Best food to try in Nice

Nice proved to be one of the most incredible destinations I’ve ever had the pleasure to visit. I especially loved the amazing food in Nice. Think bakery items, ice cream, delicious seafood and all sort of hearty dishes. In general, people were lovely, relaxed and laid back and the weather was perfect: these were the extra ingredients which sure made Nice food even more appealing.

Must Eat Food in Nice, France

What I didn’t expect to enjoy so much, was the very cool promenade by the seashores. During the evening this was amazing. I must have spent hours walking from one end to another, enjoying the full moon overlooking the ocean. But this is not all. Nice had some of the most amazing French food I got to enjoy. This is because Nice is by the sea, hence locals can source seafood with ease and create myriad of seafood dishes.

It’s always exciting to have a food tour around Nice, especially if you are foodie travellers like we are. After spending a week enjoying fine French cuisine, here is what I would recommend you to try whilst spending some time in Nice, in the epic French Riviera.

French macarons Nice


Alright, this is rather bizarre, I know. How can I recommend Japanese food when I’m telling you to visit a French city? Well, the truth is that I always try a Japanese restaurant in any city I visit. Apart from Tokyo and Kyoto, I found two other cities which sell decent sushi: Nice and Copenhagen.

During my week in Nice, I visited three Japanese restaurants and I can say with a lot of confidence, that they were all delicious and amazing. So try sushi and lots of it.

Large Sushi Nice France

French Cheese

Nothing beats French cheeses (sorry Italy!). During my first night in Nice, I must admit, I was too tired to find a restaurant, get dressed nicely and dine out. So I did what everyone would do after a long day of travelling: went on a shopping spree in the next door supermarket. I planned to spend 5 minutes to buy some bread, cheese and wine. Classy girl, I know! Well, I ended up spending 45 minutes, choosing five different types of cheese, two types of bread, three varieties of seafood and one bottle of white wine. Yes, it cost me quite a bit, but it was well worth it. So here is my little piece of advice, if you like cheese just as much as I do, visit a large supermarket in Nice (they are called Monoprix). Why not do this every day for lunch?

Cheese Paris France

French Bread

It’s so much more to French bread than just the mighty baguette. Of course, you have to buy a baguette, wear a stripy shirt and walk around the city like this. Yes, I’m partly joking, although it’s not weird if I say I did this, right?

Whilst in Nice, I fell in love with Champagne Bread. To this day I couldn’t find it anywhere else so I decided to make some at home. There are a lot of French bread you need to try whilst in the French Riviera, so yet again, go over to the local supermarket, ideally first thing in the morning and scout for your favourite dough.

Nice French Bread


From lobster, through snails, to oysters, you can find all sort of seafood specialities in Nice. This was probably one of the best things for me, as I could eat seafood until I die. There are tons of restaurants dotted all around the city, which serve various seafood dishes. After eating sushi in a Japanese restaurant, I remember going back to the hotel when I stumbled across a supermarket. For some reason, I went in for a late evening shopping stroll. I ended up practising my French by ordering fresh prawns and some incredibly stinky blue cheese. To me, this was nirvana.

Seafood Nice France

Ice Cream

There is this great gelato place located right in the heart of Nice’s old town (Fenocchio Glacier). It’s guaranteed to have a queue. I loved the sheer amount of weird gelato flavours this place was selling, including rosemary and olive. I tried and tested most of them and realised I very much adore Jasmine gelato and REALLY don’t like lavender flavoured ice cream. Now the cat’s out of the bag…

Gelato Nice France

Fresh Fruit

Nice has a beautiful market called Cours Saleya. This is a great place to buy fresh fruit first thing in the morning. Next door, you will find a few cafes, so you can take a seat and people watch. It’s something fun about having a relaxed morning watching the market madness in front of your eyes. If I were a painter, I would have loved to paint something like this.

Nice French Fruit Frig

French Dishes

It comes a time when you will get bored with shopping for bread and cheese and you might want to enjoy a meal out in a French restaurant. The good news is that you will find plenty of French specific restaurants dotted all around Nice. The bad news is that all great restaurants are located relatively far from the city centre. Don’t fall for the touristy ones located in the Old Town. They are overpriced and they have poor quality food. I made that mistake and I really regretted it. For a nice French meal, might I suggest the coq au vin? I made this dish for years on end but loved it even more during my stay in Nice. It tasted real, authentic. Alternatively, go for the egg benedict croissant served with orange roast potatoes.

French Brunch Nice

French Wine

To enjoy a meal in Nice (or anywhere in France for that matter) you must pair your food with the right wine. French wines are great. I expected to have to pay a lot of money for wine whilst in the French Riviera, but in fact, prices were even more reasonable than here in the UK. I guess this is the beauty of drinking local wines, right from the source. I am a gin lover, but from time to time it’s great to sit down and enjoy a romantic evening out with a glass of red.

French Brunch Nice Bread and Wine

French Patisserie

Finally, it’s well known that France has some of the world’s best patisserie, hence no trip to Nice can be complete without trying out as many French desserts as possible. I love tarts and creme patisserie based desserts, milieu filleu and of course freshly made gateaux. No matter where you end up in Nice, make sure to save a day especially for patisserie shops crawling. The trick is to not count the calories nor the money you are spending on desserts.

French Patisserie Nice

French food really is fantastic and Nice turned out to have some of the best dishes I tried in France. The French Rivera was a wonderful place to visit and I can’t wait to go back, this time adding Monte Carlo to my itinerary.

French Croissant Nice morning

What French food do you want to eat in Nice? Would you do it on a budget or would you indulge in a crazy expensive luxury weekend? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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7 responses to “Best food to try in Nice”

  1. sophie nadeau Avatar
    sophie nadeau

    Okay! All of this food looks absolutely AMAZING! I just love French food, especially croissants…

    1. Cory Avatar

      French food is just so delicious. I am big on croissants too. Especially with butter and jam in the morning…bliss

  2. Lynn Avatar

    I’m OBSESSED with French cooking [part of the reason why I moved to Paris honestly] and I love this post! Your food photography is just incredible, btw. I badly want to visit Nice now and take a look at the market!


    1. Cory Avatar

      Oh, you moved to Paris? This is wonderful. I went to Paris when I was a teen and honestly didn’t like it one bit. Then, last year, I visited Paris again because I wanted to see the ballet at the Opera House. Paris has changed so much and this time, I loved it. Like, I got obsessed with how awesome Paris is. I now can’t wait to go back and eat more French cheese. Too good!
      I strongly recommend a visit to Nice, I reckon you would love it. If not for the food, definitely for the views!

  3. Emilie Lundquist Avatar
    Emilie Lundquist

    At what restaurant did you get the egss benedicts croissant? Looks so good

  4. Loly Avatar

    Do they have any gluten free??

    1. Cory Avatar

      Hi Loly, not going to lie. I’m not sure. The French patisserie doesn’t tend to have gluten-free from what I remember. But mind you, this might have changed in some popular places now.

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