About You Could Travel

Cory and Greg from You Could Travel dressed as an oiran and samurai in Tokyo, Japan

Mission Statement

You Could Travel’s mission is to ignite the explorer within, leading you on a Japan journey through vivid storytelling. Our site serves as a portal to help people around the world connect with the beauty and complexity of Japan, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation through engaging articles, photography, and cultural insights.

What we do

Where to stay in Tokyo - the vastness of Tokyo as seen from above at sunset
Where to stay in Tokyo – the vastness of Tokyo as seen from above at sunset

Since its inception, You Could Travel has helped travelers and explorers reach the most interesting corners of the world through insightful articles, meaningful stories and captivating photography. The story of You Could Travel begins, ironically, in a living room. Most precisely, in a small house in the suburbs of Bristol, UK. It was there in 2015 that two Japan enthusiasts decided to follow their passion and take their first trip to Japan. They decided to start writing about Japan on a personal travel site and help others have the trip of their life.

Soon thereafter, that travel website became known as You Could Travel, a site committed to intrepid exploration which continues to uncover new insights about Japan travel, nature, and culture.

Where we are now

People crossing the famed Shibuya Crossing at night
People crossing the famed Shibuya Crossing at night

Throughout the years, You Could Travel acquired a large following of Japan enthusiasts, always on the lookout for their next Japan adventure.

You Could Travel is a travel website whose content focuses on Japan travels. Through our articles and guides, we aim to improve its readers’ life by sharing transformational travel experiences. Travel is about seeing the magic in the world and capturing the most incredible moments forever. What better place to find it than in Japan?

You Could Travel helps ordinary people become avid explorers who live an inspiring and fulfilling life.

You Could Travel continues to reach and resonate with 5 million readers every year. We’ve stayed true to our mission to pursue and celebrate exploration, education and sustainability. At You Could Travel, we value the journey just as much as the destination.

You Could Travel is a well-established player in the Japan travel market. Contributing to its success are the strategic partnerships that inspire its readers to dream, explore and discover.

You Could Travel’s tag line is “The Japan Travel Club”.

The Founders

You Could Travel was founded by Cory and Greg, two Japan explorers with an inner drive to push themselves outside their conformity of everyday life. Passionate about nature and the environment, both Cory and Greg are adventurous and love the challenge of an everlasting journey of discovery.

You Could Travel is their travel website and Japan love story. They started this project as a travel blog back in March 2016 as a way to inspire people like you to always look forward to the unknown, follow their deepest dreams and fall in love with the world. The founders believe travelling is about connection: it is about feeling something special and sharing it with your loved ones.

Cory and Greg are introspective travelers, searching for experiences that help them grow as people. They are keen to learn new things through their travels, things which they can apply to their daily lives. This said, the couple’s life is never full, but ever-changing and evolving.

The You Could Travel founders are genuinely curious and, just like you, eager to learn more about the beautiful world around us. Children at heart, Cory and Greg are inquisitive and love to question everything.

They created You Could Travel to help other explorers find their sense of adventure, be pioneers, break the norm and challenge themselves beyond monotony. Japan seemed like the perfect place to start (and eventually move to).

About Cory Varga

Cory is a Romanian-British acclaimed travel writer and award-winning travel photographer. She started her career as a writer in 2016 and quickly fell in love with content creation, photography and digital marketing. Cory is a successful public speaker where she delivers talks about marketing, business, finance, and SEO.

She is obsessed with everything Japan and deeply grateful to be able to spend her days writing all about travel, experiences, and culture in Japan. She published a book “How to Behave in Japan”.

Cory was born in December, thus as a winter child she loves rainy, moody days and snowy blizzards. She loves the feeling of nostalgia, and she thinks being outdoors, walking and exploring it’s the best way to pass the time.

People describe Cory as an extrovert with an insatiable appetite for life. See Cory Varga’s full profile.

About Greg Varga

Greg is a software engineer and a technical director with an ever-growing appreciation for thought-evoking aesthetics. He is Hungarian by birth and British by passport, who travels with his wife, Cory.

Greg travels because he’s constantly curious and wants to translate all his knowledge into epic mediums which inspire other couples to hit the road.

Greg loves Japan so much, he decided to propose to Cory on top of Mount Hiei, in Kyoto.

People describe Greg as an outdoors enthusiast who is enthralled by lush destinations and leafy forests. He thinks travelling with his gorgeous wife is the greatest thing ever. See Greg Varga’s full profile.

You Could Travel Team

Throughout the years, You Could Travel has worked with many freelancers, authors, and journalists. Our team continues to collaborate with talented writers.