Best things to do in Ronda, Spain

Wandering with a camera in your hand is by far the best thing to do in Ronda, Spain. I’ve already fallen in love with this gorgeous country whilst driving through the South of Spain, so there is no surprise that I am deeply impressed by the gorges of Ronda.
The city of Ronda is located in the province of Malaga, about two hours drive from Seville and one and a half hour distance from Malaga. Ronda is situated in a very mountainous area hence many tourists come to see the El Tajo gorge, which is the most outstanding point of interest in the city. Whether you wish to visit Ronda because of its history, food, photography opportunities or hikes, this city really is breathtaking.

Things to do in Ronda, Spain

Ronda makes the best weekend away. Here is why:

Photograph Ronda from all angles

We didn’t really come prepared to do anything in particular in Ronda. We just wanted to walk around aimlessly and discover what the city has to offer. In doing so, we managed to focus more on the beauty of the place, rather than seek touristy points of interest. Of course, there are several museums, houses and gardens for you to check out if a cultural visit is what you have in mind. However, I still believe photographing Ronda is by far the most exciting thing to do.

Puente Nueve

Puente Nuevo divides the city of Ronda and it is one of the most sought after vantage points. From the bridge itself, you can admire the gorge and the white Andalusian houses overlooking the endless fields. The construction of the bridge was commenced in 1759 and took 34 years to build.

Hike El Tajo gorge

Once you reach Punte Nueve, you can follow the road down, towards the bottom of the gorge. There are several routes, one which leads to the bottom of the bridge, and others which take you further towards the fields, for impressive views of the gorge.

Puente Viejo

If you don’t wish to hike down the gorge, you can continue your journey from the Puente Nueve towards the Puente Viejo. This will take you around the chasm and will continue to offer incredible views of the gorge from different angles. Once you reach the Old Bridge, continue your back to the city as it is time for lunch! And when in Andalusia, good food is a given.

Eat amazing food

Andalusia sure has amazing dishes. Don’t expect anything fancy, as the Andalusian way of cooking is quite simple but delicious. The food is relatively cheap in Ronda, especially if you know where to look. As tempting as it may be, avoid the main square packed with restaurants, as they tend to be tourist traps with overpriced tapas, bad service and poor quality. We suggest aiming for smaller, hidden restaurants. A quick search on google for restaurants near you will reveal honest reviews. We ate in Bar La Viña which was ok for the price. One small tapa was 1.5 EUR and a super large portion of fried potatoes was 3.20 EUR. We would recommend it, although the staff didn’t speak much English. However, everything is possible with a bit of pointing and smiling. The Sangria was excellent here.

Alameda del Tajo

Of course, there is nothing better but have a Spanish siesta after you eat and for that, we recommend making your way to Alameda del Tajo. Sit on one of the many benches and admire the gorgeous landscape from the top of the gorge. Once you are ready, you can spend an hour walking up and down the path for better, even more, impressive views.

Ronda Tajo From Below

If you didn’t want to hike to the bottom of the gorge, you can drive down there. Be warned though, the street is incredibly narrow and you do need some serious driving skills. If there is a car coming your way, you need to be quite crafty and most of the time will be scary. I am used to narrow hilly roads from driving in Madeira which was super challenging, but this was another level. Take the Ctra de los Molinos until you reach the Ronda View Point. Then continue a little further until you can do a turn in the road by the Hostel Los Molinos.

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