The unimaginable beauty of the Bay of Kotor

The breathtaking Bay of Kotor is one of the most beautiful off the beaten path places in Europe. Located by the Adriatic Sea in Montenegro, one can almost be forgiven for thinking they are admiring postcard perfect fjords. Bay of Kotor, also known as Boka Bay is a relatively narrow inlet with steep rugged cliffs towering the medieval towns located by the shores.

We followed the P11 from the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, all the way to the town of Lipci. We’ve already seen the beauty of Montenegro which could be easily admired from any small driving roads. From Lipci, we took a few more hairpin serpentines, before the Bay of Kotor unravel itself: a winding cobalt bay with its majestic towering rocky peaks. For those of you who drove on New Zealand’s Crown Range Road, you would understand the clear resemblance between the two roads. Just as you descent from Crown Range and start peeking at the Lake Wakatipu hemmed by the Remarkables mountain formation, the same uncanny views seem to be found in the Bay of Kotor. But this was no dream, because, as we soon realised, the Bay of Kotor itself was an oasis of unspoiled natural sights, much like those on the New Zealand South Island.

Here is our visually immersive photographic essay of the Bay of Kotor, including unearthly views of Montenegro. Don’t forget to also check the best things to do in Kotor.

Kayak in Kotor

It’s difficult to imagine something more romantic than a boat ride around Bay of Kotor. With blooming flowers, inviting clear waters and postcard perfect cliffs, the Bay of Kotor is the destination for any traveller in need of tranquillity.

Swim in Kotor

The water in the Bay of Kotor is especially inviting for a swim during summer. If swimming is not your sport, grab a kayak or rent a sailing boat and explore the calming waters, whilst relaxing with views to remember.

The Lady on Our Rocks

The Lady of Our Rocks is an artificial island which can be visited by anyone who wishes to see it. You can enter the church itself and admire the Madonna and Child, the very icon which started the legend of the island.

Beautiful Views of Kotor

Soft pastels, fluffy clouds and delicate flowers: that’s a daily painting you get to see during your stay in Kotor.

Things to do in Kotor

Stay in a villa with a view and a front garden, and soak up the romance just before the sunset. Have a picnic under the many Silk Trees around the Bay of Kotor. In the morning, wake up early to catch the sunrise with a delicious cup of coffee on your porch. Listen to the sounds of nature and recharge with positive energy.

The Old Town of Kotor

Take a trip to the old town of Kotor, Stari Grad, a coastal town located in a secluded part of the Bay of Kotor. Meander through the many narrow lanes and imagine yourself going back in time, as these fortifications were built during the Venetian Period. This explains the beautiful Italian influence which makes such impressive town.

Town of Kotor

The fortified city of Kotor is included in UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list and rightfully so. Incredibly well preserved, nobody knows the exact time of the foundation of the first settlements here. The town is, however, mentioned in 168 BC during Ancient Roman times.

Port Kotor

Four centuries of Venetian domination have given the city the typical Venetian architecture, that contributes to make Kotor a UNESCO world heritage site.

Beautiful Montenegro

Climb the walls to the top of the mountain and admire the Bay of Kotor from above. The ancient walls stretch for 4.5 km directly above the city.


Take a day trip from Kotor to see the best sites of Montenegro and find an array of landscape picture opportunities. Montenegro is a green gem which calls any soft adventure enthusiast.

Waterlilies Montenegro

Take a boat ride and see all the waterlilies up-close. This is on the River Of Crnojević, which was one the new capital of Montenegro.

Lovcean Peaks

Montenegro is not just about chilling by the Bay of Kotor, but it’s also about hiking opportunities. Visit the Lovćen Peaks set in a National Park and create a hiking itinerary to admire what the locals like to call a “sea of rocks”.

Perast Bay of Kotor

Take a short trip from the old town of Kotor to Perast, an old town on the Bay of Kotor. This small town features beautiful stone brick houses and an array of flowers which makes it one of the most photogenic places in Boka Bay.

By the bay

The island of Saint George (can be seen on my right) cannot be visited by tourists. It’s inhabited by monks and preserved for spiritual purposes.

Are you a foodie? Don’t forget to check the best eats in Kotor.

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