Japanese Customs And Manners Book

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How to behave in Japan - a book written by Coralia (Cory) Varga
How to behave in Japan – a book written by Coralia (Cory) Varga

How To Behave In Japan: Essential Japanese Manners & Etiquette

This guide will help you get acquainted with basic Japanese manners and etiquette. You’ll delve into general customs, insider tips on blending in like a local, and grasp some of Japan’s most crucial traditions. We’ll explore everything from navigating shopping and public transport to dining etiquette, enjoying onsen, and thriving in business settings. By the time you finish reading, you’ll feel assured in your freshly honed Japanese etiquette skills, seamlessly fitting in with the locals during your stay in Japan.

How to behave in Japan by Cory Varga photographed in a bookstore
How to behave in Japan by Cory Varga photographed in a bookstore

Learn more about manners and etiquette in Japan, how to behave in restaurants, how to eat Japanese food and how to act properly in any circumstance. Get top recommendations, how-tos, detailed instructions and practical advice.

Discover a complete travel guide geared towards Japan lovers.

Learn everything you need to know to enjoy a holiday of a lifetime.

How to behave in Japan book pages
How to behave in Japan book pages

Guide written by a Japan aficionado who spent years researching the Japanese way of life, customs, and etiquette. The guide is complemented by beautiful kawaii imagery in manga style created by a Japanese artist. The guide is a beautiful coffee table book that you’ll want to pick up over and over again. It’s fun, exciting, and informative.

How to behave in Japan book sample pages
How to behave in Japan book sample pages

Verified reviews for the book

“A must-have guide. Turns out, I’ve been eating sushi wrong all my life” – Julie

“A gem of a guide” – Greg

“The book is amazing, it’s so informative – I learnt a lot that I didn’t know before! The author has put a lot of effort into the book! You can tell this not least from the wonderful and super cute illustrations! The quality of the print and the workmanship are also absolutely convincing. Therefore five stars from me.” – Anne

“Really loved it. Wonderful pictures, very helpful.” – Amazon Customer

How to behave in Japan interior of the book
How to behave in Japan interior of the book

About The How To Behave In Japan Book

Introducing The How To Behave In Japan Book, your ultimate guide to mastering Japanese manners and etiquette. Inside, you’ll find:

  • Essential tips on general manners, dining etiquette, and business customs.
  • Insights into Japanese social norms, including dining at home and bathing etiquette.
  • A detailed guide to visiting Shinto Shrines, with explanations of traditional practices.
  • Expert advice on participating in a Japanese tea ceremony and impressing others.
  • Tips on the art of gift-giving in Japan and when it’s appropriate.
  • Guidance on shopping etiquette, from entering a store to trying on clothes.
  • Instructions on navigating Japanese transportation, including trains, subways, and taxis.
  • Techniques for sitting like a local and onsen etiquette for both men and women.

With practical information and cultural insights, this book is your passport to a seamless and respectful experience in Japan.

Cory Varga - the author of How to behave in Japan book
Cory Varga – the author of How to behave in Japan book

About the author

Cory Varga is not just your average travel writer and photographer—she’s a passionate Japan enthusiast with a deep-rooted connection to the Land of the Rising Sun.

When Cory isn’t snapping photos or jotting down travel tales, she’s sharing her Japan wisdom with anyone who’ll listen. As a public speaker, she’s all about helping others discover the magic of Japan, whether it’s for a holiday or a life-changing adventure.

At her company, You Could Travel, Cory’s the driving force behind partnerships that spread the Japan love far and wide. And she’s no stranger to the limelight, with features in top-notch publications like Forbes, Travel + Leisure, BBC, and Lonely Planet.

Based in Tokyo with her husband, Cory’s always up for a new escapade. Whether she’s nose-deep in a book or off exploring, her passion for Japan shines through in everything she does. So, if you’re dreaming of Japan, Cory’s your go-to guide for turning those dreams into reality.