Travel Guide to Wales

Destination Wales

A country that has so much to offer but is often vastly underrated, Wales is a destination that’s filled with natural and man-made wonders.


Wales is situated in the western region of the island of Great Britain. The landscape of Wales is mostly hilly, with many tall and beautiful mountains towering over the valleys and lower regions. With its unique natural beauty, Wales can easily rival many other destinations in the world, offering a natural magical feel for any outdoors enthusiast.


Out of the three countries found on the Isle of Great Britain, Wales has arguably the most varied and unique cuisine. Wales’ food is deep-rooted in old traditions and absolutely delicious. Many of its dishes are meat based, like lamb or hare. Dairy and cheeses are some of the most important items found in the kitchen of Wales, and because of it being surrounded by waters, fish delicacies are present in the coastal regions.


Many people of today believe that the culture of Wales is just another facet of Britain, most notably because of the influence from England, but in most cases that is far from the truth. Welsh culture is its own, and it has its own language, myths and legends. The Welsh people are a culture of arts and crafts, and Wales is home to many festivals found throughout the year, most of which are intrinsically connected to religion.


Everything that’s related to nature in Wales is astounding – because of the natural mountainous regions and deep valleys, there are numerous species of wildlife and flora, all of which have to be protected from the devastating reach of man. Not only that, but it’s possible to even spot dolphins in the waters around Wales, as well as some of nature’s most stunning displays, like the Salmon Leap.

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