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A warm welcome to our website, You Could Travel. We are Coralia (Cory) and Gergely (G), the married couple who created this information packed travel blog. You Could Travel is geared towards soft adventure seekers who are interested in off the beaten path experiences, cultural and culinary affairs. We are both outdoors lovers and foodies who have been travelling, working and living together since 2013. We enjoy a nomadic lifestyle and wish to experience as much as the world possible, before settling down somewhere close to the mountains. We want you to join us in our quest to travel more and pursuit an endless adventure.

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We want to make sure you have the best experiences during your travels, hence our mission is to ensure you get accurate, up-to-date and trustworthy information. We make mistakes so you don’t have to and offer you tailored advice to plan your trips accordingly. It’s not just our readers who trust us, but other high profile travel publications and destination experts who have relied on our expertise ever since the launch of our website. We love sharing our knowledge with the world and we are always honoured to help other writers, photographers and editors find the best angle for their story. It’s all on the Press Page.

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We created You Could Travel in April 2016 and we have been rapidly growing since. We have been featured in print as well as on various online news outlets for our storytelling and travel photography skills. We worked with several brands and tourism boards and received 100% fantastic feedback from all our previous clients. Over 60% of our traffic comes from organic searches and our main audience is composed of educated travellers between the age of 25-34. We both worked in the digital industry for over a decade prior to You Could Travel, and have design, development, SEO and social management experience.

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