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Byodo in Temple in Uji with its reflective pond

Uji, located in Kyoto Prefecture, is the perfect day trip from Kyoto if you are a green tea enthusiast. Uji is the birthplace of matcha in Japan and also famous for Byodoin Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, whose Phoenix Hall is depicted on the 10-yen coin.

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Uji’s historical significance extends to its classical literature connection, Tale of Genji, which has scenes set in Uji.

Key events in Uji include the Uji Tea Festival in October, celebrating its tea heritage, and the Ujigami Shrine Festival, showcasing traditional Japanese rituals and performances.

Prefecture: Kyoto Prefecture
Region: Kansai, south of Kyoto city
Climate: Humid subtropical with warm summers and mild winters
Major Festivals: Uji Tea Festival, Ujigami Shrine Festival
Local Food & Drinks: Matcha

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Byodo in Temple in Uji with its reflective pond

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