Where to stay in Vilnius, Lithuania – Best Areas And Hotels For 2024

Looking for a place to stay in Vilnius? Vilnius is a compact and walkable city, making it easy to get to the places you want to see. Vilnius has much to offer travellers and has several interesting neighbourhoods that are worth exploring for a few days.

We’ve hotel recommendations for each neighbourhood in Vilnius, including options for a variety of budgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to stay in Vilnius?

We recommend you stay in the Old Town because it’s convenient, most sights are walking distance, there are many restaurants and bars to pick from.

Where are the best hotels in Vilnius?

The best hotels are in Šnipiškės along the Neris River. You will find a room for any budget, especially if you book early.

Where to stay in Vilnius for first time visitors?

It is recommended that you stay in the Old Town due to its convenience and close to attractions, restaurants, and bars. It is also within walking distance of many popular sights.

Vilnius Old Town

Gediminas castle old town Vilnius Lithuania (Shutterstock)

The Old Town of Vilnius is a popular area to stay in for first time visitors. It is the perfect, central location, within walking distance of many of the city’s main cultural and historical sites, such as the Cathedral Square, the Presidential Palace, and the Gediminas Castle Tower.

We have found many restaurants, cafés, and bars in the Old Town. We have splurged a little on the hotel and stayed in Hotel Apia. In the morning, we have walked to the Huracán Coffee shop for fresh bakery and strong coffee.

In Vilnius, it’s easier to find an apartment than hotels. There are, in fact, about 3 apartments for every hotel in the city. Prices obviously vary from about $180 to $480 for 4 nights, depending on how close to the centre you are and the type of the accommodation.

Our recommendations are Congress Avenue Hotel, Amber Suites and Islandijos gatvė apartments.

The Old Town has a rich history and is home to a number of beautiful buildings and landmarks, such as the St. Anne’s Church and the Vilnius University Library. If you enjoy exploring on foot and immersing yourself in local culture, the Old Town is a great place to stay.


Šnipiškės Vilnius from above (Shutterstock)

Šnipiškės is located on the eastern side of the city, separated by the Neris River from the Old Town.

It is a convenient location as the Old Town is just 20 mins on foot. Cross the “Baltasis tiltas” foot bridge to quickly get to most attractions. Stay in Šnipiškės if you enjoy the modern areas but want to stay close to the Old Town.

Most of the brand name hotels can be found in Šnipiškės, they are dotted along the river, such as the Radisson Blu, Courtyard by Marriott, Holiday Inn and Best Western.

It’s a good idea to check the prices at these hotels before your trip, as occasionally, you can find really good deals. The lowest price we saw was $40/night in these hotels if you book in advance.

Visit the modern, 3 stories, Europa mall to do a few hours of shopping. You will find the usual international shops here. Alternatively, check out the CUP for the more authentic “Easter European” vibe.

Behind the modern district, visit the wooden neighbourhood. The streets opening from Giedraičių street have some beautiful, traditional wooden houses. We spent about an hour here just walking and marvelling at the old buildings.


Užupis Sign in Vilnius Lithuania (Shutterstock)

Located on the eastern side of the Old Town, across the river Vilnia, Užupis is a very popular destination for travellers.

We found that the apartments in this area are expensive and there are limited options. The neighbourhood gets very busy with tourist and therefore, we don’t recommend you to stay in Užupis.

The average prices per night can be double ($170) than in other parts of the city.

That said, we highly recommend you to visit Užupis as it is a wonderful area full of galleries and studios alongside Užupio street. Food is also great here. We tried Amandus fine dining restaurant and really enjoyed our meal.

Naujamiestis (New Town)

Kudirka Square Naujamiestis Vilnius (Shutterstock)

Located on the western side of the Old Town, Naujamiestis is an upcoming area that recently undergone revitalization, a common occurrence in many Eastern European capital cities where certain areas were neglected during communism.

We recommend Naujamiestis if you want to enjoy the nighlife of Vilnius.

There are plenty of apartments to stay in along Gedimino boulevard and Pamėnkalnio street. Kudirka’s square is the quasi centre of the city, right at the border with the Old Town.

Ratonda Centrum, Neringa Hotel, 15th Avenue apartments are just a few we have considered when we ere searching for places to stay in Vilnius.

If you are on a budget, look at the surrounding area of Raugyklos street. There are very decent hostels with high rating, like the Old Town Trio Hostel.

We found plenty to do at night in Naujamiestis, there are nightclubs, pubs, and even beer gardens all within walking distance from Kudirka’s square.

For proper mystic vibes and special cocktails, check out “Potions“, a magic themed cocktail bar on Dominikonų street.

Potions Cocktail Bar Vilnius


Žverynas is a lesser known “upscale” area in Vilnius, as it is further away from most attractions and touristy places. It’s across the river Neris on the North West.

There aren’t that many accommodation options available to pick from. Prices vary heavily between $240 and $600 for 4 nights. Our recommendation is the Zveryno Appartment, it’s fancy, and the rooms have amazing views of the parks.

However, Žverynas is next door to the Karoliniškių Nature Reserve area and the Raguvų Dugnų hiking trail. You will also have easy access to the Vingis Park with its huge, beautiful seasonal forest. We highly recommend these two parks for nature lovers.

Grab bus 1 or 7 to get into the Old Town. The ride takes about 20 mins.

Zverynas forest park Vilnius (Shutterstock)


We had a lot of fun in Vilnius during our trip to Lithuania. If you are visiting for more than a few days, it’s a good idea to see all the interesting places in Lithuania. There is excellent public transport in the country, so it’s easy to get to another city or the beach from Vilnius.

Please let us know in the comments below if you want us to include something else in this article.

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