Best Souvenirs from Paris

Whenever you travel, the urge is always strong to bring something home that reminds you of the places visited and people met. A visit to the fashion capital of the world is not any different. The best Paris souvenirs will be those that will awaken nostalgic memories of your Paris days.

We hold on to those special moments of joy and experiences, and Paris is unique in that regard. Whether it’s the streets, the romance or the ambience, you will want to take a part of this historic city with you as you go home. Souvenirs from Paris will comfort you whenever you begin feeling “homesick” of Paris!

The Best Paris Souvenirs to Consider Bringing Home

You’ve had unforgettable days in Paris; the exquisite food, the beautiful and eye-popping sights, the indescribable ‘je ne sais quoi’ moments. So you’ll no doubt want to take those memories with you as a souvenir. But the truth is that you will hardly have enough luggage space or money to get all the souvenirs that take your fancy while in Paris.

Luckily, with some strategic guidance, you can save yourself lots of time and needless stress by picking up just about the right number of items to conveniently bring home. Yes, we all agree it would be a big shame to come home without something special to evoke memories of Paris long after you are home. But don’t worry, we have some of the best Paris souvenirs to bring home after your French tours.

World-Famous Perfumes Like Chanel No. 5

Looking for a fancy and sophisticated souvenir from Paris? Get a French perfume! In this huge city, you will find several famous perfumers. We have one particular perfume in mind. Chanel No. 5 is often considered the most famous perfume in the world.

You can find No. 5 bottle directly from a Chanel speciality store. Want some interesting data about this world-famous perfume? It is estimated that every 30 seconds, a bottle of Chanel No. 5 gets sold.

Another brand leader, Coco Chanel has a strong affinity to the iconic No. 5. The perfume boasts a great smell yet it has a delicate balance between flowery, musky, and fresh.

Bring Home French Chocolate

No matter what country we visit, our list of favourite souvenirs inevitably includes chocolate. Each country, however, has its unique method of making their chocolate to make it distinct. Traditionally, French chocolate is darker and roasted more heavily which makes it creamier and milkier. Don’t like very creamy chocolate? Don’t panic. These days, France has all sorts of chocolate to match your palate, from dark to milky light.

In Paris, you will be amazed by the sheer number of great “chocolateries”. If you are looking for a great souvenir from Paris option, a box of chocolates will do wonderfully. You will be somehow “extending your Paris stay” by several more days! As you enjoy the chocolate back home, memories of your Parisian days will come flooding back.

The Uniquely Created French Mustards

Mustard may not even be among the things that come to your mind as souvenirs from Paris when you bought your plane ticket. But once you land here, why not try the Maille mustards or some of the other high-grade French mustards? These are available in a variety of savoury and exotic flavours to match different tastes. They are not just great souvenirs from Paris but thoughtful gift items.

French Mustards are great for fried foods, marinades, salad dressings, and sandwiches. If you are from the US, for example, you can expect to get them for about a quarter of what you would pay for them in America. Want a great place to get them? Visit the gourmet food section of Galeries Layfayette on 40 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris.

Try the Versatile Collection of French Wines

Perhaps chocolates and mustards are too soft and you want a tougher souvenir. Then we got you covered. Try French wines. The wines produced can only be described as a cultural pillar of this nation. Nearly every time, France is always the 2nd largest producer of wine in the world, France has over 56 different varieties of grapes.

You can get a range of wines from nearly every grocery store in Paris. The famous Nicolas stores are located all over the city. You can, for example, get a bottle of the award-winning Chateau la Vaisinerre’s Red Wine (2009) for around 15 Euros. For something more special, we recommend you visit a speciality shop like Lovin’ Wine Store located on Marais at 40 rue Saint-Honoré.

Once back home, why not open your wine bottle and pretend you are still in Paris? And you have someone special in your life, don’t you think a bottle of French wine would be the best gift?

Get a Long-Sleeved Marinière Jersey

This is a long-sleeved jersey originally worn by the famed French Marines from the 19th century to date. The Marinière has since become a staple in the French civilian fashion circles and, even outside France.

The Striped Jersey, “Tricot Rayé” gained much popularity after Coco Chanel introduced this iconic item to the French fashion industry. Coco was inspired by the sailors wearing the Marinière at the seaside. Other fashion designers such as Jean-Paul Gaultier and Yves Saint Laurent followed this emerging trend making it a fashionable, imaginative and sometimes eccentric fashion statement. What can beat that for souvenirs from Paris?

Don the Classic French Béret

There are lots of clichés about France and a leading one is that the French always wear Bérets. Let’s disappoint you because the truth is that you won’t see too many Parisians donning berets. In fact, today berets are mainly being sold in souvenir outlets and stores.

Often, this knitted wool hat is associated with famous Parisian artists. However, even if the French don’t wear it that much, it remains a strong symbol of France and a great souvenir from Paris to bring home. If you are willing to rock a beret, there is no place that can be better than Paris to pick one up.

In France, berets have been around for centuries (perhaps not quite in their current fashionable style) and they are seen as a symbol of pride among the French. You will get some cheap ones in pretty much every souvenir or gift shop across Paris. If, however, you want something genuinely French, you can get them in fashion boutiques.

Get the Famous French Scarf

Well, if the French beret seems too radical for you, why not try the French scarf? Foreign countries are pretty envious of French scarves and for good reason. Whether the feminine silk ones or the thicker, warmer masculine ones, they are not only awesome but handy.

This is a fashionable accessory that not only keeps you warm and stylish during winters but also gives you that Parisian chic look that will be the envy of all. So why not get one when in Paris? They also make great Paris souvenirs or gift items. You can get one for any budget, shape or material.

Copy of a French Fashion Magazine

Fashion-conscious? Paris is the right place to be. After all, isn’t Paris one of the fashion capitals of the world? So what can be a better way of remembering this than by picking up a copy of the latest edition of Elle or Vogue in French from any of the kiosks along the streets of Paris?

True, unless you speak and read French, you might not comprehend what’s written in the Magazine but the glossy pictures will be a marvellous reminder of your Paris visit. Back home, people will be greatly impressed when they find copies of Elle or Vogue among the pile of papers, magazines, and TV Guides on the coffee table.

You Cannot Leave without French Lingerie

We believe French lingerie is among the world’s best. Not only are they beautiful, but they fit in a far more superior way compared to some of the poorly cut lingerie from other makers. Lingerie is important in the life of every self-conscious woman. It makes you more confident, and, we must add, more appealing to your man.

In Paris, there are plenty of stores selling lingerie. Boutique lingerie shops can be found along Rue Saint Honore and many more are sprinkled across the Marais. We are sure you will find a set of lingerie that matches your tastes and style. What a better Paris souvenir to remind you of your romantic trip to the capital of France?

Reputable brands like Aubade and Passionata offer delicate and fancy lingerie collections that go a long way in enhancing your body curves. You are certain of finding a set of classy lingerie that suits your tastes and style, a unique souvenir that will always remind you of your romantic Paris trip, and much more.

The Uniquely French Macarons

Let’s speak the truth; when people visit Paris, one of their “to-do list” items is to try this iconic French cuisine. And tell you something? After tasting French Macarons, we got instantly hooked and decided to bring some home. Why not try it too? Your dear ones will be more than thankful as they enjoy a taste of Paris as you narrate your travel experiences.

Speaking of quintessential souvenirs from Paris, macarons are now rivalling the classics such as Eiffel Tower for visibility. Whether you like classic-flavours or are more adventurous, you will always find a type of macaron that suits your taste and budget. In the typical French macaron, 2-crispy, light-as-air shells surround a creamy centre that is normally made of buttercream, jam or ganache.

Want a readymade treat before you decide what to take home? Try the delightful macarons sold at Ladurée. Their charming and premiere Paris store is located at 16 rue Royale.

Asterix, the Cartoon Book for the Kids

Perhaps you are visiting Paris with a family or have kids you are thinking about back home. Why not get them the Asterix cartoon books?

This is arguably the most famous cartoon in French history. Authored by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo, the Adventures of Asterix is a 34-book series that has been popular with people of all ages since they were first published in 1959.

The series is not only popular but is a huge global hit. The Adventure of Asterix has been translated into more than 100 languages. What would beat this uniquely French souvenir especially if you have kids back home?

Retain Your Metro or Museum Entry Tickets

The metro forms an integral part of daily life in Paris. During your Paris visit, you will inevitably travel by metro as you move around. The metro will facilitate your travels from the Eiffel Tower to the Notre Dame Cathedral and many other tourist sites conveniently and fast. So to remind you of your travels why not retain your Metro ticket as a nice Pars souvenir to bring back home!

Along with your metro tickets, if your Parisian tour took you to any of the local museums, consider keeping the museum entry tickets as souvenirs from Paris. And it’s not just the Metro or museum tickets that you can retain. When we visited the Eiffel Tower, we retained a brochure from the information desk to remind us of this iconic spire.

The Inevitable Eiffel Tower Mini-Replicas or Images

While we would ordinarily skip tacky and too common souvenirs, we cannot leave out the Eiffel Tower. While it’s pretty cliché, a cute miniature of Tour Eiffel is definitely not to be forgotten. This is perhaps the most bought souvenir from Paris and an obvious choice for many visitors! On our last trip to Paris, we brought an Eiffel Tower mini replica and mug with its image. After all, who can resist getting a min-replica of the most famous spire in France?

Figuring out what Paris souvenirs to buy is not as easy as you would imagine. But we are sure that with our suggestions, the task has been simplified ensuring that you not only enjoy the shopping experience but the souvenirs when you get home.

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