Travel Guide to Kagoshima

Mount Sakurajima in Kagoshima city

Kagoshima is a coastal city in southern Kyushu, distinguished by its active volcano, Sakurajima, which dominates the skyline. Kagoshima has so much to offer: natural hot springs, historical sites like Sengan-en Garden and traditional gardens. Many hotels in Kagoshima come with public onsen.

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Kagoshima is on the Shinkansen line, which means it can be easily accessed from other cities in Japan.

Prefecture: Kagoshima Prefecture
Region: Southern Kyushu
Climate: Humid subtropical with warm summers and mild winters
Major Festivals: Kagoshima Ohara Matsuri, Sengan-en Shinto Shrine festival
Local Food & Drinks: Kurobuta (Black Berkshire pork), Satsuma-age (fried fish cake), and sweet potatoes

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