Best Things to do in Malta

Malta is a country like no other. It covers the land of Maltese islands in the Mediterranean Sea, including the main island of Malta, Gozo, Comino, and a few smaller islands. The country itself has less than half a million citizens. Nevertheless, it tempts with a rich history and plenty of tourist attractions, both cultural and natural. Here are the coolest things to do in Malta.

The greatest things to do in Malta

Many people decide to visit Malta during the summer holidays, but in fact, it’s a perfect place for a city break at any time of the year.

During summer you could take relaxing baths on the beaches and in natural pools. But by travelling to Malta in winter, you can avoid crowds and enjoy the heritage monuments and empty trekking trails.

Let’s have a look at the best things to do in Malta in any season.

Wander in the capital of Valetta

This is an obvious must-see place during a trip to Malta. Streets of Valetta, the country capital, belong to the UNESCO World Heritage list. And there are great reasons for that!

By walking through the narrow streets you will discover plenty of historic monuments, including residences of St. John’s Knights, the statue of Queen Victoria, and diverse churches such as St. John’s Co-Cathedral. The last one is especially worth visiting to admire one of the most famous Carravagio’s painting – The Beheading of St John the Baptist.

Valetta is a small city but will enchant you with the number of possibilities and attractions. It also hosts many cultural festivals throughout the whole year. The best way to discover the city is to take advantage of a free walking tour, organized every day.

Enjoy the views from Upper Barrakka Gardens

This place is the most popular attraction in Valetta. Upper Barrakka Gardens give us the view of the whole Grand Harbour. They are built up above the bastion, and each day, at noon, offer a small show. Soldiers, dressed in formal military suits, give salute from cannons. This tradition is always accompanied by groups of curious tourists and local residents.

The garden themselves are a perfect place to take a small rest after walking on the streets of the capital. Beautiful trees and flowers enjoy the eyes, and the fresh breeze from the sea gives us cool relief.

upper barrakka gardens

Explore The Silent City of Mdina

Another perfect place to visit, especially in Winter, when there are no crowds. Mdina used to be the ancient capital of Malta. Now it’s often called the Silent City because of its unique atmosphere.

The city covered behind thick walls intimidates visitors by its severity. Widing streets look like untouched by time. In Mdina, we can really feel the spirit of old Medieval centuries which makes the visit to the city one of the best things to do in Malta.


Take a day trip to Gozo

Gozo is a neighbour island to the mainland of the country. It is twice smaller but definitely worth visiting. Remember Azzure Window which collapsed a few years ago? This natural wonder was located on the island of Gozo.

Even though the most recognizable Maltese attraction does not exist anymore, Gozo still has some secret germs which will take your breath away.

One of them is the amazing Ghasri Valley. A place completely underrated by tourists is one of the best-hidden secrets of Malta. The narrow valley of 250 meters ends up with a small, rocky beach. The swimming here might be a risky idea, but the powerful waves encroaching between stone walls make a stunning impression and are definitely worth seeing.


Another great place to visit in Gozo, also less popular, is another azure window called Wied Il-Mielaħ. The impressive rock form reminds a bridge, and hope it will take years until it will collapse like the previous Azure Window. For now, it’s doing pretty well, tempting active tourists to visit this distant part of the island.

Contemplate sunset at Golden Bay

Most tourists visit Malta for its beaches. Many of them are rocky and not much comfortable. But there are still a few really charming and comfy places on the map.

One of the most lovely beaches is Golden Bay. Thanks to being located on the Western part of the islands, it is a perfect place to watch the sunset by sitting on the sand and listening to the peaceful evening sounds of the sea.

Take a look into Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto is a popular destination in Malta, but nevertheless, it’s worth visiting. The grotto was shaped by the nature of the sea in the rocky cliff.

We can take a look at the impressive Blue Grotto from a distant viewpoint. It is easy to reach from the road and the nearby bus stop.

The second option, more adventurous, is to take a boat trip and actually sail to the grotto. Seeing it from below is a breathtaking experience.


Learn to snorkel and dive

The island is surrounded by underwater rocks, wrecks, and artificial reefs. Which makes it a perfect base for learning and enjoying snorkelling and diving.

Malta offers a wide range of diving schools and boat excursions opportunities. Water sports are perfect activity during a hot summer, especially in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

One of the most popular underwater touristic spots is the wreck of HMS Maori, a destroyer sunk during World War II. It rests at the depth of only 14 meters and is quite easily available even for beginner divers.

Watch colourful boats in Marsaxlokk

The most recognizable picture from Maltese postcards is the view of dozens of colourful boats with a charming harbour in the background. Those photos were usually taken in Marsaxlokk.

This small fishing village gathers all the travellers wanting to eat some fresh fish and sea fruits and spend some nice hours in a charming, traditional town.

Marsaxlokk is well-known for the best fishermen in Malta. In fact, in harbour, we can find plenty of charming fishing boats painted in vivid colours. On the main boulevard, we can choose among restaurants and cafés serving delicious and fresh meals made of local goods.


Taste some local food

Maltese kitchen includes a mix of many influences. A true blend of different tastes, such as Italian or English, joined together a long time ago, ended up with original, tasty, and surprising recipes.

Sea fruits and fish are obvious elements of Maltese kitchen. But the meat which is the most traditional on the island is… a rabbit. You can try rabbit stew or spaghetti with rabbit meat in any traditional restaurant on the island.


Have fun in Popeye Village

Fans of pop culture will not be disappointed while spending holidays in Malta. In 1979, a huge film set was constructed in Anchor Bay for purposes of creating “Popeye” musical production. The whole village of the well-known character was created to take all the photos and film the whole movie.

Since then, the village is kept well-preserved and serves as a tourist attraction. The great place to visit with kids, but also as a couple or solo travellers. Colourful wooden building laying on the coast of the bay is a perfect spot for some fantasy photos and great memories.

Track the trails of Game of Thrones

The small country of Malta was a huge film set for many movies across the years. But it sits particularly on bucket lists of fans of famous TV series – “Game of Thrones”.

Next to Dubrovnik in Croatia, Malta was a place where lots of important movie scenes were set. In this small island we can visit such places as Dothrakis camps near collapsed Azure Window, Red Keep’s gardens in Rabat, Mdina’s gate being also the entrance to King’s Landing or Mesquita Square where Jamie Lannister fought with Ned Stark. And many more!

The feeling of standing in places where the main characters from this breathtaking TV series were hanging around is a juicy target for any fan.

Have lunch on a cliff

The country of Malta was built on a rocky island. Most of its coasts are ended with high and dangerous cliffs. But even so, they are a perfect attraction for active people.

Not only popular Dingli Cliffs on the Western side of the land but also many others are ideal spots to get some activity and take a walk along. Stunning views and the powerful nature show of huge waves hitting the stone walls are guaranteed.

During a hot summer, sitting nearby cliffs, having lunch with some traditional pastizzi and resting with a nice breeze feeling on the face is a memorable experience and one of the best things to do in Malta.


Travelling Malta

Malta is an ideal city break destination. It’s a perfect travel idea even for a quick weekend trip. The country is small enough to let you see its best wonders in a short time. But I encourage you to spend more time on the island and dive deeply into its culture and history because it’s really fascinating.

And what are your favourite places in Malta? Or destinations from your Maltese bucket list that you wish to see? Let us know in the comment section!

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