Travelling With Our Moon Guidebook: Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago: a mystical walk in search of sacred sites, historical villages and outstanding local dishes. We believe walking is a form of meditation. It allows us to think and reflect which is ideal for introspective travellers such as ourselves. With this in mind, we started planning our own hike, in search of that true trail magic on the serendipitous Camino de Santiago. We got ourselves the Moon Camino de Santiago travel guide and started reading about what to expect on the trail, how to prepare for the hike and how to plan a day by day itinerary. As we are soft adventure lovers, we hoped that Moon will help us find the lesser known local accommodations and quainter experiences for an immersive off the beaten path experience.

Moon Travel Guide for Camino de Santiago trek

Unlike others, we wish to do Camino de Santiago as a couple. This is because we love each other’s company even during times when we need silence. Being by each other’s side offers a rare comfort which makes our own meditative sessions possible. So why exactly did we pick Camino de Santiago and why we wanted to plan the trip with the aid of Moon guidebooks of all guides on the market?

Prepare for adventure with Moon Travel Guides

Moon has different guidebook categories which mean they cater to a wide variety of travellers. What sets Moon apart from its competitors are some of the destinations they focus on, which are more off the beaten path and not always presented by others. For example, we are planning a huge Scandinavian outdoor adventure for this summer and Moon has an array of guides with great insider advice. They also have a dedicated book to road trips and hiking trails. That’s pretty epic.

Moon Travel Guide for Camino de Santiago trek

So why Moon guidebooks? Because after years of reading guide books, Moon managed to preserve the art of storytelling within its pages. It’s not just a mechanical, systematic guide, which sends you here and there, but a book filled with the writer’s memories and candid emotions.

Moon guidebooks are full of useful advise which you’ll genuinely want to read in preparation for your travel. The descriptions paint a realistic image of the sites presented and the author knows how to enchant with interesting highlights and secret spots.

Moon Travel Guide for Camino de Santiago trek with several other books

Moon Camino de Santiago

Planning a trip to complete the challenging yet glorious Camino de Santiago is no easy task. And that’s because we need to ensure we walk with a pilgrim’s mindset and not just as two travellers looking for a long hike. We want to plan the itinerary accordingly so the journey itself is one of self-discovery.

When we started reading our Moon Travel Guide, we initially expected factual information about the trail, weather, safety and some things to do throughout the trek. However, much to our surprise, Moon delivered a story. The story of Beebe Bahrami, a Camino de Santiago lover since 1995. We can’t even begin to imagine the epic adventure Bahrami had when the trails were not as well marked and the pilgrim’s hike was not as well known in the world of travel. Through her writings, Bahrami managed to charm us with her fantastic storytelling skills. In reading her guide book for Moon, we felt like we already completed the Camino de Santiago and went on an epic adventure of massive proportions from our own living room. Despite this, as any good writer, Bahrami delivered the message with great skill and kept us captivated enough so we await our trip with much anticipation and excitement.

Research with our moon travel guide

We live in the era of technological advancements, high-speed internet and global travel blogs. But still, there is something truly mesmerising about going on an adventure having read someone’s travel story, reaching the destination, and stating out loud: well I did it. I followed this adventurer’s footsteps and created my own memories as a result. A good storyteller engages your imaginations so you can elusively paint nature’s creations in your mind. Yet the travelling itself allows you to fill in the gaps and paint the full, vivid image, transforming them in memories and worthwhile experiences for years to come. Moon Camino De Santiago was like a great travel blog compressed in 500 pages of wonderful information.

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Camino de Santiago with Moon Travel Guide

Contents for our Moon Guidebook

As previously mentioned, our Moon guide has 500 pages filled with useful information, clever advice and special venues. The writer, Beebe Bahrami walked Camino de Santiago almost every year since 1995 in order to discover more and more about its sacred sites, historical villages and the glorious Spanish food and wine.

The Moon guidebook details the itinerary day by day which makes it less intimidating to beginners like us. The vast majority of the book then goes into great detail on how to organise the time from area to area. It touches on the great things to do on location, items to see, dishes to eat and places to sleep including costs to better budget for the trip.

Reading our moon travel guide on Camino de Santiago

Moon has several pictures and maps of the different stages of the trek. It offers very useful advice on essentials such as the history of the Camino de Santiago, a packing list and an index for Spanish words. You’ll find great resources and information on holidays and festivals in case you wish to time your hiking trip accordingly.

As we are road trippers, we were most impressed to see that Moon provided a section for Camino de Santiago via car or bike, for those who want to do it differently. At the very end, the writer kindly shares a few tips on how to go back from the life of a pilgrim to the day to day life back home. Truth be told, we didn’t even consider that we might experience a cultural shock or might have to allow some time to adjust post travels. It shows how an experienced guide writer can help you tremendously.

Our awesome Moon Travel Guide to prepare for Camino de Santiago

The Moon guidebook comes with a handy map located at the end of the book. And you know what else we really loved about this guide? That on the last page, Moon asks us for feedback. They are clearly eager to improve on their guide and continue to deliver high-quality expertise to travellers hungry for better, comprehensive experiences. They have clear instructions on how to get in touch to tell the team what we thought about their book. Such a small detail, which meant a lot to us, as we truly love reviews and offering feedback.

Our favourite Moon Travel Guide

Overall, we loved our Moon guidebook and we will continue to use them in the future. It came as a surprise to find a wealth of storytelling mixed with useful factual advice which made Moon the best guide book we read in a very long time. We won’t be surprised if Moon will become the new leader in exceptional travel guides for travellers all around the world.

Have you ever used a Moon travel guide before? Tell us about your experience and feedback in the comments section below.

Preparing for a hike on Camino de Santiago with Moon Travel Guide

Thank you Moon for sending us your guide on Camino de Santiago. We absolutely loved your guide and truly, it exceeded all our expectations. Your writer was fantastic and we will continue to rely on your guides moving forward. This blog post was sponsored by Moon. This piece was commissioned to bring you honest feedback about the guides. The guides were fantastic and we recommend them to you, with love. As such, all opinions in this article are 100% our own.

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