13 Best Souvenirs from Mexico

Are you thinking about what kind of great Mexican souvenirs, products, and gifts you’ll bring back from your travels? If you love a boho style and fancy tequila and avocado, this is the place for you. Mexico is renowned for tourism and is the second most visited country in the North American continent after the USA. The country is rich in tradition and diversity; both historic and modern-day Mexico complement each other very well. With lush green jungles, sandy beaches, delicious food, and local artisan-markets, there is a lot to experience in Mexico. And the great local products and souvenirs from Mexico will help you to recall the fond memories of your trip.

Here’s our list of the best Mexican souvenirs and gifts you will love.

Mexican Souvenirs

Our favourite souvenirs from Mexico are authentic and traditional things that would rekindle your fond memories of the place. We are talking about the Mexican products and gifts which you could share with your friends and family and tell them how it is closely associated with your Mexican trip. We highly recommend a Yucatan road trip to take a deeper dive into Mexican culture and get even more unique souvenirs.

There are wonderful souvenirs to buy from Mexico. You could relish the taste and flavour of Mexico with items like Mexican chocolate and coffee. The shiny and multi-coloured Talavera pottery would enhance the décor of your home; while your friends will appreciate a late-night gathering with authentic tequila.

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Mexican Textiles

Anyone who visits Mexico definitely brings home at least a piece of Mexican textile in some form or the other. It’s because of the popularity of Mexican textile which has been manufactured in the country since the pre-Hispanic period. Like their older counterparts, the local artisans still produce handmade textiles and textile-goods in Mexico.

There are varieties of options available for you like blankets, pillow-cases, tablecloths and even different types of clothing, which are generally made from linen, cotton, gauze and lace. Whether you prefer simple designs or colourful patterns, you could get it all. As gifts, you could purchase tablecloths and pillow-cases which are embellished with colourful embroidery done by the local artisans. Or, as a souvenir from Mexico, you may purchase a local designer beach dress that looks beautiful over a bikini.

Mexican textiles as souvenirs from Mexico

Talavera Pottery

Talavera earthenware is a shiny and colourful Mexican souvenir that would immediately catch your attention. Talavera pottery is an age-old practice in Mexico dating back to the colonial era. The products are utilitarian and some are meant for decorative purposes such as pot holders, flower vases, spoon rests, and decorative figurines. You could purchase the items as per your décor requirements or practical purposes. But, one thing is for sure, no matter which item you buy, the Talavera pottery is going to give a splash of colour to your place. It’s a true local gift from Mexico.

Día de Los Muertos Figurines

Día de Los Muertos (translates as the day of the dead) is a holiday in Mexico that is dedicated to the remembrance of loved ones during which people take part in prayers and celebrations. Mexicans view death as a natural part of the life cycle and believe that it should be celebrated. People build private altars at homes and cemeteries which are decorated with offerings for the deceased people, like food items, candles and several decors.

Figurines such as Calaveras (painted skulls) and Catrinas (skeleton dolls dressed up in various costumes) are common symbols of Día de Los Muertos. You could purchase these authentic figurines during your visit to Mexico, and use these attractive and colourful Mexican souvenirs to decorate your room. They may also remind you of the loved ones who are no longer with you, as they are basically meant for that purpose.

Dia de los muertos figurines sold as Mexican souvenirs

Mexican Vanilla

Are you aware of the fact that Mexico is the birthplace of vanilla? Now that’s a gift we can get behind! Since you know it now, you should definitely consider buying some rich and smooth Mexican vanilla when you visit Mexico. Just make sure that you purchase the authentic Mexican vanilla as the marketplace is full of fake ones which consist of synthetic ingredients. This souvenir from Mexico would give a great flavour to your cakes, cocktails, and coffees that you could enjoy with your friends and family.

Lucha Libre Masks

Lucha libre mask, also known as the wrestling mask, is a fun item that you could buy as a unique souvenir from Mexico. You could get these masks in a variety of colours and designs resembling animals, gods, and other mystical creatures. There are also some popular designs to choose from such as the replica of the masks worn by luchadores like Rey Mysterio and Shocker or a classic El Santo mask. So, if you or any of your friends and family members are fond of wrestling, then you could go for this authentic gift that symbolizes the sport. This lightweight and affordable gift are available at any street-side market.

Colourful wrestling masks sold as mexican souvenirs

Taxco Silver Jewellery

Taxco silver jewellery are among the most sought after Mexican souvenirs that you would not wish to miss. As the name suggests, Taxco silver comes from the Central Mexican city called Taxco which is a very old mining site for silver. The local artisans in the city have evolved their skills over the years and are capable of producing magnificent jewellery designs which are highly fashionable.

You could go for any of the varieties of jewellery like earrings, rings, or bracelets which are made with plain silver or maybe embellished with semi-precious stones such as onyx and turquoise which are local products to this place. Conveniently, you could find these lovely ornaments in most of the boutiques in Mexico and purchase them for yourself or your mates who would cherish this valuable gift for years to come.

Mexican Chocolates

Mexican chocolates are delicious souvenirs from Mexico that you could not resist tasting and buying some for enjoying later. Chocolates have been enjoyed in Mexico since ancient times; the Mayan tribes used to spice up their cocoa drink with chilli to prepare a beverage that they used to drink regularly. But, now you could relish the tempting hot and creamy chocolates that are typically sweetened, and can also be flavoured with almonds, cinnamon or even a small amount of hot chilli powder.

You would also find mouth-watering chocolates as bars and cookies everywhere in the country. So, without thinking twice, you could buy these souvenirs to satisfy your sweet tooth, and also to give them to others who would definitely love these local Mexican gifts.

chocolate on white background

Barro Negro Pottery From Oaxaca

Barro negro (also known as black clay) pottery is a decorative Mexican souvenir that would surely attract you because of its uniqueness and beautifying characteristics. Barro negro pottery has been practised in the state of Oaxaca since a bygone era and is a traditional craft of the indigenous Zapotecs and Mixtecs, who used to create pottery that was matte and greyish.

But, unlike the dull greyish piece of pottery, you could now get the attractive shiny black coloured Barro Negro pottery, thanks to Doña Rosa. In the 1950s she invented the technique of giving this amazing shine and colour to these products; you could visit her workshop in Oaxaca which is now run by her family members.

You will love the beautiful Barro Negro pottery items such as pots, vases, masks, bells, and animal figures, and could purchase them as memorabilia from Mexico. All while supporting local businesses.

Mexican Coffee Beans

During your visit to Mexico, when you enjoy a locally-made coffee drink like café de olla — one of the most popular beverages in Mexico, then you would also wish to carry some back home. And why not; you get fresh and organic coffee beans which have been harvested by the Mexicans for ages.

The cultivation of coffee happens majorly in the southern part of Mexico in the tropical jungles of Oaxaca and Chiapas. You could find a variety of coffee beans which differ in flavoursome are light flavoured while the others are strong flavoured. There are some popular brands to choose from like the Oaxaca Pluma brand. Get the one that you want to sip when you come home, and also present your friends and family with this Mexican souvenir who would enjoy their mornings having organic coffee from Mexico.

Stages of coffee from coffee beans through ground coffee to a cup of ready made coffee

Huaraches — Mexican Sandals

Are you fond of having different varieties of footwear in your personal collection? If yes, then you may also like to add Huaraches to your assortment of footwear.

Huaraches are Mexican sandals that have been made in the country since the pre-Columbian era and became popular in North America in the 1960s as part of the hippie lifestyle. The traditional local huaraches have a simple design — a sole with a hand-woven upper-part made with leather. The modern designs are made in different styles — the traditional simple design and some complex designs made with leather and other synthetic materials.

During your visit to Mexico, you should purchase this Mexican souvenir which goes quite well with almost any dress. Just note that if it is a huarache, it should be handmade with a woven upper part made of leather, so you will purchase a local product while supporting Mexican artisans.


Tequila is the national drink of Mexico that is made from the blue agave plant which is primarily grown in the region surrounding the Mexican city of Tequila. So, now you know why this beverage is called Tequila.

When you are in Mexico, go visit the city of Tequila to see the farms where the agave plants are harvested and also witness the technique of producing tequila. You could sample different varieties of this drink in the traditional Mexican style without lime and salt, and also get some for your friends who may cherish this Mexican souvenir. Just be sure that you are purchasing the high-quality 100% agave tequila without any added sugars.

Mexican tequila with lime and salt


Molinillo is a unique souvenir from Mexico which could come in handy in your kitchen. This traditional wooden Mexican whisk looks quite different that can be used to whip your hot chocolate to make it smooth and creamy.

Molinillo is a kitchen gadget that is handmade by local artisans and is very easy to use. Just place it between your palms and rotate it to perfectly aerate your hot chocolate and other beverages like milkshakes. You could purchase this practical item for yourself which could be very useful as well as convenient, or may gift it to your friends and family who could enjoy their delicious hot-chocolate whipped with a molinillo.

Mexican Salsa

Do you enjoy your food with some additional flavour, or simply love to dip your snack in that yummy sauce? If you like to delve into different types of tastes, then the Mexican salsa (sauce) would definitely make its place in your list of souvenirs from Mexico.

You may be spoilt for choice as this sauce comes in a variety of flavours — traditional salsa Roja or red sauce, tangy salsa verde or green sauce made with tomatillos, and salsa taqueria also called taco sauce are just a few of the varieties.

Someone who wants a less spicy variant could try out pineapple salsa which is a spicy-sweet sauce made from pineapple. With so many options available, you could choose the Mexican salsa that tempts you the most but also purchase some mouth-watering varieties for your friends and family members.

Salsa from Texas with labels

Mexican Spice — Achiote

One thing that you will definitely enjoy in Mexico is the Mexican cuisine with yummy flavours. So, wouldn’t it be great if you could carry the flavours of Mexico back home?

You could get the Mexican spice achiote, also called annatto, a local product that gives the distinctive red colour and smoky flavour to Mexican food like meat and fish dishes; it could be found at any local grocery market.

Achiote is derived from the seeds of the achiote plant which is native to the country and is available as a ground spice, paste and oil. You could even purchase the achiote seeds. Get this Mexican souvenir that you could add to your recipe and relish the taste, and rekindle your memories of Mexico.


You are now an expert on Mexican souvenirs and know what local products and gifts to add to your holiday shopping list. Buying souvenirs from Mexico is always a lot of fun because it’s an exciting part of any holiday.

Searching for local artisans, finding authentic items, purchasing for family and friends just makes any excursions even more worth while. After all, isn’t it lovely to come back from your travels and have beautiful products to remind you of your great time?

What souvenirs will you buy? Let us know in the comments section below!

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