Bluffworks Travel Clothes Review

When you pack your suitcase in preparation for your travels, you need to be quite picky about the clothes you will pack and bring with you. Most of the time, you will travel with a carry-on to save money on fares, therefore, selecting the right, most versatile travel clothes is paramount.

Since we became digital nomads living out of suitcases in so many destinations, we started seriously looking for the right travel clothes that actually make sense to buy. Travel clothes, in general, need to feel comfortable, perfect for a multitude of occasions. They should be water-resistant when possible, ideal for any weather conditions.

Cory wearing her Trevi dress during holiday in the UK

Does it sound impossible to find these clothes? That’s because it is. Most travel clothes lack one of the requirements. For men, that’s style. For women, pockets.

What if I told you that we finally found a brand of travel clothing that is stylish, versatile, water-resistant, has many (MANY) pockets and are affordable? Meet Blufforks, the new generation of travel clothing that, we think, everybody needs.

Bluffworks was founded by Stefan Loble who ran a kickstart campaign back in 2012. He created the ultimate travel chino, an incredibly soft, wrinkle-free pant that can go days without care. Then new items were added to the collection, like blazers, suits, jockers, shirts and dresses. All these items feature hidden pockets for cards and passports. They really are comfortable, lightweight and they look great.

We got a few items from Bluffworks for our upcoming cruise and travels. Since we will be at sea only without calling at ports, we wanted to have an array of clothes that are versatile, easy to style and are wrinkle-free. We are so impressed with the quality, craftsmanship, look and feel. Here’s why we are Bluffworks converts and why we think they are the best travel clothes.

Bluffworks Pants for him

G has a new pair of Ascender 5-Pocket Pants Slim Fit in slate blue. We went for slim fit because that’s the best one for his body shape. Also blue is super versatile and it can work as a casual outfit but also with an evening jacket for something a bit more formal. There are other colours available as well so you will definitely find the one that suits you best.

G wearing the wonderful Bluffworks travel pants for men in Oxford

So what’s so special about these pants? The chinos are super soft and very comfortable. G usually prefers jeans but given how well these fit and how the fabric is nice and stretchy, he actually loves wearing them all the time. They look classic and smart, work really well with a t-shirt but also with a shirt and blazer. They are single resistant which I love because there’s nothing more annoying than having to iron your pants on a holiday. They are machine washable, moisture-wicking and anti-odour.

They have hidden security pockets for phones, passports and money. The Ascender 5-Pocket Pants are a blend of jeans, utility pants and chinos which means they are perfect for people like my husband who want to enjoy the comfort of jeans but wish to take it up a notch and be more elegant.

My husband tried these on a hike, evening walk, restaurant and we’re now taking them on a cruise. He loves them so much, he feels they are the perfect travel pants.

Order your Ascender 5-Pocket Pants

G wearing Bluffworks travel chinos in Oxford

Bluffworks Blazer for him

Before I tell you about this incredible blazer, imagine a fabric that looks as luxurious as linen, but doesn’t wrinkle. Do I have your attention? Because we couldn’t believe it when we tried G’s new Hopsack blazer from Bluffworks.

This ultra-lightweight, unstructured blazer is made from a stretch fabric that looks like French linen. It’s comfortable, breathable and machine washable (yes, really!). Also, wrinkle-resistant which I think it’s the best thing ever.

G has been wanting a similar blazer for years but travelling with linen is not really an option for us. I have a pair of linen trousers and I know how difficult they are to maintain.

G wearing his nice Bluffworks blazer in Oxford

The Hopsack blazer has 7 pockets including 4 interior pockets. There is 1 zippered security pocket as with all awesome travel clothes from Bluffworks. The fabric is super lightweight and it’s soft, half lined. What we love is that we can fold the arms a little to make it look casual or wear it with a nice t-shirt for a smarter restaurant.

Order your Hopsack Blazer here

Bluffworks chinos for her

I normally look silly in chinos because I’m pear-shaped and I rarely find a pair that is comfortable, also looks good and it’s short enough for me (I’m petite). After many years of avoiding chinos I’m so happy I can join the chinos club.

Cory wearing Bluffworks chinos in the office

I have the palm chino pants in light clay, in petite fit. Even when I order petite fit from high street brands, the fit is really bad. Not this time. I got my Bluffoworks Palma chinos in size US 2 and they are perfect. They are long enough to look good but short enough to still see a bit of ankle. The shape is ideal and they fit wonderful around the waist. I normally don’t get this excited about pants, but to be able to wear chinos that actually fit me, are machine washable, wrinkle-resistant, with LOTS of pockets and super lightweight? We need to celebrate their existence and protect them at all costs!

I think these pants are fantastic for travel but also for everyday wear in an office, casual surroundings or evening dates. I am so comfortable with them, I drove in them to London for about 4 hours and I was surprised to see they still hold their shape so well, don’t look worn at all and I’m still comfortable.

Basically, if I can forget that I’m wearing trousers, it means Bluffworks is doing something right! I will now order other colours. I’m so happy I discovered them.

Order your Palma chinos here

Cory wearing her Palma chinos from Bluffworks in Oxford

Bluffworks Black Dress

Where was the Trevi dress all my life? First of all, I need A-line dresses to look nice and the Bluffworks Trevi dress is a flattering style with kick pleats in the front and back for comfort and movement.

Beautiful Trevi dress from Bluffworks worn by Cory  at the botanical gardens in the UK

Let me tell you about some of the features. It has Bra snaps at shoulders keep straps in place, 6 total pockets including 3 zipper pockets (which sounds unrealistic for such an elegant dress), is machine washable and moisture wicking with odour control. This dress is so casual and beautiful, it’s ideal for your summer holiday. Works with trainers but also sandals. Add elegant shoes, a hat and a belt, and you have the most formidable, elegant evening dress.

Add tights, a shawl, boots and a jacket and you have a gorgeous Autumn dress for colder days. I’ve never seen such a versatile dress that looks so good.

Cory travelling with her Trevi dress from Bluffworks

I’m not going to lie, I’m a little disappointed it’s discontinued. So please make sure you catch the final sale and shop while supplies last. Don’t worry though, Bluffworks is great at coming up with new models so I have no doubt a new and improved dress will be on their site soon.

Order your Bluffworks dress here

Women black dress Trevi from Bluffworks worn by Cory during her travels to the UK

Bluffworks Aries Dress

The Aries dress is an ultralight, wrap dress that resists odours and wrinkles and features 6 pockets. It was designed for comfort and movement and it looks so flowy, perfect for a holiday. Much like all the other Bluffworks clothes, the Aries dress can be dressed down or dressed up depending on the occasion you wish to attend.

Cory wearing her Aries dress from Bluffworks in the UK

I wore it in 30C but also with tights and boots at just 15C, under a leather jacket. It looked great both times. It’s very feminine and suitable for all body shapes. I also wear it when I go on staycations around the UK because it’s wrinkle-free and quick dry which is essential when you are in the British countryside.

Let’s talk about what women care about: pockets. The Aries dress features two side pockets for your hands (with an extra pocket inside each), a zippered passport pocket is concealed in the waist seam, and a small zip pocket for cards and cash is hidden inside the left chest lining.

Buy your Bluffworks Aries dress

Cory wearing her Aries dress from Bluffworks and watering the plants in a garden during a staycation in the UK


In conclusion, we love our Bluffworks clothes and we honestly think they are perfect for travel. Not only that, it’s rare to find clothes that are versatile, look good, are quality and are well thought through.

Cory wearing her chinos from Bluffworks in Oxford

These garments are here to stay and travel with us all over the world. We will continue to purchase from Bluffworks as we are well impressed with the materials. All garments from Bluffworks feel very durable and long-lasting which is exactly what anyone would want from travel clothing. Besides, Bluffworks enables us to create an easy capsule wardrobe that saves us money and space in our suitcase. The cuts are great, even for petite or slim people and are so easy to style with the rest of the closet.

Overall, we are very impressed and we 100% recommend them to our travel readers!

Polaroid of Cory enjoying the British countryside
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