Best things to do in Cardiff, Wales

Are you after some fun things to do in Cardiff? Cardiff is the capital city of Wales, located in the South Coast of the country, by the Severn Estuary. If you haven’t yet considered visiting Cardiff, you should start planning your next trip to Europe’s youngest capital city. Cardiff is a magnificent city, with plenty of things to do for tourists and locals alike
I visited Cardiff so many times, I lost count. If you are in the South West of England and want to visit Cardiff, you have several options. You can board a train which takes you to the Welsh capital in under an hour.

Things to do in Cardiff

You can of course drive, a 35-40 minute excellent journey which takes you over the Severn Bridge. It costs £6.40 to cross the bridge, but you will have some really nice view, so I think it’s worth it.

I visited Cardiff for pleasure, shopping, tattoo parlours (Yes, I actually got a tattoo in this awesome city), arts, culture, theatre and tea. I’ve put together the absolute best things to do whilst in Cardiff.

Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle
Cardiff Castle

This is the best opportunity to explore Cardiff’s, historic heart. A majestic construction with over 2000 years of history, the Cardiff Castle can be explored at your own pace or part of a tour. You can even rent part of it for your wedding.

National Museum Cardiff

Cardiff Museum

Wherever I go, I love checking out a country’s national museum. It’s a brilliant, interactive way of learning the historic value of a place and understand its heritage. The National Museum in Cardiff has free admissions and it’s a brilliant way to admire world-class art and natural history.

Cardiff Arcades

Castle Arcade Cardiff

Cardiff’s Victorian Arcades showcase a great collection of independent shops and boutiques. This is the best place for an afternoon cream tea at Barkers Tea Rooms. I particularly love their interior decor, vintage china sets and delicious scones.

Lunch at the The New York Deli

Bagel Cardiff

Since you are wondering around Cardiff’s city centre, I’m sure you will get hungry soon and you will want to stop for a bite. The New York Deli is the perfect place, I can assure you. One of the best bagels I’ve eaten in the UK, together with decent prices and personalised customer service, this place is one of Cardiff’s gems. I discovered the New York Deli by mistake; I stumbled across it on my way to find lunch, just after I had my tattoo done. It brings warm memories and I always make a habit of visiting this place whenever I’m in Cardiff.

Bute Park Cardiff

Bute Park Cardiff

If you are lucky enough to enjoy some sunny weather, you should most certainly stroll around Bute Park. Not just a park, but also an arboretum, Bute features a significant tree collection. You can also find an education centre, cosy cafes and many natural play features. I recommend Bute Park for the nature lovers and wildlife photographers.

The Millennium Walk

River Taff

Once you checked out Bute Park, you should make your across the road towards the Millennium Walk. It’s a lovely path just by the river Taff and leads to Principality Stadium and the Cardiff Central Rail Station.

Shopping in Cardiff

Queens Arcade Cardiff

If your aim is to shop around Cardiff, then you are most certainly in the right place. You can walk around the Cardiff Central Market, queen’s Arcades or Saint David’s Mall. All of them are packed with tones of store ranging from independent boutiques to well-known brands.

Theatre Time in Cardiff

Cardiff Theatre

I love going to the theatre and I never miss the opportunity to go see a play once in a while. I’m very keen on performing arts and I’d rather see a theatre play to a movie at any given time. The New Theatre Wales is a great place for having a cultural night out. You will find famous plays and small, modern performances alike. If you are a ghost hunter, then you might want to check out the New Theatre as it is known to have a ghost, The Grey Lady…

Bargain Time in Cardiff Indoors Market

Cardiff Market

Cheap and fascinating, this indoors market has anything and everything you can think of. From Welsh cakes to fruits and veg, fabrics to second-hand books. If you feel adventurous, allow a couple of hours to wander around and find yourself a real bargain.

Cardiff Chapter Arts Centre

Cardiff Chapter

Hello beautiful and innovative arts! Allow yourself to get carried away by some really funky stuff going on at Cardiff Chapter. This is a multi-artform cultural space that brings a lot of art lovers together. Grab a ticket to one of the performances, or just have a chilled one in the cafe.

Not enough? Here’s The Cardiff Centenary Walk

Cardiff Centenary Walk Waymarker

Hey, you are in Cardiff… there’s more than plenty of things to do. If you really want to follow a path, the best thing to do is to simply do the Cardiff Centenary Walk. this is a dedicated tourist walk away with 41 impressive landmarks. It is 3.6 kilometres long running along Cardiff in a clockwise direction. The Cardiff Centenary Walk has been created for pedestrians, so you can simply get your walking boots on and start your true Cardiff Adventure.

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    Another lovely post – you seem to have a habit of taking photos when the sky is a gorgeous blue colour! I love the castle at Cardiff, and also theatre. I didn't know there was a ghost at the New Theatre though, that definitely adds to the attraction!

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    Kati – Ms B

    That castle looks downright awesome. That picture you've taken with the lion is beautiful! You're a great photographer!

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