The Cardiff Centenary Walk

Planning a trip to Cardiff, are you? Brilliant choice. There’s so much to be seen and explored in Wales’ capital city. For a newcomer, I recommend doing the The Cardiff Centenary Walk.This is a wonderful 3.6 kilometres walk around Cardiff which enables you to marvel at some of this city’s best tourist attractions. Grab a good pair of walking boots and start your walk. Here’s all the 41 points you will be reaching, in the right order.

Cardiff Centenary Walk
Cardiff Centenary Walk Waymarker

1. Old Library

The Old Library opened in 1882. The Welsh inscription on the building means “He will not be wise who will not read”. As an avid reader, I cannot recommend you to read enough, thus, this is a great motto to have in life.

2. Cardiff Market

You can find plenty of things in here. From fruits and veg, to fabric, books and even cakes. Buy your fresh local produce or simply meander around.

3. St John the Baptist Church

This is the oldest church in Cardiff’s city centre which features beautiful stained glass and an inside memorial to Sir John Herbert.

4. St. Mary Street/High Street

This is the most important part of Cardiff’s medieval town. There are annual fairs held here, in front of the guildhall.

5. Quay Street

This street got its name because it leads to the river banks of Taff.

6. Womanby Street

Before you move on, go up the street a little way and look through the archway on your right. Jones Court was built in the 1830s. Back in the days it only had two rooms, with no water supply or drainage.

7. Millennium Stadium

Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium t is now one of the most famous stadia in the world. Home of Welsh rugby union as well as several national football team’s matches are played here.

8. Angel Hotel

Due to its proximity to the Rugby Stadium, it became a traditional pre-match gathering place for rugby fans.

9. Animal Wall

Designed by William Burges in 1866, and built in 1890, the animal wall was initially located in front of the Cardiff Castle. In 1925 the animal wall was moved to its current location.

10. West Gate

This is the West Gate of an Old Town wall. You can enter Bute Park from here if you wish to enjoy a small detour.

11. Castle Arcade

This is a brilliant place to have lunch and some cream tea. There’s plenty of independent shops around.

12. Cardiff Castle

A historic construction with over 2000 years of history, the Cardiff Castle can be explored at your own pace or part of a tour.

13. Duke Street Arcade

This is another cute arcade where you can venture in to discover more boutiques.

14. Aneurin Bevan Statue

Celebrate the man responsible for establishing the National Health Service in 1948.

15. East Gate

Known as Crockherbtown before, it was renamed to Queen Street to mark Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee in 1887.

16. The Friary

Tower block built by Franciscan Friars in 1280.

17. Friary Gardens

Perfect place to take a moment and relax in the Friary Gardens. You can see the statue of the 3rd Marquess of Bute.

18. Dock Feeder

Built between 1790 and 1798, the Canal was used to transport heavy goods from the industrial valleys for export around the world through Cardiff docks.

19. City Hall

This is Birtain’s one of the most impressive civic centres. One of my favorite features is the clock tower which is 60 metres high. At the top of the dome you can see a Welsh dragon. Feel free to walk in and ask for a leaflet. You may be able to walk around the City Hall if there are no functions at the time.

20. Law Courts

The Cardiff Law Courts on your left were completed in 1904. Here, you can see the statue of Judge Gwilym Williams, “terror to malefactors”. Now, that’s a cool nickname to have.

21. University of Wales Registry

This beautiful classical building features some amazingly detailed sleeping dragons on the posts. It is now the administrative headquarters of the University of Wales.

22. Glamorgan Building

Created in 1888 and opened in 1912, this is Glamorganshire’s County Council.

23. Bute Building

Now part of Cardiff University, Bute building was initially opened as a Technical College back in 1916. 24. Falklands Memorial

23. Falkland Memorial

A moment of silence in the name of 6 brave Cardiff men killed during the 1982 Falklands Campaign.

25. Welsh National War Memorial

The inscription in Welsh says everything you need to know about the Welsh National War Memorial: “To the sons of Wales who gave their lives for their country in the war of 1914-18”. The memorial was build to built to commemorate the men of Wales who lost their lives in the First World War.

26. Cardiff University

This was formally opened in 1883 and today is Cardiff University’s main building.

27. National Museum Cardiff

There is no admission cost to visit the National Museum in Cardiff and this is a wonderful way to learn more about Welsh history. You can stop just to marvel as some of the great art present in the museum.

28. Gorsedd Gardens

Chilled gardens with lots of benches; the perfect time to take a break and chill in the nature before continuing.

29. Park House

This is an important 19th century townhouses in Wales, because it revolutionised Cardiff’s architecture. Park House was designed in French Gothic style and built in 1870s.

30. New Theatre

Not just great for a night out to see a live performance, but it is also known for its friendly ghost, The Grey Lady. Ghost hunters, this is your place!

31. Park Hotel

The Cardiff Park Hotel was built in 1885 in a French Renaissance style. A shop owner called James Howell, insisted that all commercial traveler who wanted to do business with him, needed to stay at the Park Hotel.

32. St David’s Cathedral

Catholic Church which was bombed and severely damaged during the Second World War. Following some intensive restoration, it was re-opened in 1959.

33. Town Wall

You are now right next to the shopping mall. If you fancy a quick buy, this is your chance. Run for the sales!

34. The Fish Market

This used to be an actual Fish Market back in 1901. In 1937 the building converted into Electricity Showrooms and Offices.

35. Tabernacl Chapel

This is a Welsh language chapel, where Welsh Baptists have met since 1821.

36. Mill Lane

The Glamorganshire Canal used to run along here.

37. The Old Brewery

Ale used to be brewed here. This was a functional beer brewery up to 1999.

38. Royal Arcade

The Cardiff Royal Arcade is the city’s oldest shopping arcades, dating from 1858.

39. Morgan Arcade

Built in 1896, the Cardiff Morgan Arcade features Venetian windows and original slender wooden shop fronts.

40. Howells

Established in 1856, it was acquired by House of Fraser, company which still uses the building for its department store.

41. The Hayes

Hello awesome shopping area! Full of great shops, this is the great place to end your Cardiff Centenary Walk. You can either find a restaurant and treat yourself with some nice food, or chill on a bench and people watch. Either way, congratulations, you have now seen Cardiff’s best attraction points.

If you want to read more about the best things to do in Cardiff, check out this link to my previous blog post about the awesome Welsh capital.

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