Top Things to do in Filey, North Yorkshire

Filey is a wonderful beach destination on the Yorkshire coast in England. There are many things to do in Filey, which is why this fishing village attracts thousands of visitors during summer. Enjoy the stunning views of the sandy bay, walk on the beach and go for a swim in the Filey bay.

Filey is a seaside town in North Yorkshire and a popular holiday resort in the Scarborough borough. It became popular in the 18th century when visitors from Scarborough arrived searching for peace and quiet.

Filey is not just about the beach, as there’s plenty to do and see in the town itself as well. It’s the ideal destination for families with kids looking to enjoy the sunshine during summer in the UK. You’ll enjoy award winning parks, see fantastic gardens, admire a Grade II listed Villa and eat some of the best fish and chips in the UK.

Come join us on an adventure and see what are the best things to do in Filey.

Filey Beach

Many come to Filey for the beach, and that’s for a good reason. The Filey seafront is the perfect retreat for a long stroll. The Filey beach was voted one of the top six beaches in the world. That’s because you’ll get to enjoy 7 miles (ca. 11 km) of golden sands. That’s pretty impressive! And a good reason to visit Filey beach.

In 2018 The Sunday Times declared Filey to have the best beach in Britain. Visit during low tide when the beach is a quarter of a mile wide. Filey Beach has traditional beach chalets that you can hire from March to September.

Filey beach looking stunning in the summer

Stained Glass Centre

Learn about the history of stained-glass at the Stained Glass Centre which has been maintaining the tradition for over 1000 years with the same production method.

Visit the showroom where you’ll find the perfect lamp, mirror or special gift. Alternatively, why not immerse yourself and take a stained glass course where you’ll make your own stained glass item.

At the end of the experience, sit down with a cup of tea in the tearooms. Just note that they can get quite busy at times.

Stained glass centre

Scarborough castle

Calling all history buffs who want to see over 3000 years of history. Head to the Scarborough castle, which offers dramatic views over the Yorkshire coast.

The castle is a dormer medieval Royal fortress situated on a rocky promontory overlooking the North Sea. The castle dates back to the 12th century but over the years new structures were added.

Today it’s looked after the English Heritage, and it welcomes visitors of all ages interested in interactive exhibitions and special events.

Scarborough castle on top of the hill

Scarborough Footgolf

Do you and your family love a bit of competitive sport? Then the Scarborough Footgolf is the place for you. Enjoy the 9 hole Footgolf courses laid out on a 10 acre site.

If you’ve never heard of it before, Footgolf combines football and golf. A football is kicked into a series of larger holes, and the idea is that you complete the course using the fewest possible shots.

Man playing footgolf near Filey

The New Filey Trail

The New Filey Trail explores the New Filey, a part of the town built since the 1930’s. That’s roughly when visitors begun to realise that Filey is a wonderful destination for those seeking a peaceful and relaxing holiday.

You’ll start at the Evron Centre and continue along the crescent gardens before going towards the gorgeous seafront. The new trail ends at Coble Landing, which is the starting point for Old Filey Trail.

filey trail in North Yorkshire

The Old Filey Trail

This trail explores Filey before the 19th century. The trail starts at either Coble Landing or Country park. Explore the old Filey as it was before it became a popular seaside destination. Learn about its history and take your family on a fun walk around town.

The ‘Old’ and ‘New’ Filey Trail’s are available on the Love Exploring Mobile App which can be downloaded on both Apple and Android devices.

Filey old trail during golden hour

Evron Centre

Evron centre in Filey is a mid 1800s building which is believed to have been visited by Charlotte Bronte and her family during her stay in Filey. Evron Centre is now a lovely place that’s versatile and unique in Filey.

It can be rented as a superb wedding venue where couples can have a choice of three rooms some with well maintained gardens and sea views.

The centre is also a concert hall where locals and tourists alike can come together to enjoy special events. Occasionally, the gardens host local events too, like small food festivals.

Evron centre in filey

Filey Seafront Sculpture Trail

Amogst the great things to do in Filey is the sculpture trail, a must for everyone who loves taking lots of quirky holiday pictures. Walk along the promenade and enjoy not just the sea views but also a series of art works inspired by the town’s heritage.

Pass the giant lobster or the large sculpture entitled A High Tide in Short Wellies. The Sculpture Trail was designed by artist Russ Coleman.

Lobster on the Filey sculpture trail

Glen gardens

Glen Gardens were originally built in 1830s as part of a private estate of Ravine Hall. The Ravine Hall doesn’t exist any more, but the gardens continue to exist. The peaceful glen gardens boasts a cafe, a traditional play park, a large open space for ball games, and it’s ideal for family picnics.

Next to the Glen Gardens you’ll find the Crescent gardens, a superb park that’s always kept immaculate and beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

Glen Gardens Filey

Filey Brigg

Filey Brigg is a long, narrow peninsula situated about a mile north of Filey. Many walk from the Filey beach to the Brigg. There is a cliff top with stunning views, perfect for pictures. Filey Brigg features a steep cliff that’s around 15 metres high.

The area is home to numerous species of birds attracting many bird watchers from all over the country.

The area still erodes, so be careful when you visit. It’s always wise to check the tidal times as you should only walk here when the tide is low. If you’re lucky, you might get to see a seal or two during your walk.

Filey Brigg

Country Park

Filey Country Park is an excellent spot family with kids who want to enjoy some of the most fabulous views of the coast. It’s a perfect spot for dog walking, bird watching and even flying kites on a windy day.

Did you know that many come here to see whales and dolphins?

There’s plenty of space to park your car and there is a cafe and toilets onsite. Enjoy the country gardens, head to the Filey Sailing Club, or visit the Brigg and the beach.

Country park Filey

Filey Dams Nature Reserve

Filey Dams Nature Reserve is the last remaining freshwater marsh in the area. It’s a special place that attracts a wide variety of migratory birds.

The entry fee is free and there are some permissive footpaths you should follow not to disturb the wildlife areas. Remember that no dogs are permitted in the area.

The best time to visit is between June to September.

Filey Dams Nature Reserve

Water sports

Want to venture into the sea but want a little more adrenaline than just swimming? You can rent a variety of equipments and try Sailing, Coasteering, Paddleboarding and Kayaking.

If it’s your first time trying any of the water sports, it’s probably a good idea to hire an instructor as well, just so you have the best experience.

Cory kayaking in the quiet marshes

Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery

Spirit of Yorkshire is the first-ever single malt whiskey distillery in the region. They are located in Hunmanby, close to the beautiful Filey Bay. Join one of their tours which are run three times daily.

This is a great thing to do in Filey for adults who want to learn about the process of how this field to bottle distillery does it. You’ll know more about the farm and the distillery process.

The distillery tour takes roughly one hour, and it costs £15. At the end of the tour, head to the shop and purchase a bottle of whiskey, which, it’s a pretty cool souvenir from England.

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Filey Museum

Filey Museum was originally two single storey cottages with thatched roofs. The buildings are the oldest domestic buildings in Filey. This museum opened in 1971 and presents the history of the town.

Filey museum is located in the Old part of Filey close to the 12th century St Oswald’s Church. You’ll pass it if you decide to take the Old Filey trail.

This gem of a museum won the “small attraction of the year” 3 times.

Filey Museum

Bempton Cliffs

Bempton Cliffs are an ideal habitat for a range of seabirds. But it’s not just about the wildlife, it’s about some of the most incredible landscape too. Walk along the chalky cliff tops, relax and admire the vastness of your surroundings and take a moment to breathe in fresh salty air.

Time your arrival well and you’ll have the chance to see stunning puffins. There’s several walks suitable for the whole family. There are picnics all around, so make sure to pack your snacks. Although there are facilities by the car park including a nice cafe. You don’t have to pay but stop by the visitor centre to donate so future generations can continue to enjoy this lovely place.

Bempton Cliffs in filey with Puffins

Fish and chip shops

One of the best things to do in Filey is to enjoy the fresh seafood. W’ve been to so many fish and chips shops all around the country but we’re still dreaming of the fresh fish from CJ’s fish and chips. Maybe it was our lucky day, who knows, but the fish was so flaky and incredible.

While it’s really nice to enjoy your fish and chips by the beach, just mind the seagulls.

However, if you prefer to sit down with your meal, don’t worry as there are plenty of restaurants with fantastic reviews dotted all around Filey.

Fish and chips Filey


Flamborough is located just 20 minutes from Filey and well worth a visit. Visit the Flamborough headland, a scenic stretch of white chalky cliffs with superb coastal hikes. You’ll get the chance to sea puffins in the summer or just admire the impressive landscape all around you.

The Flamborough cliffs are breathtaking with fresh and clean waters. A lot of the landscape will feel peaceful and isolated, ideal for a long walk in nature.

Grab your camera, as this destination is worth it for the views alone.

Flamborough North Yorkshire

North York Moors

Take a day trip from Filey and visit the North York Moors National Park, a high moorland area with villages, superb valleys and gorgeous ruins.

See the heather moorland which covers a third of the North York Moors. Part of the area is a Site of Special Scientific Interest for its heathland habitat and breeding birds. It’s also a Special Area of Conservation and a Special Protection Area.

There’s open access to the moorlands which means you enjoy miles of spectacular moorland on foot, without having to follow a defined path or track.

Woodland and forest covers about 23 percent of the National Park.

Did you know: Some trees are ancient, more than 400 years old.

North york moors

Where to stay in Filey

Filey gets busy during the warm season, so it’s recommended that you book your preferred accommodation well in advance. See the best options below and make sure to get yours booked as soon as possible.

Secret Of Eden Beach House – A superb beach house just 4 minutes away from the beach. The beach hut features 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. There’s an indoor pool featured on site. Prices start from £164 per night for the whole house which sleeps 6 people. Book the house here.

The Southgate B&B – Very clean accommodation with really well sized rooms located near Filey. Rooms include a private bathroom equipped with a shower. For your comfort, you will find free toiletries and a hair dryer. Book your room here.

The White Lodge Hotel – The White Lodge Hotel is situated on a cliff with panoramic views of Filey Bay. It features 20 bedrooms, a bar, restaurant and lounge and is just a 5-minute walk to Filey Beach and a 10-minute stroll from the town centre. Book your room here.

That’s it, you are now ready to visit the beautiful town of Filey. Are you excited to spend time with your loved ones by the beach?

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