazza or sunset gazing in a hot tub, cruising is luxury travel at its finest, while getting to see some of the most incredible places in the world.

A couple of things before we get started. We’ve already written a super detailed review of the Princess Cruises so make sure to read it before booking your cruise. It will tell you everything you need to know about the company and the ship. You’ll love it! We’ve also written a post on what cruise clothing to pack for your adventure. It will make your life much easier!

Hot tub with a cocktail

One of the best things about cruising on the Princess Cruises is their incredible hot tubs. I mean we’re all different but that was definitely our favourite activity on the ship. You can also order cocktails which then get delivered to the hot tub for you. All you need to do is download the OceanMedallion™ app. This is a small wearable device that gives you access to everything from touch-free boarding to locating your loved ones anywhere on the ship, as well as enhanced services like having whatever you need, delivered. I mean what’s not to love?

Cory and G chilling in the hot tub with cocktails

Have fun people-watching in Piazza

The Piazza is the wow factor on the Princess Cruise, with its marbles, fountains, spiral staircases and shimmering lights: a truly grand hub of activities, inspired by the most sensational European squares. Make sure to take an espresso there, people watching as if you are in Milan or chilling in a bistro in France. We also recommend getting a cake from the International Cafe. I mean you are on a cruise, so no point watching the calories!

Beautiful piazza on regal princess

Go shopping

You can buy a souvenir, a new outfit or just a new wearable for your OceanMedallion™. We purchased two wrist bands for them, a couple of magnets for our family and friends, some new comfortable flip flops and a new jacket.

We also checked out the jewellery collection which is stunning by the way. You can get incredible diamond rings and have them adjusted for free and sent to your home destination. The service is always top-notch and so attentive, which makes the shopping experience fun and personalised.

Cory and G from You Could Travel wearing face masks on Princess Cruise

Enjoy wine (or cocktail) tasting

You can book culinary classes or wine tasting depending on the Princess Cruise you are on. On our Regal Princess, we could sign up for wine tasting classes, which is a great wine to learn about pairing, meet new people with the same interests and of course, learn about wines from around the world.

Spaces are usually limited, so make sure to book in advance as it’s quite a popular activity on the cruise.

Cory and G with cocktails above the piazza

See a live cocktail class

Good Spirits is an original bar idea inspired by the tv series Good Spirits that travelled to far-away destinations in search of local ingredients for original cocktails. Good Spirits offers speciality cocktails during show times and you can see how the bartender creates incredible cocktails such as colour changing gin-based drinks. A fantastic pre-dinner location where you can see how your cocktail is made and learn all about the recipe to impress your friends and family at home.

Cory and G sipping cocktails on Princess Cruise

Book a special dinner

Celebrate a birthday, anniversary or just the simple joy of eating award-winning food! Get a proper Italian meal at Sabatini’s or enjoy a grill at the Crown Grill. Every Princess Cruise ship has an array of speciality restaurants. We recommend booking your dining experience in advance.

We recommend booking your cruise with the Princess Plus package so your drinks, wifi and crew incentive are included. This way you can use your Princess Plus package at the speciality restaurants as well.

Delicious lobster tail on Princess Cruises at the Crown Grill

Admire the sunset on your balcony

Book a room with a balcony and chill with a cocktail and admire the beautiful sunset at sea. It’s such a magical experience and if you’re lucky, you’re going to spot marine life as well.

During our Summer Seacation with Princess Cruises, we got to see dolphins as well. After dark, sit down on your balcony and take a deep breath in, to smell the salty water and look up to admire the starry skies.

Cory and G sipping cocktails on their balcony in their stateroom on Regal Princess Cruise

Relax at the Outrigger

We loved Outrigger for two reasons: the cocktails were incredible and super colourful and the location was ideal too. Located at the back of the ship, you can expect a quiet and cosy bar, with comfortable seating and warm blankets. It’s a gorgeous place to admire the blue sky and sea.

gorgrous views of the sea from the back of Princess Cruise

Eat your way around the ship

With so many restaurants included in your fare, you can truly eat your way around the ship. Every dinner is different with some staples that never change on the menu. Every bar is unique, with its own vibe and drinks menu. There is even a pizzeria on the open deck as well as a proper gelato parlour.

Hungry in the middle of the night? Go to the international cafe and grab a snack. You can also just chill in your stateroom and order the food you want directly to your room. Just tap on your app and it will come!

Special dessert on Princess Cruises

Go out and party

Fancy a proper night out with dancing, hot music, cool cocktails and a DJ? Head over to Club 6 and dance your heart out. A full-service bar, this club is the perfect place before or after dinner or a show. Chic and sleek, it offers a vibrant space with an intimate atmosphere and contemporary decor.

Dress up for captain’s night

No cruise ship is complete without the formal night also known as the captain’s night. It’s your time to shine with that stunning dress you’ve been keeping for a special occasion. Well, this is it! You can even get your hair done at the salon on the cruise ship, or book a treatment at the spa in advance. Get your nails done and prepare to look amazing.

Formal night on Princess Cruises - Cory and G dressed elegant

View art galleries

Are you an art lover? Head over to the art galleries located on the Princess Cruise and purchase something new for your collection.

You can grab a glass of champagne and learn all about the artist and their beautiful art. Who thought you can’t get your dose of culture while on a cruise ship?

Go for an early morning swim

Wake up first thing in the morning, admire the beautiful sunrise and go for a swim to start the day bright. You can then join the hot tubs or just go for a freshly made breakfast.

There are sun chairs all around the open deck so if you prefer chilling with a cocktail and getting a tan, you can also do that!

Top deck on Princess Cruise with its pools and nice seating areas

Attend an art history lecture

Want to dive even deeper into art? Attend an art history lecture where you can truly learn something new. You can now impress your friends and family with your knowledge acquired while on holiday, cruising around the world.

We loved that we had so many activities we could join while on the ship. Never a dull moment!

Enjoy movie night

Wrap up in a blanket and relax on the open deck during the movie night. There’s freshly popped popcorn or pizza available. Drinks are available throughout the movie as well. Cosy up with your loved ones and watch the stories unfold under the starry skies at night.

cory on movie night on princess cruises

Enjoy champagne and auction

If you’re an art buyer, then the cruise ship might be just the place for you. Join the exciting Art Auctions where you can bid on a variety of fine art pieces, including pieces from famous artists like Thomas Kinkade, Peter Max, and Michael Godard. There is no charge to attend these lively events.

Get afternoon tea at the sanctuary

Our favourite wellness part of the cruise was by far the half-day we spent at the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is a top-deck retreat for adults only. Enjoy plush lounge furniture, attentive steward service, refreshing beverages, spa treatments, open-air massages, afternoon tea, delicious lunch and even a private cabana! That’s a lot to pack in just half a day, but trust me, it’s soooo worth it.

Cory and G taking lunch at The Sanctuary Princess Cruises

Work out at a gym

The state of the art gym equipment comes with incredible sea views. We recommend getting there for an early workout or during the sunset so you can enjoy some cotton candy skies.

There are daily programs at the gym like Tai Chi, Yoga and more, so you can stay in shape even when at sea, travelling the world in pursuit of new adventures.

Treasure your time together

Just relax with your loved ones whether you have a cocktail on the deck together, share a meal at Alfredo’s Pizzeria (our favourite restaurant) or just relax by the pool. Take a step back and just take it all in: you are together, sharing an epic adventure, crossing seas, going places and sharing activities.

Make new memories together and don’t forget to take lots of pictures to remember it all, forever.

Cory and G on Princess Cruises

Attend broadway-calibre entertainment

We’ve seen a world-class comedian, a concert and a broadway-calibre production show. Spaces are limited in the Princess Theatres so make sure to reserve your seat in advance. They don’t cost extra and these are included in your fare.

Every evening has a different show, concert or entertainment planned for you. Throughout the day, you can also attend Bingo or quiz activities.

Book a treatment at the spa

Some people just want to chill and enjoy what cruise life is all about it. We understand as we booked a couple massage at the Lotus Spa too! Book a treatment at the spa to indulge in some first-class pampering. If you prefer, you can get your nails done, have a facial or get your hair arranged for the evening.

Meet other cruisers

If you’re feeling social there are plenty of places where you can meet other cruisers too. You can join others at the dinner table, mingle with art enthusiasts or just participate in activities with others.

Sometimes it’s nice to meet fellow travellers from other corners of the world and bond over your love for cruising.

Cocktails at the Sanctuary Amaretto Sours

You can see how many things to do are there on a cruise so you’ll never run out of cool things to enjoy. Princess Cruises always adds new ships with even bigger, better entertainment and adds new activities for its cruisers all the time. We hope you’re going to love your time on the cruise just as much as we did. For any questions or suggestions, make sure to leave a comment down below. Happy cruising!

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