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Cherry blossoms around Mount Fuji in Japan
kiyomizu-dera temple at sunset in Kyoto, Japan
Wearing a traditional Japanese Kimono in Japan
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Cherry blossoms around Mount Fuji in Japan
7 Days

Classic Japan Self-Guided Tour

From $2,350pp
Shinjuku Kabukicho at Night, Tokyo
8 Days

Classic Tokyo Self-Guided Tour

From $2,450pp
Geisha Walking through the torii gates at Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kyoto
11 Days

Japan Highlights Self-Guided Tour

From $2,899pp
Anime ema at Kanda Shrine Tokyo
11 Days

Anime Japan Self-Guided Tour

From $3,099pp
Young couple looking at a beautiful autumn garden in Japan
12 Days

Couples Japan Self-Guided Tour

From $3,199pp
kiyomizu-dera temple at sunset in Kyoto, Japan
15 Days

Grand Tour Of Japan Self-Guided Tour

From $3,599pp
A young couple wearing kimonos on a bridge in Japan
15 Days

Japan Honeymoon Self-Guided Tour

From $5,599pp
Private onsen bath in the hotel with views
16 Days

Japanese Onsens Self-Guided Tour

From $4,099pp

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We create authentic Japan trips that incorporate main highlights, incredible attractions and fantastic food. Our tours all well-rounded to ensure you experience the ultramodern as well as traditional culture.

Beautiful morning at Yasaka Pagoda and Sannen Zaka Street in summer, Kyoto, Japan. Yasaka Pagoda is the famous landmark and travel attraction of Kyoto.
Japanese sakura flower

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Japan Travel Guides

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Mount Sakurajima in Kagoshima city

Travel Guide to Kagoshima

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Travel Guide to Kamakura

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Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa

Travel Guide to Kanazawa

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Shinto priest at Kawagoe kumano shrine

Travel Guide to Kawagoe

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Things to do in Kobe

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Kyoto looking beautiful in November during Koyo festival, autumn leaves at Kiyomizudera

Travel Guide to Kyoto

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Chureito Pagoda with iconic views of Fujisan

Travel Guide to Mount Fuji

11 Mar 2024
Nagasaki Bay View from above

Travel Guide to Nagasaki

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Beautiful Japanese Shrine in Nagoya

Travel Guide to Nagoya

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Magome juku with its famous steep slope

Travel Guide to Nakasendo

11 Mar 2024
Buddhist Temple Nara

Travel Guide to Nara

11 Mar 2024
Shinkyo Red Bridge Nikko Japan

Travel Guide to Nikko

11 Mar 2024
Naminoue shrine in Okinawa main island

Travel Guide to Okinawa

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Osaka Castle during the cherry blossom season

Travel Guide to Osaka

11 Mar 2024
Takayama City Old Street - Where to stay in Takayama

Travel Guide to Takayama

11 Mar 2024
Where to stay in Tokyo - the vastness of Tokyo as seen from above at sunset

Travel Guide to Tokyo

11 Mar 2024
Byodo in Temple in Uji with its reflective pond

Travel Guide to Uji

11 Mar 2024
Cory visiting the the beautiful Kuan Ti Miao temple in Yokohama

Travel Guide to Yokohama

11 Mar 2024

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