17 Stellar Souvenirs From Texas

Texas, the second-largest state in America, does everything big, and the souvenirs from Texas are no exception. You will have no problem finding a five-star souvenir of the Lone Star State to take home with you – whether it be a kitschy stuffed armadillo or iconic 10-gallon Texas cowboy hat.

However, Texas souvenirs are not limited to the ubiquitous, such as belt buckles and T-shirts, which still make for great gifts for family, friends or yourself.

Are you looking for more original or unusual souvenirs from Texas that will make your trip unforgettable? There’s a veritable cornucopia of things to find and buy in Texas to suit any taste. Furthermore, Texas gifts are not limited to items of clothing or manufactured goods, as the state is a treasure trove of souvenirs of the food variety as well, such as some of the best BBQ sauces in the world, savoury salsas and homegrown pecans.

Is it jewellery you seek, something that says “Texas” and exudes elegance? There are a plethora of places throughout the state offering custom, handmade designs with the Lone Star motif, for men and women. The state is also home to numerous professional and college sports teams, and the perfect souvenir for the die-hard sports fan awaits, whether it be basketball, football, baseball, soccer or the rodeo. Here’s what to add to your shopping list when visiting Taxas!

Souvenirs from Texas

I’m so excited you are visiting Texas! You are in for a great time. And as with any trip, I know shopping is high on your list because you will want to buy awesome gifts for yourself and for your loved ones so you can remember the trip.

Texas has a rich cultural and culinary history, so you will have no issues finding amazing and unique souvenirs to fit every taste abound. Texas souvenirs are an ideal way to not only show your family and friends that you care about them but a way for you to never forget your trip to the Lone Star State. The following is a list of items to buy from Texas we recommend you look for while visiting to make your trip unforgettable.

Cowboy Hats

Nowhere in America is the cowboy hat more synonymous with a state than Texas. From 10-gallon hats and Stetsons to the Cattleman and straw cowgirl hats of all colours, Texas has your head covered. One of the best places to purchase is Paris Hatters in San Antonio, which is conveniently located right around the corner from the Alamo. This Texas institution is the No. 1 Stetson dealer in the United States and is the 2018 Stetson Dress Hat Retailer of the Year. If your travels take you to Dallas, make sure to visit Wild Bill’s Western Wear, perhaps the city’s most iconic store for cowboy hats, as well as boots.

cowboy on the horse with hat

Visit the Historic Alamo

No trip to Texas is complete without seeing the Alamo, and no visit to the Alamo is complete without an Alamo souvenir. The Alamo Gift Shop sells an array of Alamo-themed souvenirs, including jewellery, coonskin caps, flags flown over the Alamo, books, apparel and accessories, toys and even home decor, such as “Remember the Alamo” tea towels and snow globes.

Cowboy Boots

No matter where you go in Texas, you will not have trouble finding cowboy boots, one of the most classic souvenirs of Texas. But if you want the best, go to Allens Boots in Austin (look for the giant red boot outside on South Congress Avenue). Allens is a Mecca for not only cowboys and cowgirls but Austin’s musicians and hipsters as well. However, from the state’s biggest cities to its smallest towns quality cowboy boots of all colours and styles can be found, for men, women and children.

cowboy boots as souvenirs from texas

Belt Buckles

Belt buckles are perhaps the biggest, most worn fashion accessory in Texas. They come in everything from brass and sterling silver to gold plated and turquoise. Visitors to Texas can literally wear a piece of the state with a Texas-shaped belt buckle, or one that features the Lone Star, longhorns or anything else that says “Texas.” Don’t forget to also pick up a Western-style belt to go with your authentic Texas belt buckle. This is definitely a great gift that fits in any suitcase.

BBQ Sauce

If you want to take home a taste of Texas, the state is awash in BBQ sauce. Texans love BBQ, and BBQ needs BBQ sauce so the state produces some of the best in the world, which can be found throughout Texas. Some of the best Texas BBQ sauces, according to Best Reviews, include Bull’s-Eye, Kosmos Q Cherry Habanero, Daddy Sam’s and Famous Dave’s Texas Pit BBQ Sauce. For foodies, the original Texan sauce must be added to any shopping list.


Tex-Mex is about as big as the state itself, which means Texas is overflowing with salsa to go along with this delectable food. In fact, Texans put salsa on just about anything. Fortunately for you, a visitor to Texas, you can find some of the best salsas in any grocery store. Salsas to look for include Native Texan Restaurant Style, which goes great with tacos; That Green Sauce, a favourite with chip-dippers; and La Costeña Ranchera Salsa, which can go with anything from chips to scrambled eggs.

Salsa from Texas with labels

Texas-Themed Jewellery

For iconic Texas themes, look no further than Capitol Gift Shop in Austin, which sells single Lone Star sterling silver bracelets, oil derrick sterling silver cufflinks, state seal gold plated charm bracelets and much more. In addition to jewellery, it offers a plethora of Texas souvenirs and unique gift items, such as books on Texas history and culture, maps, items for the home, children’s toys, apparel and bags featuring state-inspired themes and the Texas state seal.

Sports Items

Headed to Houston? Then check out Gifts of Texas in the Galleria. Gifts of Texas offers a wide range of Texas souvenirs and gift items, including college and sports items and accessories. Here and all over Houston, you will be able to find Houston Astros souvenirs, as the hometown team was the 2017 Major League Baseball World Series champs. If it’s football you prefer, look for one of the Dallas Cowboys Pro Shops. If basketball is your game, head over to the AT&T Center in San Antonio for a Spurs game and to check out some Spurs gear. If you get a kick out of soccer, visit Toyota Stadium to pick up some FC Dallas gear at the FC Dallas Team Store. In addition to jerseys and T-shirts of your favourite teams, Texas sports souvenirs include caps, keychains, stickers, license plate frames, helmets, balls and more.

Baseball in Texas as a sports souvenir

Texas Rodeo Souvenirs

The rodeo is a longstanding Texas tradition, and what better way to show you visited Texas than a rodeo souvenir? The San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, one of the largest and most prestigious single events in San Antonio, offers a variety of souvenirs, which can be purchased at any one of ten official merchandise booths. If you can’t make it to the rodeo, visit the ProRodeo Gear Shop where you will find T-shirts, leather jackets, hats, coolers, decals, keychains, sunglasses and much, much more.

Texas Music Souvenirs

Austin is not only the state capital, but the music capital of Texas, and the best place to find Texas music souvenirs. Wild About Music sells accessories, jewellery, gifts and decor. If you’re looking for a guitar as a souvenir, they have plenty. For old school, music souvenirs check out Dolly Python Vintage in Dallas. This beloved shop carries hand-selected vintage vinyl, 8 tracks, posters and other rock memorabilia. In addition to music souvenirs, award-winning Dolly Python’s sells an eclectic array of vintage souvenirs, including clothing, boots, jewellery, Texas Pride pins, glasses, unused vintage Texas postcards and much more. It’s a one-stop shop for Texas souvenirs.

Old guitar cowboy hat in Texas on wooden background

Top Texas Beer

Beer in Texas goes hand in hand with Lone Star cuisine, and Lone Star beer is one of the state’s best brews. In addition to beer, Lone Star souvenirs include T-shirts, baseball caps, bucket grills, keychains, Lone Star armadillos, and even acoustic guitars. Other great Texas beers include, according to Texas Monthly, the 10 Most Important Texas Beers of 2019: Training Bines by Pinthouse Pizza, Austin; Concha la Flor by Isla Street Brewing Company, San Antonio; 5 O’Clock Pils by Saint Arnold Brewing Company, Houston; Best Maid Sour Pickle Beer by Martin House Brewing Company, Fort Worth; Rainout Hazy IPA by Westlake Brewing Company, Dallas; Mini-Boss by Eureka Heights Brewing Company, Houston; Bitter Soul ESB by Mad Pecker Brewing Company, San Antonio; Night Fog Black Hazy IPA by Austin Beerworks, Austin; Fireman’s Light by Real Ale Brewing Company, Blanco; and SPON Beers by Jester King Brewery, Austin outskirts.

Texas Wine

Although better known for BBQ and beer, it might surprise many visitors to Texas to learn that the state also has a thriving wine industry. Did you know that due to its sunny and dry climate Texas wines are sometimes compared to Portuguese wines? Furthermore, wine production in Texas dates back to the 1650s and the Spanish missionaries. The Texas Hill Country is home to more than 50 wineries, and the Texas High Plains are also famous for award-winning wines. So make sure to buy and try one of these Top-rated Texas wines such as William Chris Vineyards Pétillant Naturel Sparkling Rosé, Duchman Family Winery Aglianico and Brennan Vineyards Rosé, Mourvèdre. Wine connoisseurs who like white, red or rosé can find the perfect bottle in Texas wine country.

Buy Chocolate

Chocolate is beloved the world over, and it’s no different in Texas which is good news for travellers in search of gourmet souvenirs and gifts. Chocoholics will be glad to know that the Lone Star state is home to several chocolate-making masters. Some of the masters include Delysia Chocolatier in Austin, Dude, Sweet in Dallas, Chocolat in Fredericksburg and Cocoa & Cardamom in Houston. Goodies Texas also sells Texas-shaped chocolate and baskets.

chocolate on white background

Toys for Kids of All Ages

Toys for kids in the Lone Star State are just as Texas as BBQ and the rodeo. For that budding bronc rider, you can find an inflatable lasso steer ring toss game or Texas toro longhorn plush toy. The state also produces Texas baby rattles, Texas ABC posters, Western boots for babies, as well as an assortment of games, puzzles and books. For the young at heart, toys for the more mature include sports figurines, longhorn cow toys, car toys, such as Walker Texas Ranger, and more.

Visit Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg is Texas’ German town. It is also the home of Texas German, a dialect spoken by the first generations of German settlers. Here you can find unique souvenirs that blend Germany with a touch of Texas, such as apparel, drinkware, accessories and more. Fredericksburg is also home to The Christmas Store, where you can do your Christmas shopping any time of year. Here you will find one of the country’s largest selections of European blown glass, Santas galore and a full line of Snowbabies porcelain figurines. The Christmas Store is also the nation’s largest Department 56 Village dealer.

Purchase Cotton Products

Cotton is king in Texas. In fact, Netstate reports that Texas is the nation’s No. 1 cotton producer and the state named cotton its official state fibre/fabric back in 1997. Therefore, Texas products made from cotton are some of the finest and make for quality souvenirs. Cotton products range from socks and T-shirts to towels and linen, all of which can be found with a proud Texas logo.

cotton fields with sunny rays

Get Pecans

Texas is a leading producer of pecans, an official health nut. If visiting Fredericksburg, grab a bag of pecans at Texas Pecans and Gifts, which also sells Texas-themed gifts such as Aggies-N-Texas Tin and Longhorns-N-Texas Tin with pecan treats. But wherever you find yourself in Texas, you can find delectable pecans; however, now is the time to buy them as, according to NBCDFW, Texas pecan trees typically produce 50 million pounds of pecans, but this year’s crop is expected to only be between 30 million and 36 million.


You are now an expert on Texan souvenirs and know exactly what gifts to buy for family and friends. You learnt all about local products and know what unique souvenirs to add to your shopping list that are specifically from Texas only. I am certain you are going to have an amazing time going shopping during your trip because you are going to find so many interesting products.

Enjoy your shopping trip in Texas and have a lovely holiday!

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