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Detox Teas

There is no denying the fact that when we travel we don't tend to stick to our healthy routines. Nobody can resist the temptation of eating colourful gelato in Italy, delicious cakes in Paris or matcha parfaits in Tokyo. All these yummy foods usually come with a truckload of calories and sugars which essentially translate into an extra dress size. I've been travelling for a few years now and although I don't hold back indulging myself during trips, I do make an effort to go through a detox session once I get back home. Not only it makes me feel amazing, but I actually learned to love it and look forward to it. The healthier I feel, the more energised I become which means I am more proactive in my professional and personal life. This is my post-travel detox list which makes me feel fabulous.

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Drink Detox Water

After enjoying all sort of sugary juices during your travels, it can be rather boring to go back to sipping normal water. You will be craving something sweeter and tastier and the best way to trick yourself into thinking you get more for less is to add fresh ingredients to your water. I like adding sliced cucumbers and limes to my water. Each morning, I make a large pitcher glass and store it in the fridge. I make sure to drink over 2 litres of detox water a day.

Detox Water

Swap Coffee With Matcha Tea

I love to enjoy my morning coffee in the garden, weather permitting. I like the fresh, crisp, British air, whilst holding my coffee mug and setting myself for the day ahead. It's a relaxing habit and a great way to create a happy mindset. Recently, I started replacing my usual coffee with matcha tea. I learned the secrets of matcha tea whilst in Japan. It's packed with antioxidants and as opposed to giving you a short energy kick, it keeps your going for the rest of the day, without the need for a refill. If you don't like matcha tea, make sure you don't add any sugar your coffee.

For the best Uji Matcha Tea, follow this link. They offer international delivery.

Drink Detox Tea

I am a complete tea addict and as I mentioned in my FAQ page, I have over 50 varieties of tea leaves in my home. As a post-travel regime, I tend to only drink green tea.

Love Your Yoga

I started doing Yoga about a year ago and I've been loving it ever since. These are all sort of Yoga sessions: from weight loss to de-stress Yoga. Find what suits your needs and keep at it. I like to Yoga daily, after getting back from my routine walk. I Yoga for about 40 minutes, then have a hot shower before lounging on the sofa with a good book.

Swap Milk With Soymilk

Drinking soy milk is a rather new habit for me. I tried it one morning out of curiosity and I discovered not only my coffee tastes better, but I feel lighter and better throughout the day.

Soy Milk

Enjoy Detox Baths

Nothing better than relaxing in bathtub tub with a good book. As a post-travel detox, I sometimes replace showers with longer baths, to ensure my skin gets the love it needs too. I add natural oils and bath salts, which have a positive effect on my skin. This is also highly recommended after coming back from a long haul, where you get super dehydrated.
I like to use either Himalayan salt or Black Hawaiian Bath Salt.

Have a Low carb diet

As part of my post-travel detox routine, I like to go on a low carb diet. I don't eat bread, potatoes or any sweets. I do eat fruit because I believe natural sugars are great for you, but only berries packed with antioxidants. (especially blueberries)

Detox Blueberries

Use Detox Scrubs

I use homemade scrubs once a week, but sometimes even more often when I come back from a long travel. I mix cucumber juice with a lot of coarse Black Hawaiian Salt. My skin becomes super soft and it's amazing.

Go For Daily 60 min Walks

As a web designer and travel writer I spend over 8 hours in front of my computer and my eyes get tired, my body lacks movement and I feel quite lifeless by the end of the day. As opposed to jumping on the coach and watching a new series, I walk in nature for at least one hour a day. I find this to be one of the best ways to de-stress, allow my mind to relax and find new epic ideas in regards to my work and personal life.

Cory Forest Walk

Use DIY Face Masks

I think it's imperative that your give your face a little bit of love, especially after spending time on a city break. Cities, especially capitals, are notorious for being dusty and your pores can get clogged and suffer just as much as the rest of your body. Create a home made honey and cinnamon based face mask and use it at least twice a week after you come back from your trip.

Eat Greens

After coming back from two weeks in Japan, all I wanted was to eat lots of sweets. I could still taste the ridiculously delicious street food in Tokyo and the beautiful looking deserts from Kyoto. It takes a lot of discipline to not rush to the supermarket and buy lots of bad foods. Instead, I learned to create a meal plan which contains 90% green vegetables and 10% meat (or other protein if you are vegetarian). Yes, it's a lot of green, butafter a couple of days you will feel totally detoxed and awesome.

Greem Detox

Take Vitamins

Every morning, after breakfast, I take Vitamin C and Magnesium tablets. Sometimes I also take Vitamin D, as we are lacking sunshine here in the UK.

Eat Home Meals Only

Avoid going out for meals after coming back from your travels. Firstly, because you need to be in control of the ingredients you eat and the amount of sugars you intake. Secondly, because you probably want to save money for your next trip.

Home Meal


This is one of the best post-travel advice: drink plenty of fluids and use moisturizer. My skin gets so dry after travelling, especially after spending countless hours on planes. I make sure to clean my face with soapy water twice a day and re-apply my light moisturizer.

Snack On Veg

After a long trip, I like to buy a large number of carrots, cut them into small pieces and put them on your desk. This reduces my need to snack on unhealthy foods, as well as packs my body with lots of essential vitamins.

Carrot Snacks

It's your turn now! What do you do when you come back from a trip? Tell me all about your post-travel detox routine in the comments sections below.

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