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Finding the perfect luggage can be a real challenge. I know that because my husband and I have been travelling the world for the past 10 years.

When looking for a new luggage, you want something that is both stylish and practical, with enough space to store all of your essentials and built to withstand the wear and tear of travel. For years, I struggled to find a piece of luggage that met all of my requirements, until I discovered the Level8 luggage.

This brand has revolutionized the way we travel, offering a sleek and beautiful design, exceptional durability, and silent wheels that make it easy to navigate even the busiest of airports (and cobble streets!).

On my recent trips to Asia and Europe, I had the opportunity to put the Level8 luggage to the test, and I can honestly say it was a game changer. In this article, I’ll be sharing my experience and why I believe Level8 is now the best luggage on the market. As always, this is an honest review with pros and cons for Level8, so you can make up your mind if this is the luggage for you.

How did I test the Level8 suitcases

Before I begin with this honest review for the Level8 suitcases, I just want to point out the important factors for how I tested these luggages.

I took the various Level8 luggages to 4 different countries: South Korea, Japan, Germany, and Scotland. And there’s a reason why they came with me to all these countries.

Is it durable enough? A trip to South Korea and Japan was very important because I could see if the luggage is actually durable. Since this is a hard-shell luggage with anti-scratch surface technology, I wanted to see if there’s any damage after the long haul.

Is it spacious enough? The Asian trip was very long (1 month) which was the perfect way to test if the interior compartments are spacious enough for all my belongings.

Is it silent enough? I took it out at night in central Tokyo, which is incredible quiet at night. I wanted to really hear if I feel uncomfortable dragging my suitcase after a late arrival.

Is it easy to manoeuvrer? I took it to Asia, as well as Germany on cobbled stone, and in Scotland on snowy hills. I wanted to see if it’s easy to carry and has that awkward resistance like other suitcase brands.

Does it look good? Nobody loves an ugly suitcase. Let’s face it, sleek and fancy suitcases are usually all looks and no substance. But Level8 luggage promised to deliver both. I wanted to see if that’s really the case.

By the way, I did reach out to Level8 to get you a discount code. Use code youcould10 to get 10% off.

Level8 suitcases - the size of a 28" and a 24 inch

Level8 Luminous Trunk Luggage 28”

I recently got the Level8 Luminous Trunk Luggage for a month-long trip to Asia and I have to say, it was a lifesaver. With its large 99 litre capacity, I was able to fit all of my clothes, essentials, and even have room to bring back plenty of souvenirs. The material of the suitcase is made with Bayer Makrolon, a scratch-resistant hard-shell that kept my luggage looking great even after all the travels. I was very impressed to see that my suitcase looked in pristine condition after going through 6 different connections and airports as checked luggage.

One of my favourite features of this suitcase was the 360° spinner wheels. They were ultra-quiet and felt smooth as silk. This was especially important when walking in the evening in a quiet city, like Tokyo. Those of you who get easily woken up by people wheeling their suitcase will understand why this is such a fantastic feature. Quiet, smooth to carry, equals perfection for me. The anti-shock design allowed for easy movement with little resistance as well, which again, is great when going from subway to subway in Tokyo and Seoul.

Luminous Trunk Luggage 28” comes with the secure TSA approved combination lock. It allowed me to have peace of mind knowing that my belongings were safe and secure.

The interior of the suitcase is fully lined, includes a handy divider and two zipper pockets for small items. I was able to organize my clothes and keep my small items easily accessible.

In terms of size, the Luminous Trunk Luggage measures 16.6”L x 13.3”W x 29.1”H (including handles and wheels), with a weight of 11.44lbs.

Is it durable enough? Yes, Luminous Trunk Luggage 28” is durable. No damage or cracks on the luggage or the wheels after the long hauls. I am very impressed with it.

Is it spacious enough? 99 litres are enough for a month away. I’ve got to point out that I visited in November/December, so I had mostly bulky clothes. I bet in the Spring/Summer, this suitcase will be even more spacious and awesome for long-term travel.

Is it silent enough? Yes, it is. It was silent and wonderful. I didn’t wake up anyone, I could barely hear it make a noise. This is by far my favourite feature.

Is it easy to manoeuvrer? It did have some difficulties in Germany on cobbled stone, but some resistance there is to be expected. In Asia and Scotland, it behaved remarkable. It was like a perfect companion. Even fully filled, it was effortless to carry, push and spin.

Does it look good? Yes, this is my favourite Level8 luggage and it looks sleek and sexy.

Overall, this is the perfect luggage for me and I honestly recommend it. It kept my belongings neatly organized without the need for extra packing cubes. Fully filled, it did not go over the weight limit. The waterproof shell design is fantastic and resisted the test of being hauled around through many airports. The interior compartments and space is perfect for long-term travel and yeah, let’s face it, it looks really cool.

Verdict: 10/10 for this Level8 Luminous Trunk Luggage 28” luggage.

G with a 28 inch Level8 and a 24 inch Level8 to compare the sizes

Level8 Voyageur Check In 28”

My husband used the LEVEL8 Voyageur Luggage for his check-in luggage for our month long Asian trip. This suitcase easily fit all his (winter) clothes, his necessities, and had enough space to bring back many souvenirs, including household items from Japan. It’s one of LEVEL8’s largest check-in luggage, and it’s finely crafted in design and functionality to offer a larger capacity for longer trips.

The telescopic handle is wide and easy to hold. This new design element from Level8 allows for increased packing capacity and more stability. My husband agrees. While it felt and looked unconventional at first, this design element makes sense once you start using the suitcase.

There is an extra handle in the middle of the suitcase that allows for easy pickup from the baggage carousel. If we had one con for the Level8 Voyageur is that the middle handle looks a bit strange, but it’s very practical and functional.

The material is made with the best Bayer Makrolon, which is lightweight and scratch-resistant. The micro diamond textured design hard-shell is durable and looks fantastic. It also went through several airports and has been hauled around the world with minimal scuff marks. No damage, no scratches thanks to the anti-shock design.

The ultra-quiet 360° spinner wheels make it easy to walk without constantly feeling apprehensive that you will wake up a whole neighbourhood in Tokyo.

The handle is made from aluminium alloy and is telescopic, making it easy to adjust to your preferred height. The interior compartment is fully lined and has two large compartments for clothes and two zippered spaces for small items, plus a dry-wet separation pocket, which is perfect for anyone who loves water activities. The TSA-approved combination lock adds an extra layer of security to the luggage.

Is it durable enough? Yes, Voyageur Check In 28” did really well during the trips. No damage, just a few minor scuff marks, which are pretty normal after being hauled through several airports.

Is it spacious enough? 99 litres is the perfect suitcase size for long-term travel.

Is it silent enough? Yes, it is. Finally, a suitcase that doesn’t wake up whole neighbourhoods when dragged on pavement. A real winner!

Is it easy to manoeuvrer? Effortless to manoeuvre, with durable spinner wheels.

Does it look good? It does look good, although I’m not a massive fan of the middle handle.

Overall, this is a fantastic luggage and my husband’s favourite so far. It’s sleek, practical, and functional. It’s resistant to damage and withstood the test of travelling around the world. The fully lined compartments are of good quality and from the moment you receive the suitcase you can tell that it’s not made from cheap materials.

Verdict: Solid 9/10 for the Level8 Voyageur Check In 28” luggage.

Level8 Textured Check In 24”

The LEVEL8 Textured Check-in is the perfect luggage for a one-week trip. With its large loading capacity and sleek minimalistic design, you’ll have enough room to pack all your essentials, while still keeping it light and easy to carry. This luggage is made with durable Bayer Makrolon polycarbonate hard shell material that is both scratch-resistant and waterproof.

You’ll appreciate the telescopic handle made from aluminium alloy and the TSA approved lock for added security. The interior is fully lined with a mesh pocket divider to help you keep your items organized. The 360° spinner wheels are ultra-quiet and durable, allowing you to move around with ease.

Is it durable enough? Yes, Level8 Textured Check In 24” came with us to Germany and Scotland, and survived the trip with only minor scuff marks. Very pleased with it.

Is it spacious enough? Level8 Textured Check In 24” is 65 litres and is perfect for a 1-2 week trip.

Is it silent enough? Yes, it is. Finally, a suitcase that doesn’t wake up whole neighbourhoods when dragged on pavement. I love it!

Is it easy to manoeuvrer? Effortless to manoeuvre, with durable spinner wheels.

Does it look good? It looks great, super sleek and perfectly stylish.

Overall, the LEVEL8 Textured Check-in is the perfect combination of functionality, durability, and comfort. The sleek design, durable material, and smooth wheels make it a great choice if you are after an easy to manoeuvre, stylish, and practical luggage for your next one-week trip.

Verdict: 8.5/10 for the Level8 Textured Check In 24”.

Fire roaring at the Waterfall Lodge

What about Level8 carry on?

You can easily get Level8 luggage sets if you are looking for a cost-effective combo for a checked bag as well as a durable carry on. Some of their gorgeous carry ons come with a laptop pocket or laptop compartment that is perfect for when you need to fly for business or work.

Having a well padded laptop pocket is crucial for me as I mostly travel for work. I am constantly on the lookout for a carry on that can replace my laptop bag, as most airlines only allow one luggage onboard. Getting the Level8 Pro-Carry on with laptop pocket or the Road Runner Carry-on seems like the most sensible choice.

For our next international trip, we are planing on taking the Level8 Full Aluminium Carry-on 20″ for a spin. We both love the looks and it’s robust design. The suitcase is made with Aerospace-grade aluminium magnesium alloy, it’s keyless and zipperless and has those incredible quiet spinner wheels which I love so much.

Aluminium Carry-on suitcase from Level8

Credit: Level8 photography

My honest thoughts on Level8 luggage

I’ve been travelling for pleasure and business for the past 10 years, and I am always in the market for a sleek and durable suitcase. Having tried and tested three different Level8 luggages, I can say that I’m genuinely impressed by the quality, design, and durability.

My husband and I will continue to use the Level8 suitcases happily, and I 100% recommend them with love. It’s no surprise that my favourite feature is the silent wheels, which is so important to me. I also love the quality of the craftsmanship and the attention to the small details.

Considering the price, compared with other major luxury suitcase brands, Level8 seems perfect for mid-range to luxury travellers who are looking to upgrade their suitcases.

I reached out to Level8 because I love their luggage so much, to get you a cool discount for your brand-new suitcase. Buy your Level8 suitcase and use code youcould10 to get 10% off at checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Level8 a good luggage brand?

Level8 is a New York-based luggage brand that creates quality, functional and reliable luggages. Level8 emphasizes simple and ergonomic designs, made from durable materials.

What is Level8 carry-on luggage?

Level8 carry-on luggage comes in the following size: 22” x 14” x 9” making it is suitable for almost all airlines. There are currently 6 different Level8 carry on luggage designs available to pick from.

Where is Level8 luggage manufactured?

Level8 luggage is manufactured in China and Cambodia. The company HQ is in New York.

What are the dimensions of a Level8 carry-on?

The dimensions of Level8 carry on is 22” x 14” x 9” making it is suitable for almost all airlines.

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