21 Romantic date night ideas around the world

Romantic date night idea

Have you heard of a date night bucket list? This is the ultimate guide for couples that want to travel together. I’ve prepared a list of unique and special date spots in different cities in the world. While some places may sound far-fetched at first, there is nothing like travel inspiration and motivation for you and your significant other to plan an intimate date night in one of the following destinations!

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What inspired this date night bucket list?

I’ve recently worked with a few honeymooners who are soon to take off on their dream vacation to celebrate their love and marriage, woop! Having the opportunity to help them plan it gives me pure joy. I want to continue to work with couples all over the world to strengthen their relationships and help them create everlasting travel memories!

I’ve also had a few follow up questions from my latest blog post: Reasons why you should travel with your partner. I’ve realized that more and more couples out there want to travel together but they are overwhelmed with choices or nervous about what it means to take a trip together. I write to give you ideas and help you fill your relationship with travel goals & excitement!

I’m currently travelling through South America with my boyfriend, and let me tell you, it’s the best decision we could have taken at this stage of our lives. I can’t wait to experience new places together as we move from city to city and continue to add to this list!

Date nights are more important to your relationship than you’d imagine. We’re all busy, we all have our own distractions and concerns. Whether it's a demanding career, your kids, schoolwork, etc., It’s important to squeeze in quality time together.

There are definitely ways that you can have fun, creative date nights in your hometown. But as your travel guru, I help you think outside the box and realize that the world is truly your oyster. If any of the bucket list date nights below catch your attention, feel free to contact me so we can make it happen. ( ) After all, my ultimate purpose is to help you travel and explore more!

As always, this is brought to you with love:

Date Night Bucket List

1. Dine underground inside a cenote cave at Alux in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

This one was our anniversary date night! You are able to reserve a secluded, candlelit section in the restaurant adorned with rose petals as a special touch. There is also a live signer whose voice echoes through the passageways and a tour around the cenote that your waiter can take you on afterwards. Your night can conclude after walking through the caves, grabbing a cocktail at the lounge and experiencing local flavours in a natural environment.

Playa del Carmen Mexico

2. Enjoy dinner in an elevated tree hut while gazing at the swimming dolphins at the Thai Lounge in Cancun, Mexico

This restaurant sits adjacent to the Cancun aquarium at La Isla Shopping Center. It’s prime location guarantees spotting the dolphins throughout the entire night, a mesmerizing experience every time. On the opposite side sits the Nichupte lagoon, which you can see from your tree hut and enjoy as the backdrop of a romantic sunset

3. Experience wine tasting above the caldera to watch the sunset in picture-perfect Santorini, Greece

This one is a place from the movies. White-washed buildings with blue window frames and rooftops, the views are almost unreal as you’re transported to an ancient and relaxed atmosphere. It is, without doubt, this is one of the most romantic destinations in the world.

Santorini Greece

4. Sleep under the Northern lights in a glass igloo hotel in Rovaniemi, Finland

Can you imagine opening your eyes and gazing at the greenish-blue aurora borealis from the comfort of your warm, cosy bed? These igloos are tucked away in the middle of the snow, with glass windows and roof so you can sleep under the Arctic sky. While many options are available, I recommend the one with a sauna and personal outdoor jacuzzi.

5. Eat in the dark to use only 4 of your 5 senses and truly focus on your gastronomical experience in Las Vegas, Nevada

This has been one of the most unique dining experiences we’ve had! You are in pitch blackness as your waiter provides instructions each time a new plate is placed in front of you. It is up to you to play the guessing game on the mystery menu - a menu without utensils. When you focus your attention 100% to the sounds, smells, touch and taste, you lose the desire to see your meal and surroundings. Your undivided attention is directed to your partner and your food, nothing else. After a while, you realize how comfortable you can be in the dark!

Las Vegas

6. Grab your hiking gear, pack your bags, and camp (or sleep in a hammock) next to the Caribbean sea in Parque Tayrona, Colombia

This is one of Colombia’s treasured gems, a destination for the adventurous, outdoorsy couples out there. Tayrona National Park sits along the sea and boasts virgin beaches, hikes through the rainforest, dips in the lagoons, and walks through archaeological sites. This is a place to disconnect and become one with nature - no wifi needed, just your curious feet and encouraging partner to create everlasting memories with.

7. Book a couple’s four-hand Balinese massage at Ketit Liyer House in Ubud, Indonesia.

Because a two-handed massage is simply not enough. While you’re laying side by side, you each enjoy two masseuses dedicated your total relaxation. This experience will leave you in a rejuvenated state of mind with your head in the clouds.

8. Grab a picnic basket and a bottle of wine and head to Milsons Point to watch the sunset with views of the Sydney Opera House

This riverfront spot is underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge, with the perfect amount of shade and breeze to enjoy the evening. The views are spectacular, and a much quieter and secluded experience than one across the river at the Circular Quay.

Where to stay in Sydney CBD

9. Enjoy a dinner cruise with live music while floating along the Danube River in Budapest, Hungary

The views at night while afloat the Danube are simply breathtaking. The lights of the Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest along the sides of the river create a water reflection that is impossible to replicate elsewhere. The Buda Castle also sits high above the city, hard to miss from the boat. To step up the experience, you can also reserve a full dinner cruise.

10. Take a night stroll to see the singing light show at Gardens of the Bay in Singapore

This is quite the wonderland! The dancing trees will light up in sync with the music, with the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel boasting high behind them. You will both feel like you’re in Alice in Wonderland or a faraway dreamland.

11. Fish for your dinner together while sitting inside a wooden boat in Zauo Shinjuku restaurant in Tokyo, Japan

A guaranteed, fresh seafood dinner! Your table sits inside a wooden boat with fish swimming around the sides. The restaurant provides the hooks and bait, and then it’s your time to show off your fishing skills. The fish you catch is the fish you eat for dinner. Yum.

Perfect Sushi Rice Japan

12. Watch the sunset while snuggling on a floating hammock at Azulik, a treehouse bar in Tulum, Mexico

A luxurious eco-friendly treehouse villa filled with hanging hammocks, dining nests, and breathtaking views. Its bar welcomes all guests to lay among the hammocks and sip on your drinks while watching the sunset across the villa. You will never want to leave.

13. Learn from the experts and learn how to make your own pasta in a cooking class in Rome, Italy

This is a recipe you will want to take home! There are various families that provide cooking lessons at their own home, or restaurants that you can visit for a culinary immersion. Regardless of who does the cooking in the relationship, it's so fun doing this together and proudly enjoy the meal you both prepared.

Rome Italy Valentines Day

14. Watch the famous, dazzling cabaret at the Moulin Rouge in Paris, France

It’s as thrilling as it sounds. Fill your night with a risqué show, anything can happen that night - its an experience you’ll both never forget.

15. Sit in front of the chef’s open kitchen at Warszawa Wschodnia by Mateusz Gessle as he prepares your gourmet dinner in Warsaw, Polland

No need to keep track of time – this modern European restaurant is open 24 hrs. You can spend hours there, expect stellar service and a delicious meal.

16. Truly experience the beauty of the performing art of flamenco at a tablao in Seville, Spain


17. Feast with the Queen at a dinner tournament show at Medieval Times in Dallas, Texas

Knights, horses, jousting, you’ll go back to Medieval Times during the entire theatre show. Be prepared to eat with your hands too, the Queen says there is no such thing as silverware.

18. Feel the passion of the dancers and take in the movements & sounds watching live tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina

19. A cold night in NYC? 230 Fifth Rooftop has enclosed igloos with views of the Empire State Building

This is the kind of posh place you dream of when you think of the Big Apple upscale Manhattan lifestyle. Each igloo is equipped with personal heaters and blankets. The rooftop has a million dollar view.

Where to stay in New York city

20. Ride the London Eye in Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel for a privileged view above the Thames River in London

These views last for 30 minutes as you ride up over 400ft in the air! From the capsule, you can take in London views to include the Palace of Westminster. Even Big Ben doesn’t look so big from up there! You can also reserve a private capsule for an extravagant evening, I heard they arrange wedding proposals there too ;)

21. Disconnect from the world and sleep in Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado, a 5-star hotel in a secluded private island in Samana, Dominican Republic

This is an all-inclusive Caribbean paradise sitting on its own private island off the Samaná Bay. It is accessible only by boat and guarantees a secluded and romantic getaway. Need I say more?

Which place are you placing first on YOUR date night bucket list?


Salma - Salma is the travel guru at itraveliexplore, a travel website where she creates custom itineraries based on her personal experiences.

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