Meet the best travel backpack which turns into a small suitcase

Ever wondered what is the best travel backpack? How about the best travel backpack which can turn into a small suitcase? We are excited to have finally found a hybrid cabin bag which can be used as a trolley, backpack and day bag.
You can enjoy the ease of a carry on trolley but also transform your bag into a comfortable backpack. All of these within seconds, with just a zip-out design. Intrigued? Here is our review of the unique Cabin X hybrid bag.

Meet the best travel backpack which becomes a small suitcase

Cabin X is a hybrid carry on trolley which transforms into a backpack within seconds. We didn’t quite believe when we heard the team’s idea, but once our bags arrived we were pretty amazed by the results. There are many hybrid bags on the market, but none of them offers a quick and simple process to convert from a small suitcase to a travel backpack.

The bags are ultra-padded and soft with no clips and no flaps. The transformation process literally takes less than a minute. Put the trolley handle down, zip up the straps and you are ready to go. I know what you are thinking! Aren’t those wheels going to make my travel t-shirts dirty? The Cabin X features a wheel cover that extends from a small pocket on the back of the bag. It’s black and elastic and ensures the dirty wheels are fully covered so your clothes are protected. Could this be the next best-wheeled backpack?

Best travel backpack You could Travel

Cabin X interior

The interior of the bag is pretty cool. It features a compression zone so you can carry more items. It has a detachable hang-up packing organiser, which we’ve been looking forward to because we always find it difficult to organise those small items. This is perfect for underwear, toiletries or even small cables if you are going on a business trip. We also love the number of accessory pockets available and of course, the tech compartment.

Hybrid suitcase travel backpack

Cabin X tech compartment

The padded and soft tech compartment can be accessed via lockable, water-resistant zips. You can use it for a 15 ½ inch laptop as well as an iPad. The interior of the tech compartment is fleece-lined to further protect your items. The tech compartment also features an R.F.I.D. blocking pocket to protect your contactless cards and passport from malicious NFC scanning whilst on the go. For someone like me, who hates travelling with a wallet, this is an awesome feature.

Small suitcase G You Could Travel

You can also find a key clip, ticket pocket and pen slots. What we found really cool is that this hybrid Cabin X doesn’t just allow you to have a small suitcase as well as travel backpack, but also a carry on designed for business trips. Inside the bag, there is a fabric rail which you can use to transport a tie with minimal creasing. Worth mentioning the transparent toiletries pocket to store your liquids and easily remove them for inspection at the airport security line.

Wheel Cover Travel Backpack

Cabin X dimensions

The Cabin X’s 55x35x20 cm (22x14x8 inch) dimensions are suitable for the hand luggage regulations of almost every major airline in the world.

All these awesome features show that Cabin X was designed by travellers for travellers. The team also came up with a detachable companion backpack which is only 33x20x9 cm (13x8x4 inch).

Cabin X Hybrid Bag

Picture was taken from Cabin X kickstarter campaign

The Cabin X Day Bag

The Cabin X small bag can be used as a day bag during trips abroad and you can store your iPad, cards, passport, camera and your water bottle on the side. This small companion bag features special straps which can be cleverly attached to your main Cabin X bag. So whether you have a small suitcase or a travel backpack, the day bag can always be with you.
It can be also be used as a second personal bag which is normally allowed on various flights.

Cory Travel Backpack

Cabin X materials

The Cabin X Hybrid is made from high-quality nylon and it is showerproof. This small suitcase has details made with nice and soft eco-suede. We liked the look and feel of the Cabin X and absolutely adored all its features. So we decided to take them out around the city to see if they really are as practical as we thought.

Materials Small Suitcase You Could Travel

Our thoughts on Cabin X

We took the bags from our flat on a long trip down Andrássy Avenue to the Vajdahunyad Castle. The journey takes one hour, plus the time spent around the castle grounds. We thought this trip will enable us to try the Cabin X as a small suitcase but also as a backpack for some parts of the journey.

Small suitcase which goes best travel backpack

The bag was very well packed when we received it and we immediately loved the design. We found it easy to use and enjoyed the many useful details. We could see this was indeed created by travellers for travellers. The suitcase converts from trolley to backpack quickly and easily.

The first initial thought was that the bag was a bit heavy. The mail suitcase is 3 kg and the small day bag is another 450 grams. However, after checking online we found that most of the branded spinner carry on suitcases are around the same 3 kg weight.

You Could Travel Best Travel Backpack

We loved the pockets and found the sizes for the tech items really useful. I have a 15-inch laptop so mine fits perfectly, however, G is not so lucky, as his work laptop is 17 inch. Luckily, he can still store his laptop in the main compartment of the suitcase.

I was worried about the wheels being bothering once I transform the trolley into a backpack, but surprisingly this wasn’t the case at all. The backpack was very comfortable on my back and I enjoyed the large padded straps.

Small suitcase which goes best travel backpack

We packed the bags, and away we went on an hour-long journey to Vajdahunyad Castle. During the trip, we realised that the aluminium handle for the trolley is well sized for me (1,65 m), but a bit short for G. A 10 cm longer handle would have made this bag perfect for G’s height (1,86 m). As mentioned, we stopped at some point and transformed our small suitcase into a travel backpack. The process was seamless and super easy.

We quickly tried detaching and re-attaching the small day bag. Again, the process took less than a minute. Easy to use, well-thought through. We liked it.

I very much enjoyed the small day bag. I don’t like shoulder bags so having a small backpack to carry my camera, lenses and personal items is awesome.

You Could Travel Small suitcase

The verdict on Cabin X – Cory

I personally loved the Cabin X hybrid. As a minus, I found the bag a bit heavy on my back. But I appreciate this is a small suitcase which transforms into a travel backpack, so I didn’t expect it to be super lightweight. I liked the design and the materials and loved the tech compartment. I could see it was made by travellers for travellers so it made me really excited to find a compression area, the transparent pocket for liquids, and the detachable hang-on packing organiser. I also loved the handles on the top and on the side: padded, soft and large enough to not cut into my hand. I absolutely loved the small day bag. It is very small, fashionable, super lightweight, perfect for city exploring.

Cory Day Travel Backpack

The verdict on Cabin X – G

G also loved his Cabin X hybrid. He didn’t like the handle as much, as he thought it was too short for his height. He found it really easy to convert from trolley to backpack and enjoyed the versatility of the bag. He would use it primarily for business meetings to carry clothes which otherwise easily crease. He loved the colours and the materials which give the bag a high-end feel. He also liked the tech compartment and the numerous pockets available in the interior of the bag. Overall G loved the Cabin X hybrid bag. He found it sturdy and very useful.

G loving his small suitcase

Thank you Cabin X for sending us two hybrid bags for review. We really liked them and enjoyed using them. Our opinions expressed in this article are honest and our own!

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    Cory this is brilliant. Love the idea. So small too, which makes for easy carrying. Sometimes – even being a minimalist – I feel like I’m lugging around some serious loads. Next step is to cut down my wardrobe to lighten things up.


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