Most Exciting Souvenirs From London

London is undoubtedly one of the greatest cities on Earth, with a near-endless string of exciting attractions, ranging from royal residences and traditional tea houses to cutting-edge exhibitions and modern music venues.

If you wonder what to buy in London, then know that the capital is packed full of fabulous street markets, unique boutiques, luxury department stores and museum gift shops, selling unique items inspired by the city around them.

With each exciting experience, there's an iconic British souvenir to bring home.

Where to stay in London

Find out where to stay in London to suit your travel requirements and budget. A detailed guide to London's main districts with the best hotel recommendations.

The big ben during twilight in London

Things to do in London

The best things to do in London and most exciting tourist attractions you need to add to your list.

Complete London itinerary

Your complete London itinerary, ideal for first time visitors and returning London travellers.

The most interesting things to do in Oxford, The city of Dreaming Spires.

How to enjoy Oxford

Also known as The city of Dreaming Spires, Oxford is renowned for its University, being ranked the 6th best educational institution in the entire world. Exploring the streets of Oxford will reveal over 800 years of history. Throughout the years, this flourishing city has been home to royalties, scholars and some of the world's greatest minds. Nowadays, Oxford is a vibrant city bustling with the voices of bright students, independent boutiques and quaint shopping streets. Here's how to spend 24 hours in Oxford.

university of rotunda Oxford

Where to stay in Edinburgh

Find out where to stay in Edinburgh to suit your travel requirements and budget. A detailed guide to Edinburgh's main districts with the best hotel recommendations.

Streets of Edinburgh

Through The Streets Of Edinburgh

How to enjoy your time in the Scottish capital and what to expect from your visit.

The Royal Botanic Gardens Of Edinburgh

The most stunning botanic garden in Scotland. Here's why you need to add it to your list.


The most quintessential things to do in Harrogate including places to see, activities to enjoy and local restaurants to try. Here's what to do in Harrogate.

Local shops in Harrogate town centre


Knaresborough is wonderful, and you're going to find so many epic things to do and see in this lovely town.

Hebden Bridge

In the heart of Yorkshire, Hebden Bridge is a quaint little market town with plenty to see and do.

The perfect accommodation and Knaresborough hotels to have a fantastic holiday in North Yorkshire.

Where to stay in Knaresborough

As written by locals who live and love Knaresborough

Knaresborough is a superb market and spa town in North Yorkshire that attracts countless visitors year around. Mainly known for its Knaresborough castle, a Norman fortress dating since 1100 and its postcard perfect viaduct over the River Nidd.

Knaresborough Bridge

Where To Stay

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