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We spent a week in Helsinki, exploring, discovering and learning. Helsinki has long been a dream destination for the both of us, so when we had the chance to explore this amazing city for several days, we packed our warmest jackets, sturdiest tripod and landscape lenses and away we went.

Helsinki was colder than we anticipated but the weather didn’t stop us from exploring even its most obscure corners. There were so many things to do in Helsinki. We indulged in Finish sauna, tried to jump naked in the frozen sea (spoiler alert, we didn’t do it!) and saw some of the most surreal landscape made of giant, broken, ice sheets.

Above all, Helsinki was about escaping digital distractions. Every single month we plan on visiting a new destination with this very idea in mind. We want to live in the moment and be together, enjoy each other’s company and allow ourselves time to really process what we see around us. And hey, just because we are travelling vegan, it doesn’t mean we can’t have amazing food. Countless times Helsinki chefs prepared vegan food for us, even though the lunch menu was tailored for other dietary requirements.

Here is the most anticipated photo essay on our website. We know so many of you replied to our Instagram stories and asked us for this, so here it is: a way to showcase Helsinki through our eyes (and lens).

Best things to do in Helsinki

Helsinki from above. We arrived just before the sunset and captured a warmer side of Helsinki. Although, if you look at the horizon, you can still see the frozen sea.

Allas Seas Helsinki

Allas Sea Pools was one of our favorite way to spend an evening. The pools were 28C whereby the outside temperature was more like -5C. Next to this steamy pool, you could find a pool filled with water from the sea (full of ice). Some of the bravest men and women dived right in, then walked slowly towards the sauna. We got out of the warm pool and literally ran to the sauna.

Market Square Helsinki

Look how peaceful the Market Square in Helsinki is. I especially loved the little ducks chilling on the frozen sheet of ice just by the harbour.

Smiling in the forest

During our time in Finland, we decided to take some day trips from Helsinki and enjoy the wonderful Nuukio National Park. I absolutely love snow and I’m in my element when it’s cold outside.

Ice Sheet Helsinki

On the Tallink cruise from Helsinki to Tallinn. I always wanted to see the frozen sea, hence it’s a dream of mine to visit Antartica. For now, I was pleased to see this surreal landscape right in front of my eyes.

Loyly Helsinki

This is Löyly, one of the coolest public Finish saunas in Helsinki. The reason why I loved it so much, is because this sauna leads right to the seafront as you can see above. That little cut in the ice is where brave people can jump in right after a session in the sauna. No, we didn’t jump in, although we did try.

Helsinki From Above

Another picture of Helsinki from above. It’s actually so refreshing to see a city which is not dominated by skyscrapers.

Private Sauna Time

We absolutely loved the idea of Finish sauna and we didn’t hesitate trying it. In fact, we loved it so much that we booked two private sessions to enjoy the sauna at our own pace. This was in the Aallonkoti Hotel Apartments where we stayed for a whole week.

Nuuksio National Park

We are soft adventure lovers, hence we will never, ever pass on the opportunity to enjoy a quiet walk in nature. Turns out, Finland has more natural oasis rather than busy and tiring cities.

crossing the Baltic Sea

I just want to jump on the ice and cross the sea this way. There is something so magical about seeing, quite literally, a sea of ice.

Finish products Amazing Lip Balm

Rönnin Pihkalalva is a Finish balm made from spruce. It is 100% natural and it works magic on the lips because of the spruce resin which is one of nature’s little gems. I normally don’t use lip balm much, but given it was so cold, and this little resin wonder smells like wood (so nice!) I thought I will try it. Turns out, I can’t live without it anymore.

Best Finish Products

This picture was taken with our tripod and the camera set on a timer. We wanted to show the type of exploring we love to do, and add a bit of colour to the picture too. We are wearing the Hai Nokian footwear which kept us from getting wet. Just remember to wear warm clothes when exploring Finland.

Frozen Baltic Sea

One more picture of the Baltic Sea. I simply can’t get enough of this landscape.

Makia Clothing

I am a winter child at heart. I never liked summer (except the fact there was no school during summer), but always had my affinity towards autumn and winter. There is something special about the cold season. That first morning when you wake up and it smells like winter. The smell of log, the beautiful snow, the perfect scenery. I know not many people enjoy the cold. G, for example, loves those long summer days, with no rain, cold or snow. Wearing a Makia parka in this picture.

Nuuksio National Park

Despite the seasonal preferences, we have one big thing in common: we both love nature, whether is under the scorching sun, or in the coldest of the winter days. And where there is nature, there is room for adventure.

Makia Clothing Jacket

The snow you see in this picture was not powdery, but almost entirely frozen. This made it easier to navigate in the national park and enjoy taking countless pictures.

Walking in Nuuksio

We will forever remember Nuuksio National Park. On the right of the picture, there is a lake which was entirely frozen. We are so happy we took this day trip to fall in love with Finland’s nature.

By the sea in Helsinki

We were en route to Löyly here, just by the seafront. There was this crazy wind and the sun just went down which made this white landscape silent, eerie and simply perfect.

Ferries in Helsinki

Can you see the Silka Line in the background? That beautiful cruise ship is an actual ice breaker, which makes challenging journeys possible. We never thought we will enjoy a cruise so very much.

Cute Cabin in Nuuksio

Maybe not the ideal home, but sure is a cute little building right in the forest. The picture was taken in the Nuuksio National Park.

My Helsinki Residence

This is the view we enjoyed for a whole week from our apartment. We had a studio in the Aallonkoti Hotel Apartments where we had so many cool things from Marimekko. The teapot, the plates, the pillows and even the bedding were all from Marimekko. Oh, and it was in the beautiful city of Helsinki where I got the chance to discover two of my favorite things: vegan chocolate from Goodio and an amazing green tea with wild berries from Nord-T.

Forest Boots

There is nothing cooler than having a long walk in a silent forest, all covered in snow. Although the temperatures were well below 0C, we had an amazing time hiking and reconnecting with one another.

Wearing a beanie in Helsinki

Even though it was a little colder than anticipated, there are epic ways to keep warm in Helsinki. We both had our Vai-Ko beanies which were lifesavers during our time spent around the harbour. It may not look it, but my hair was actually frozen in this picture.

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7 responses to “Our Helsinki Photography”

  1. Tariq Nazeer Avatar
    Tariq Nazeer

    Really interesting read!Great adventure and picture.Thanks to share your experience in this post.

    1. Glad you like it!

  2. Faith Coates Avatar
    Faith Coates

    Beautiful photos – I have wanted to visit Helsinki for years and now I am in Europe it is an absolute must thanks for sharing such lush photos.

  3. Lynne Nieman Avatar
    Lynne Nieman

    Beautiful images. I have seen more and more posts on Finland in general and have become very intrigued by this country. I’m super curious about that lip balm!!

    1. Haha, the best lip balm ever. The first impression is a bit like…oh, it smells like wood. But then you just fall in love with it. As for Finland, I need to visit again during summer and proper winter to go up north for the northern lights. It’s such lush country.

  4. I am obsessed with the broken ice sheet on the sea! I experienced this when I was living in Oslo, and had hoped to see it again when I cruised from Stockholm to Tallinn, but it was a warmer winter and there was no ice on the sea (we got 5-metre waves, though, and a hailstorm which was not fun). If you enjoyed cruising the Baltic you should try again in the summer, there’s nothing like passing the countless islands of the Stockholm archipelago on a perfectly sunny day. Thus said, I am also a winter person, this is why I moved to Scandinavia 😀

    1. OMG, I haven’t met another snow child like myself. I love snow and cold whereby G loves warm so we need to live in a place with all 4 seasons (compromise for the win haha). I loved that broken ice on the Baltic Sea but we want to do it again in the summer and…next winter in search of the northern lights.

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