The best 7 treats to enjoy at Cheddar Gorge

A trip to Cheddar Gorge is not just about the walks, climb and caving, but about being able to enjoy a proper British afternoon, eating lots of great food, desserts and sweets. I went to Cheddar Gorge to hike, and at the end, I rewarded myself with delicious sweet and savoury treats to regain my energy. Here are my 7 favourite treats which you should buy whilst in Cheddar Gorge. I hope you are not reading this hungry!

Handcrafted Ice Cream

Imagine having to choose just a handful of ice cream scoops out of 70 different flavours of handcrafted, freshly made ice cream? Made with locally sourced milk, the ice cream around Cheddar Gorge is some of the best, creamiest icy desserts I’ve ever tried. I needed over 10 minutes just to decide what flavours I want to try. I went for Morello Cherry, Raspberry Pavlova and Blackcurrants in Clotted Cream.

Needless to say, I reached nirvana! G got some Banana Split, Apple Pie and Dark Cherry in Clotted Cream. His ice cream was sweeter than mine, but still absolutely delicious. For both cones with three scoops each, we paid just over £7. Quite a price for a bit of ice cream, but it was very tasty and well worth the money.

Cheddar Gorge Ice Cream

British Fudge

There is no trip to the British countryside without having a bag full of fudge to snack on. This sugary bomb not only it tastes amazing, but it’s incredibly addictive (and very fattening!). No need to count the calories if you are determined to walk for a few miles over the Cheddar Gorge. Go up the steep hill and bring your fudge deliciousness with you. You will definitely want to enjoy some rewards after the workout. There are plenty of shops selling freshly made fudge all around the main street in Cheddar.

Cheddar Gorge Fudge Sweets

Freshly Made Sweets

To see how sweets are being made, best to have a look in the Cheddar Sweet Kitchen. The sweet making demonstrations last for about 30 minutes during which you can observe the sweet making process from raw material to finished product. To purchase sweets, venture next door and pick your favorite. You can pick and mix several types of sweets and the starting price is £1.09 per 100g.

Cheddar Gorge Sweets

British Afternoon Cream Tea

For a traditional British experience, take a seat in one of the many tea houses available around Cheddar Gorge, and order a cream tea. A cream tea consists of delicious scones eaten with clotted cream and jam, accompanied by a traditional British black tea, served with milk. In my opinion, there are few more indulgent and exciting ways to spend an afternoon in Britain, then by having a cream tea with a friend or partner.

English Castle Cream Tea Dunster Cory

Traditional Cheddar Cheese

Did you know that Cheddar Cheese was invented in Cheddar, UK? That’s where it’s got its name from. That’s right, the cheese you use on a day to day basis and we all love so much, was born in Britain, in Somerset.

No trip to Cheddar Gorge would be complete without tasting the authentic Cheddar cheese with some homemade relishes and savory biscuits. You can also buy a few blocks of cheese right in the Cheddar Cheese Company shop. Prices are quite high, but you do pay for authenticity and years of cheesemaking tradition.

Cheddar Gorge Cheese

British Pies

Another great British food is the humble pie. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely adore this dish, steak and ale pies being my absolute favourite. You can decide if you want a puff pastry or a shortcrust pie. You can then decide what type of filling you want, steak and ale, onion and cheese or chicken and mushroom being amongst the most popular choices. You can have your pie served with either chunky chips or mash and deliciously steamed vegetable. Don’t forget to order a pint of ale to accompany your meal and voila, you have a proper traditional British dish served in a local pub right in the heart of Cheddar Gorge.

Cheddar Gorge Pie

Authentic Fish and Chips

I found a rather unusual chippy in Cheddar Gorge because it was like a very spacious restaurant where you can sit down and enjoy your meal. The usual fish and chips shops in Britain are relatively small with a few seats as a waiting area. They are more like take away restaurants and not actually dine in places. Not in Cheddar Gorge, as this was the first chippy of this nature I found. I’m sure there are plenty more, I just never came across one before.

Cheddar Gorge Fish and Chips

There are plenty of delicious treats to be enjoyed whilst on a day out in Cheddar Gorge, but these are my absolute 7 favourite which I think should be on everyone’s list. I love checking out the local stores and shops for different types of foods, sweets and desserts.

What treat would you like to try first whilst enjoying a day out in Cheddar Gorge? Tell me all about your love for sweets in the comments section below.

Cheddar Gorge Relish
Cheddar Gorge biscuits
Cheddar Gorge chocolate
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