Travel Guide to the United States of America

Destination USA

Arguably the most well-known country in the world and a bastion of western civilization, the USA as a country spans the entire length of North America, and because of that, diversity is something that’s inherent in its lands.


Due to the sheer size and length of North America, and because of the US spanning it, there’s just about any type of landscape, terrain, and scenery to be found in its territory. From deserts like the one found in Nevada, to the world-famous Rocky Mountains, and everything else in between, there’s just about anything for anyone here. The scenery and landscape are absolutely one of the most varied in the entire world.


Since the US is the largest melting pot of cultures, its cuisine accurately reflects this. The many types of cuisine found in the US form a sort-of pan-American kitchen, that’s based on the history of the US. The pioneers and settlers that came from Europe all brought their own traditional dishes, like protestant or catholic meals, eventually creating the modern-day American cuisine.


American culture is based on the settlers and pioneers that came to the shores of North America and established their own unique communities and settlements. Since then, the country’s evolution as a whole meant that creating a singular culture would be impossible, but rather cherishing the diversity and accepting that everyone had different roots. Because of this, there is only the American spirit, which fully encapsulates the diversity that the US has always stood for, and is easily reflected in any and every part of its culture.

Dynamic Cities

The US has some of the world’s most fascinating and popular cities. There’s something absolutely stunning about the variety and aesthetic of cities like New York, or the diversity and magic in cities like Los Angeles, Boston or Denver. The dynamic might be different in each city, as well as the atmosphere, but there’s an underlying constant American feeling present at all times in every city.

Know Before You Go

Home of the American Dream. No better place can depict the dichotomy of life than the USA. From the hot stretches of empty desert in Nevada to the geometric grid system and buzzing life in New York. Each state is unique and full of discovery and attraction for every kind of personality.

Tipping culture is a major business in the US. 15-20% is considered the norm for tipping in restaurants, more if you’ve received the exceptional service that America is known for. A bit of maths is useful at the checkout too, as most goods and services include the tax at the end. Expect an extra 10% on top of the bill.

When you imagine visiting the US, you think big cities, buzzing culture, and fast food. The country also boasts an impressive number of National Parks. Getting out into nature is a must, and a road trip in the US is one for the bucket list. Drive the famous Route 66 stretching across half of the country, or gaze in awe at the formidable granite cliffs in Yosemite National Park. Remember, on US roads you drive on the right, so be sure to familiarise yourself with the mirrored controls before heading out on that road trip.

Always purchase travel insurance when visiting the US. The health service is incredibly expensive, and even small accidents can cause a big sting if you don’t have the right documents.

Best Time To Visit

The 50 states are split into regions: West, Midwest, Northwest, and South. Each one claiming a different landscape and distinctive characteristics. Whether you’re visiting to experience the dream of city life or get out into natures wonders. The USA has it all.

If you’re looking for fabulous weather, California, Hawaii, Florida, and Arizona are just some of the states that deliver that glorious sunshine all year round.

The shoulder seasons in Spring (April to May) and Fall (September to November) are the best times to visit the bulk of the country, such as New York, Chicago, and Washington and the National Parks. Temperatures are pleasant in the cities, nature begins to flourish, and outdoor activities are in full swing. March, April, and May are great months to catch the captivating wildlife and flourishing beauty in the National Parks.

If you’re planning to visit during the National Holidays (4th of July, Thanksgiving, Labor Day), be sure to book well in advance because places book up fast.

What To Expect

Depending on where you’re visiting, your packing list and itinerary can vary wildly in the USA. Here’s a short guide to the essential facts.

Currency – The official currency of the USA is the US dollar

Language – The official language is English

ATMs – Americans love a good ATM. They can be found anywhere and everywhere.

Plugs & Sockets – The USA uses two plug types. Type A which has two flat pins, and Type B which has two flat pins and an earth pin. The voltage is 120V and 60Hz frequency.

Safety – The USA is generally regarded as a safe country to visit. Always be vigilant. Petty theft can be a concern in the big cities. Take care out in nature when travelling in hurricane season from June to November.

Note, that guns can be legally carried in most states and there has been an increase in gun violence in the USA. Always be vigilant and follow the instructions of law enforcement officials in an emergency.

Up-to-date travel advice can be found here.

Climate – As the USA has quite the landmass. Its climate can vary wildly from one region to another. In general, it has a continental climate, with hot summers and cold winters. Though some states are extreme.

States like California and Hawaii are known for having summer all year round, whereas New York enjoys all four seasons. Seattle in Washington is notorious for its constant rain.

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