Our Tallinn Photography

The joy of visiting a new city is having the change to explore its corners in search of great photographic opportunities. Tallinn, Estonia’s quaint capital city, was one of the most photogenic European places we’ve had the chance to explore. If you ever wanted to explore a true medieval town, then head over to Tallinn and get lost in its many colours, squares and narrow lanes.

Here is our Tallinn photography, for a chance to see this gorgeous city the way we saw it for the very first time.

Things to do in Tallinn

Beautiful Tallinn from above. The Old Town is truly glorious.

Square Tallinn

We arrived super early in the morning and enjoyed the main squares in peace.

Cory G Tallinn

We also searched for hidden castles. Hand in hand, of course.

Our New Home Tallinn

This is the house we want to buy. Right here, right now.

Streets of Tallinn

The streets of Tallinn are incredibly charming.

The Times We Had Tallinn

A reminder that any city looks stunning from above.

Beautiful Colours Tallinn

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral as seen from the Old Town in Tallinn.

Tallinn Estonia cat

The sweetest cat in the whole of Tallinn.

Beautiful Colours of Estonia

Even locals get lost in the beautiful colours of Tallinn.

Kissing in Tallinn

Love is in Estonia.

Snow in Tallinn

Snow and happiness in Tallinn.

Beyond the darkness Tallinn

There are always colours through the end of the tunnel.

Tallinn is beautiful

Snowy roof tops in Tallinn.

Join us in Tallinn

The cutest boutiques in Tallinn.

The House At the End of Tallinn

The little red house, full of bright ideas.

Beautiful Tallinn Houses

Medieval Tallinn.

Old and New Tallinn

When old meets new in Tallinn.

Tallinn Time

It’s Tallinn time.

Old Town Tallinn

When the witches make you a brew.

Tallinn Winter Estonia

There’s always time to chase the snow.

Walls Tallinn Estonia

When the city can be defined by its mighty walls.

Snow Tallinn Estonia

Lunch, snow and happiness.

Square Old Town Tallinn

From tavern to tavern in search of liquid gold.

Cory G Couple Tallinn

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Tallinn.

Medieval Tallinn

Through gates and secret paths.

Corners of Tallinn

Pick your favourite colour. Tallinn has them all.

Tallinn from above

From roof to top and top to roof.

Perfect Square Tallinn

Pigeon watchin’.

The walls of castles Tallinn Estonia

The Night’s Watch Wall during Day.

Beautiful Tallinn Photography

The Princess is in the other castle.

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