We always get emails from our awesome readers asking us about our travel gear. Sometimes we get questions about our camera, backpacks and even the software we use. They are all valid questions, as when we started this blogging venture, we knew close to nothing about the photography, videography, writing or editing. We are proud self-thought photographers, travel bloggers, writers and marketers. We are just tapping into videos, and we are really excited to learn new skills. We wanted to share with you what we use and what we think are the best products for travels.
As we are super passionate about photography, we believe it's one of the most important part of the travel gear, as that's what will help you capture those intimate, candid moments together

We use three main devices for our photography and videos. We have a camera, a drone and an iPhone.


Our main camera is a Fujifilm X-T2. We used to have an older version, the X-T10 but recently upgraded as we started taking photography seriously. The truth is when we started this blog we used to photograph on auto pretty much always. It's only in the last few months we started learning how to use the manual functions, and oh what a difference! It's like, we've been kept in the dark before. It's so much more amazing. Now, obviously it's a learning curve, so you don't have to get overwhelmed all at once. Just buy the camera you feel the most comfortable with.

We are huge Fujifilm fans so we recommend their mirrorless cameras with love.

Fujifilm XT2

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We recently invested in a drone for our travels and we couldn't be more excited. We can't wait to start sharing more aerial photos and start taking videos. We visited so many natural wonders and we always regretted not having a drone. I mean who doesn't love those endless forests?

Because we like to travel light, we invested in a Mavic Air. We very much look forward to sharing more pictures from the road.

Mavic Air Black

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We wanted to invest in a camera which takes epic videos but then we started asking around and several friends recommended that we buy the latest iPhone and invest in a gimbal. We researched online and eventually got to the conclusion that it makes sense to upgrade one of our contracts and simply get the iPhone X. I used to buy iPhones only for a looong time until I fell in love with Android. We will continue to use our Android phones and our iPhone X for videos only.

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For a long time, we used the standard lens kit which came with our camera. Again, we used to photograph on auto so it sort of makes sense. Once we discovered the power of shooting in manual, we started experimenting with different lenses. One by one, we added them to our travel bag.

Our standard lens

We use a standard 18-55mm XF lens from Fujifilm. We love it and use it pretty much for everything on a daily basis. We find it very versatile and great for travels. We know many people ask if they should get the Fujifilm with a 16-50 or a 18-55. We had both lenses so we can tell you that we actually prefer the 18-55mm. It's heavier, but that is because is better built. It is made from better quality materials as well and it doesn't start rattling like the 16-50mm. We paid close attention to the edges and we also love the quality of the 18-55mm a lot more.

Fuji 18-55mm

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Our prime lens

Want an amazing lens for street photography? You have to have a prime lens. They are just so awesome. I didn't quite believe it myself until I finally purchased one. Game changer! Seriously, we took so many amazing shots in Tokyo with our 35mm prime lens. It's also a great lens for portraits but know that you have to be quite far away from the subject to get really nice pics.

Overall, this is one of our favourite lenses and if we were to travel with one single lens, we would leave the 18-55mm and travel with the 35mm instead.

Fijifilm 35mm

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Our landscape lens

This is our latest addition to the family: a 10-24mm from Fuji which works so well for landscapes. We first tried it on a weekend trip to Bratislava (not quite the mountains we had in mind) but we really fell in love with what it can do, so we decided to buy it. We then tested it on all sort of flower fields and mountains and couldn't let it go. I think you gathered we are huge Fujifilm fans, so we are very excited about what lens we might get next. This lens is most suitable for landscape and nature photography and we absolutely recommend it with love.

Fujifilm 10-24

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It's not always easy to carry all the gear around so we searched for epic bags for quite a while. The bags needed to be lightweight, weatherproof, with ample storage space. We don't always carry all our gear with us, but we wanted a bag which can accommodate all the equipment if need be.

After a long search, we found Thule, a Swedish company which has special bags for photography gear.

Our Thule Covert DSLR Rolltop Backpack

This is our main bigger Thule bag where we can store the laptop we travel with, the camera, our 3 lenses, the drone, gimble, tripod and lens filter kit. It's mainly used by G, as it's larger and heavier to carry. We can fit a lot of cables which we need, the extra batteries and chargers. Everything is padded and it features a removable camera pod system. We love the dual density padded bottom and the origami-inspired divider system.

We love this because of its spacious rolltop compartment for personal items. It really is a very cool bag, well made and durable. We most certainly recommend it for photographers and travellers who want an epic, sturdy bag for their gear.

Thule Convert

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Our Thule Aspect DSLR Backpack

We also have a smaller Thule bag which I use. It's a 1 kg lighter which makes it easy for me to carry. It features a padded storage compartment for our XT2, and a special compartment for the drone. It fits my 15-inch laptop and I can also add an iPad if I wanted. There is a spacious compartment with multiple pockets for personal items and it also fits our smaller tripod. Love our Thule Aspect because of the padded hip belt and shoulder straps. I used to get nasty backaches with other bags, but I can comfortably wear our Thule Aspect for quite a while.

We sometimes use G's Thule Convert for our gear and my Thule Aspect for personal items. They offer a lot of space and both bags are fab to replace our usual carry-on suitcases. We are super satisfied with them and recommend them with love.

Thule Aspect

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