Things to know

Cory is wearing a traditional Kimono dress in Japan
Cory and Greg practicing So Desu Ne expression in Japanese

So Desu Ne Meaning

23 Apr 20243 min read
People crossing the famed Shibuya Crossing at night

Japan to Launch Digital Nomad Visas in March 2024

14 Apr 20242 min read
Our rental in Okinawa which we called the Varga mobile

Renting a car in Okinawa

14 Apr 202410 min read
Drive my car Japanesw 2021 Ryusuke Hamaguchi Best International Feature

Introduction to Japan Cinematography

14 Apr 20247 min read
Natural features of Gyokusendo cave

Discovering Gyokusendo cave

23 Apr 20243 min read
First Emperor Jimmu

8 Beautiful Japanese Legends

14 Apr 202412 min read
Japanese hanko or inkan - your guide to personal stamps

Hanko – Japanese Signature Stamp

24 Apr 202410 min read
Kyoto or Osaka which is better?

Kyoto vs Osaka: Which is better?

14 Apr 202415 min read
Beautiful Japanese words

Beautiful Japanese Words

14 Apr 202415 min read
Cory holding her phone in front of Shibuya area, showcasing useful travel apps for Japan

Best Travel Apps for Japan

18 Apr 202418 min read
Japanese Kimono Dress Oiran

Oiran vs Geisha – Key differences

15 Apr 202414 min read
Cory pointing at the onsen with her wrist tattoo visible

Visiting Japan with tattoos

06 May 202413 min read
Basic Japanese phrases

Useful Japanese Phrases for Tourists

14 Apr 202422 min read
Futuristic sushi robot as itamae inside Mori Art Museum

What is Japan famous for?

14 Apr 202425 min read
Autumn Leaves Koyo in Shinjuku National Garden, Tokyo, Japan

Autumn leaves (Koyo) in Japan

14 Apr 202413 min read
Cory and Greg from You Could Travel showing how to wear a traditional Hanbok in Seoul

Hanbok Rental Guide in Seoul

14 Apr 20247 min read
Pedestrians crossing in Ginza Japan

How to rent a car in Japan

15 Apr 202413 min read
Must try in Japan: Cory visiting a local sake brewery and taking to the owner about how sake is produced

Why visit Japan

14 Apr 202414 min read
A Romanian dressed in Romanian clothes who speaks the Romanian language

Guide to Romanian Language

14 Apr 20247 min read
Folk dance in Romania with traditional clothes

Romanian traditional clothes

14 Apr 20245 min read
Charles Bridge

Luxury guide to Prague and Brno

14 Apr 202411 min read
travel skincare routine - products we use and carry with us all the time

Travel Skincare Routine

14 Apr 20245 min read
Sunset Dresden Germany

Moving to Germany

20 Apr 202415 min read
Sunset on the lake side in Pokhara

Kathmandu to Pokhara Itinerary

14 Apr 202410 min read
Nepali sign to stay silent

Kathmandu to Chitwan Itinerary

14 Apr 202410 min read
Cory and Greg from You Could Travel enjoying their Avalon Waterways Cruise on the deck of the ship

Avalon Waterways France River Cruise

14 Apr 202421 min read
Qatar Airways Business Class Review

Qatar Airways: Qsuite Review

14 Apr 202412 min read
Croatia Sunset Bar

Driving in Croatia

14 Apr 202411 min read
Beautiful Fields in Crete Legacy Gastro Suites

Unforgettable Crete Honeymoon

14 Apr 20246 min read
Loschwitz Dresden Germany

Living in Germany

14 Apr 202410 min read
Travel couple Rainbow Mountains

Digital Nomad Life as a Couple vs. Going It Alone: Which is Better?

14 Apr 20247 min read
Northern Lights Norway

Guide to Northern Lights in Norway

15 Apr 20248 min read