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Airports, airplanes, cars, new cities: keeping up with good skin while travelling can be challenging. From the dusty roads of a new city, through the dry air in the airplane, to new care products in various hotels, it can all damage the skin and make it look dull. So how can deal with this problem, while enjoying a spa-like experience on the go? We believe we found the answer: FOREO LUNA mini 2. We put it to test for a couple of weeks to see if it helps our skin. Can it be that we found the ultimate travel essential for a great skincare routine?

What is FOREO?

FOREO is a Swedish brand which made a debut in 2013. They’ve been fast growing and went from 2 people in Sweden to 3000 employees worldwide. FOREO also won several beauty awards since, including the Best Electronic Product of 2018 by The Travel Retail Award and the Best Beauty Device by ELLE Beauty Awards. Of course, this got us intrigued. FOREO has a line of silicone facial cleansing devices and we wanted to see if they live up to the expectation. And so, we got the FOREO LUNA mini 2 which is meant to remove 99.5% of dirt and oil on our faces, alongside any dead skin cells or make-up residue. We love that these products are available for both men and women. And to ensure they are really as great as their advertisement, we both got one each to test them side by side.

LUNA mini 2 is a face cleansing brush, which comes with 8 adjustable intensities to deep clean the skin

What is FOREO LUNA mini 2?

FOREO LUNA mini 2 is a facial cleansing device which uses micro-pulsations to cleanse the skin. The device is gentle, suitable for all skin types and it’s small enough to be taken on short or long trips. You don’t have to replace the head, which is convenient (and money saving in the long run). The gentle silicone is made of hygienic material created to resist bacterial buildup.

The silicon bristles gently massages and deep cleanses through the skin’s pores, bringing out the natural glow!

LUNA mini 2 is a facial spa massager and cleanser too. It has eight adjustable massage intensities so you can customise it to your liking. It comes in 6 different colours, but we went for mint (for me) and midnight (for my husband). The whole ritual takes one minute and the product gently vibrates to let you know when you finished one part of your face and it’s time to move to the other. This sonic facial cleaning was invented to eliminate blemish-causing impurities and since it takes just one minute to use in the morning and evening, it’s literally perfect for any busy lifestyle.

Foreo luna mini 2

How does FOREO work?

FOREO LUNA mini 2 has a T-Sonic™ technology with transdermal sonic pulsations. It has a 3-zone design and created to remove 99.5% of dirt and oil, as well as makeup residue and dead skin cells. Not only it deeply cleanses but it also helps gently exfoliate our skin without causing any irritation or redness. The product is waterproof and the battery lasts for up to 7 months. If you need to clean it, you can do so in the dishwasher as long as the water is not too hot.

G and I have sensitive skin, and use the device with a special gel by Bioderma

Here are the 3 simple steps on how to use the FOREO LUNA mini 2:

1. Apply cleaner

G and I have extremely sensitive skin type and had our set of inhibitions about using a cleansing brush. We used it with our Bioderma face gel, which is a soap-free, gentle cleanser, and the results were WOW.

The LUNA mini 2 is water proof, bacteria resistant and can be used with your favourite facial cleanser

2. Cleanse

Glide the LUNA mini 2 in circular motions around your face for 1 minute by applying just a pea-sized portion of your cleansing gel. There are 3 cleansing zones on the device. Use the thinner touch-points to cover most of the skin surface. Use the thicker ones at the tip for precision cleaning. The broader touch-points at the back are created for oilier skin.

Turn on the LUNA mini 2, and feel the gentle pulsations on your face
Gently glide it over your face, through the T-zones and see how it miraculously cleanses all the dirt

3. Rinse

Rinse your face with warm water and dry with a towel. You can now apply your normal day or night moisturiser. That’s it, you are now ready to go!

Easy to carry, we used our LUNA mini 2 during our 8-hour plane journey

Great and simple and perfect for those who have a busy lifestyle. We used the LUNA mini 2 on the plane too, after our 8-hour journey to the other side of the Atlantic. Because it’s so compact and the battery lasts for months, it became our new best friend and a travel skincare essential. As previously mentioned, we used it for 2 weeks in order to offer our honest review.

Our results

Cory’s review (LUNA mini 2 mint)

I have a combination skin which gets oily around the T-zone and dry everywhere else. This makes it quite difficult to care for, especially when it gets that excess shine. So I was intrigued to see if the LUNA mini 2 can actually improve my skincare routine, especially because of my challenging skin type. When I first saw the LUNA mini 2, I thought it will damage the skin, but one touch and I realised how gentle the silicone bristles are. Once I turned it on and tried it on the back of my hand first, I fell in love. It felt great and it massaged the skin, visibility improving the blood circulation for a brighter complexion. So I applied my cleanser, got the device wet and tried it on my face. The pulsations felt just right, not too intense at all. I didn’t have to press on the device at all, but just gently move it in circular motions around my face.

Happy faces, and an ever glowing face!

Once I rinsed and dried my face, I could feel how much smoother it was, with zero oil or shine. It just looked brighter. Ok, I don’t normally fall for a product after the first try, so I used it twice a day for two weeks. The results? Smooth skin with almost no blemishes, smaller pores and less clogged. Impressive! I used it twice on a plane as well and helped reduce any travel-related breakouts. I am addicted to my LUNA mini 2 and I can’t imagine travelling without it ever again.

LUNA mini 2 to my skin - deeply cleansed, smooth textured, and enabler of my natural glow!

G’s review (LUNA mini 2 midnight)

I don’t really believe in beauty products so I was sceptical to even try the LUNA mini 2. However, I touched Cory’s skin after she used the LUNA mini 2 for the first time and felt how smooth and nice it was. So I decided to give it a go: what’s the worse it can happen. Well, it turns out, the worse it can happen is that I’m now addicted to my FOREO product. It’s gentle on the skin and it helps with my dry skin a lot. In fact, I love using it as part of my shower routine and before I shave. My skin looks great and enjoys the gentle massage of the silicone. I like a good gadget and never thought I’ll be excited about a beauty gadget. I’m glad I tried it and will continue to use it. Really neat product with great UX and nice design.

G portrait Foreo Luna mini 2 results


As apprehensive as we were at first, we are glad we gave it a shot. We are genuinely impressed with the product and it’s nice to see that there LUNA mini 2 works for both, men and women. We love having matching items, so it’s exciting that we can be both use the same type of product in different colours. LUNA mini 2 looks gender neutral which was a nice touch and an important consideration, so kudos to the FOREO design team. By adding just a minute extra to our daily skincare routine, we now have brighter, smoother skin which looks great in our travel photos. In conclusion, we love our new beauty gadgets and will continue to use them.

Thank you FOREO for providing us with the two LUNA mini 2 products to try. Although this post was made possible thanks to the FOREO team, please rest assured that all opinions are our own and all reviews are always honest.

On another note, FOREO just launched their Pop up at the Heathrow airport, Terminal – 4 departure; for all the travellers who are impressed with our article, and wish to add an extra dash of glow to your skin during your vacays, we highly recommend you to check out this Swedish brand and make it a travel skincare essential. For others, who aren’t travelling to this part of the world, here’s the link to the product.

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