Incredible Souvenirs From Vienna

Vienna is one of the most opulent, historic and traditional capital cities in Europe, and souvenirs from Vienna reflect the city’s centuries of grandeur, days of old and custom. For example, uniquely Austrian souvenirs that can be found in Vienna include dirndls, lederhosen and ornaments from the city’s Old Viennese Christmas Market on Freyung, where a Christmas market was held as early as 1772, as well as a year-round Christmas store. You can also find Vienna souvenirs that honour some of its most famous and historically significant former residents, such as Freud, Beethoven and Mozart.

However, Vienna also embraces the present, and visitors can too. You can find Vienna souvenirs that support hometown sports teams, such as beloved First Vienna FC and SK Rapid Wien, European football (soccer) clubs, or the Vienna Vikings, an American football club based in Vienna, and one of Europe’s most dominant teams. In fact, the Vienna Vikings have won the Eurobowl five times, and you can find a souvenir from Vienna that commemorates this successful team.

Souvenirs from Vienna

Visitors to Vienna will have no problem finding a faultless souvenir that will remind them of their trip, whether it’s a souvenir you hang, display, where, drink or eat, keeping in mind that Vienna has numerous quality breweries and is world-famous for its chocolate and sweets manufacturers. Furthermore, as two of the world’s most famous music composers once lived here, you will be able to take back a bit of Beethoven or a memento of Mozart to remind you of this classical city.

Lederhosen and Dirndl

If you want some authentic and traditional Austrian folk wear get some lederhosen, short or knee-length leather breeches for men and boys, or a dirndl, traditional feminine dress with a structured bodice, tightly tied and decoratively embroidered. Although largely worn in rural areas, lederhosen and dirndl dresses are quite fashionable in Vienna and are making a comeback all over Austria, and the city has many stores to choose from to suit your needs. Some of the best shops in Vienna selling these items include Tostmann Trachten, Trachtensalon Witzky and Zillertaler Trachtenwelt Vienna.

Mozart Mementos

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart once called Vienna, then the music capital of Europe, home. He is one of the city’s most revered former residents, and is still celebrated today. In fact, you can visit Mozart’s Vienna home. Furthermore, there is a store in Vienna dedicated to the maestro, Mostly Mozart, located near St. Stephen’s Cathedral, which sells speciality Mozart souvenirs, including Mozart Balls, a small sugar confection made of pistachio marzipan and nougat, covered in dark chocolate and wrapped up in foil featuring Mozart’s face. Mozart Balls are sold all over Vienna, so you will have no problem finding them, as well as countless other souvenirs bearing his face. For more Mozart, check out the Arcadia Opera Shop at the world-famous Vienna State Opera. Here you will find Mozart CDs, DVDs and books, as well as those of other renowned composers.

Bits of Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven also once called Vienna home, and there is a museum in the city, the Beethoven Pasqualati House, dedicated to this king of classical music. You will see Beethoven’s face all over Vienna, and you can even take one home with you. The Beethoven Pasqualati House, where Beethoven composed his fifth and sixth symphonies, sells an array of Beethoven souvenirs, everything from clay busts to refrigerator magnets. Like Mozart, the options for finding Beethoven souvenirs from Vienna are limitless.

Sigmund Freud Souvenirs

Sigmund Freud is another of Vienna’s most celebrated former residents, and there is a museum in town honouring the founder of psychoanalysis. At the Sigmund Freud Museum, which is located in the same building where Freud developed psychoanalysis, you can see an exhibition documenting the life and work of Freud, who lived and worked in this house from 1891 until 1938, and purchase a great Vienna souvenir commemorating the man himself. Freud souvenirs include pencils, pens, notepads with pencil and eraser, wallets, spectacle cases, Sigmund Freud busts, dreambooks, bookmarks, magnets, keyrings and Superego T-shirts.

Quality Coffee

Vienna is widely credited with having invented cafe culture, so quality coffee in the city is ubiquitous. Coffee houses are a Viennese institution, and are well-stocked with the best beans around, which you can buy for a stimulating Vienna souvenir. Some of the best coffee houses in Vienna to get your caffeinated souvenir include Cafe Mozart, located behind the Vienna State Opera and where Graham Greene wrote “The Third Man”; Cafe Central, which serves up traditional coffee and was a favourite hangout of Freud’s; and Cafe Dommayer, one of the most classic Vienna coffee houses.

Vienna Beer

Beer in Vienna is as common as cake at a wedding, and the average Austrian drinks about 27 gallons of beer a year. The city is home to a plethora of top breweries, the brew from any making for a great souvenir from Vienna that you can send home by the case. Some of the best local beer includes Ottakringer, one of the country’s most famous and beloved beers; Wieden Bräu, one of the top microbreweries in town; and Lichtenthaler Bräu, which is “handmade with a lot of love.”

Beer Glasses and Steins

You will need an authentic Austrian beer glass or stein to go with all that Viennese beer you buy as a souvenir, and you will have no problem finding either in Vienna as drinking beer is a passion and pastime in the city. You can find beer glasses etched with your favourite Viennese beer wherever your best brand is brewed, and in many souvenir shops. If you prefer to quaff your beer from a stein, which is typically made from stoneware, porcelain, pewter, crystal and glass and come with or without a lid, you can find unique, handmade steins throughout the city. Get one custom made with your family name, family crest, family motto, a favourite beer or anything you like, or choose a traditional Viennese stein featuring the city’s landmarks, name, flag, etc.

Schnapps and Stroh

Vienna isn’t just about coffee and beer; it is also well-known for schnapps and Stroh. Did you know that schnapps is the national drink of Austria, and Austrians have been perfecting it for centuries with a cornucopia of different recipes? Austrian schnapps is artisanally made with fruit picked at the height of the season, and some flavours are unique to Austria and not exported elsewhere, but you can find these flavours in stores all over Vienna and export them yourself to your home. In addition to schnapps, the Austrians and Viennese love Stroh, which makes rum. In fact, Stroh rum is one of the best-known spirits from Austria, and can also be found in many stores throughout Vienna.

Snow Globes

Did you know that the snow globe was invented in Austria, and that there is a snow globe museum in Vienna where you can find more than 350 snow globe designs to choose from? The Original Vienna Snowglobe factory has been making snow globes since 1900. They make snow globes with St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Vienna Ferris Wheel, Johann Strauss, Nativity scene, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, Bambi and so much more.

Christmas Ornaments

There are many Christmas markets in Vienna, particularly from November until Christmas, but the granddaddy of them all is the Old Viennese Christmas Market on Freyung, which sells glass decorations, traditional manger scenes, ceramics and much more. For year-round Christmas ornament souvenirs, head to Wiener Christmas Salon near St. Stephen’s Cathedral, where every day is Christmas and Christmas souvenirs are plentiful.

St. Stephen’s Souvenirs

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is one of if not the most iconic structures in Vienna. It is the mother church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vienna and one of the most visited sites in the city. In fact, St. Stephen’s Cathedral is the symbol of Vienna, as well as one of the most important Gothic structures in Austria. Visitors to Vienna and the faithful can take home souvenirs of revered St. Stephen’s including T-shirts featuring the cathedral, framed art prints of various pictures of the church, St. Stephen’s Cathedral guide books and DVDs, postcards and just about anything else with its image. There is a gift shop at the cathedral, as well as numerous souvenir stores in Vienna that sell St. Stephen’s merchandise.

SK Rapid Wien Gear

SK Rapid Wien, also known as Rapid Vienna, is a storied team. It has won the most Austrian championship titles and a German championship in 1941 during Nazi rule. Rapid Vienna has also twice reached the final of the European Cup Winners’ Cup. The club has two fan shops in Vienna: one at the Stadion Center, Olympiapl. 2, 1020 Wien; and another at Gerhard-Hanappi-Platz 1, 1140 Wien. Both stores sell SK Rapid Wien gear in the team’s colours (green and white), including jerseys, T-shirts, shorts, socks, polos, jackets, pullovers, scarves, hats, accessories and more for men, women and children.

Vienna Vikings Accoutrement

The Dacia Vienna Vikings play American football in the Austrian Football League, and are quite popular in Vienna and Austria. The team holds the record of 14 Austrian Bowl victories. Souvenirs in the team’s colours, purple, gold and white, are plentiful. You can show your support for the Vienna Vikings via T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, hats and more for people of all ages and sizes. Catch a game, and all the Vienna Vikings accoutrement available, at Hohe Warte Stadium, which is also home to First Vienna FC.

First Vienna FC Fashion

First Vienna FC is another popular soccer team in Vienna that has rabid fans. It is the oldest soccer team in Austria, founded in 1894. If you prefer this team over Rapid Vienna and its colours, blue and yellow, it has numerous souvenirs of the clothing and accessories sort. Check out the football club’s fan shop at Hohe Warte Stadium, where you will find jerseys, T-shirts, polo shirts, pullovers, jackets, hats, scarves, onesies, books, pins and more.

Manner Wafers

Manner wafers can be found in almost any home in Austria, and make for a tasty souvenir for visitors. In addition to wafers, Manner, whose factory is located in Vienna, makes various sweets and cocoa, which also make for memorable souvenirs from Vienna. But Manner’s best-known treat is its hazelnut-cream-filled Neapolitan wafers, which it has been making to perfection since 1898. These delicious wafers can be found in almost any market in Vienna. There is a Manner shop located near St. Stephen’s Cathedral that has all your wafer needs.

Lobmeyr Crystal

Lobmeyr Crystal is as world-famous as Waterford Crystal, and the company even created a crystal chandelier for Vienna’s opulent Schönbrunn Palace. Founded in 1823, Lobmeyr Crystal also co-developed the first electric chandelier in the world with Thomas Edison. Some of its illustrious clients have included Franz Ferdinand, the Vienna State Opera and the Kremlin. The company’s crystal products can be found around the world, but some of its items can only be found at the J. & L. Lobmeyr flagship store in Vienna. Lobmeyr Crystal products include lighting, chandeliers, lamps, lanterns, glassware, vases, bowls and more.

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