Travel resources help you stay organised when you plan your next trip. It's important to have trustworthy resources you can rely on when creating your itineraries and booking your vacations. There's a lot of research and preparation that goes into a perfect holiday and having the right websites right at your fingertips saves a lot of time.

This curated list of travel resources will help you save money and gather all the relevant information you need to put together an adventure of a lifetime. We use these resources for booking flights and accommodation, independent journeys and on-site activities. Our travel resources have been extremely useful and have helped travel enthusiasts throughout the years to plan and book a perfect adventure.

Travel Resources for planning a trip

  • Suitcase sizes - You will want to check the sizes of suitcases you are allowed to bring with you when travelling abroad. These vary for airlines, cruises and operators. We put together a handy guide for you where you can check exactly which suitcase suits you and why, plus information on every different operator and their allowances.
  • Travel Planner - Having a handy travel planner, diary and journal can really help you stay organised. This is one of our top secrets as we've always used a complete travel planner before a trip. It helps with research, organisation, booking and keeping everything together in one place. It also helps us write our daily thoughts and keep memories from the trip without having them scattered in multiple devices. It's a must if you love travel planning.
  • Travel Guides - A curation of travel guides to help you plan your trip properly. Every destination includes vital information to ensure you are fully prepared for your vacation. There are lots of articles on each destination which includes things to do, places to see, what to eat and where to stay.

Travel Resources for finding flights

  • Skyscanner - Skyscanner is probably one of the most used resources for finding and comparing flights. We love using Skyscanner and is our go-to place when searching for a flight in the first place. You can check and compare prices, find the cheapest or the fastest flight, making it the number one travel resource for us. Check this article for tips if you are flying for the first time.
  • Expedia - Expedia is such a great travel resource for finding flights. They use one of the best flight-finder search engines and the prices are always up-to-date. Besides, we like the customer service from Expedia so it's nice to have them deal with our booking if something happens. Expedia is also great for creating a complete trip.
  • - Kiwi are fantastic because they pioneer virtual connecting from flights, meaning you can organise longer trips to more obscure places without having to book separately. The system also creates a great combination of flights, trains and buses in one itinerary if needed, so you can get to your destination in the most efficient way.
  • Viator - Viator for flights is great because they are super user friendly. Viator offers regular discounts so it's always good to check them prior to booking your flight. Viator, much like other all-rounder sites can help you put together your entire trip in one go, without having to go to other websites.

Travel Resources for booking accommodation

  • Booking - This is our number one accommodation website and we wholeheartedly recommend it. We always book our accommodation via this website as we like the perks, the flexibility given to us and the customer service. We never had an issue with them. Perfect for all budgets as well!
  • Where to stay - We curated all the best places to stay in various destinations around the world. All the accommodation has been handpicked based on location, reviews and prices so we've done all the research for you. Besides, we categorise every accommodation by neighbourhood with clear descriptions so you know exactly which place suits you, your travel style and your personality.
  • Agoda - Sometimes, when you travel to certain areas in Asia, you might find it useful to check Agoda hotels and prices. It's got a larger database of accommodations in certain Asian countries, therefore making it ideal if you plan on visiting that side of the world. Agoda runs promotions on a regular basis as well so it's worth checking out!
  • Hostel World - HostelWorld is the best travel resource for those who love staying in hostels when travelling the world. There are no booking fees or hidden fees when using this site and you'll find so many reviews from other travellers just like you.

Travel Resources for getting around

  • JR Pass - Planning a trip to Japan? Don't forget to purchase your JR Pass asap! It's a useful way to be able to travel around Japan and use their rail system and the shinkansen as many times as you need. It will save you SO much money in the long run.
  • Europcar - We love renting a car when we get to a new destination and that's because it enables us to travel to more remote places and see some hidden gems. We've always loved renting from Europcar so we recommend them as a go-to travel resource for car rental.
  • Rentalcars - Rentalcars is c comparison website similar to where you can find the best prices for rental and book it straight away. It's fantastic if you are shopping around for great options and great prices.
  • Interrail - If you love travelling by train then this is the travel resource for you. Interrail allows you to hop aboard trains and book seats in advance. It basically makes it easier for you to take advantage of all the countries in Europe and visit them by train. Book a pass and go!

Travel Insurance

Stay Connected

  • Skyroam - You'll want to keep your access to the internet and stay connected, and Skyroam is the perfect travel resource for that. You can get unlimited WIFI in over 130+ countries. Prices start from as little as $9 a day.
  • Express VPN - Stay protected and use a VPN so nobody can access your data. This is especially important if you need to connect to public WIFIs when you travel. Besides, this will come in really handy in some countries where a VPN is not just recommended but required!

Travel Packing

  • Travel checklist - If you want to be sure everything is in place for when you're about to travel, then we recommend reading through this travel checklist so you can get peace of mind. You'll also get a downloadable checklist so you can keep track of every aspect of your trip.
  • Carry-on essentials - Not sure what to add to your carry-on? We've got the perfect travel resource for you. It's a handy guide so you don't forget anything useful or valuable. It will make your trip so much better and more comfortable!
  • Packing guides - Packing guides, clothes guides, honeymoon checklists, all resources in one single place for you. It's easier than ever to find the right travel resource and use it to have a stress-free holiday.