Why You Should Visit Tenerife This Summer

This year has been really special for us, because travelling made us want to get married in September and we are due to celebrate 3 full years of travelling. Our nomadic lifestyle started with a tiny trip in Hungary, followed by Rome and one week in Tenerife. We always look at Tenerife as our beach holiday initiation. We love long walks and hikes, so we tend to favorite soft adventure travel, but there was something about the black sand volcanic beaches in Tenerife, which made us addicted to sunshine.

This year we want to do amazing things in Tenerife again, and remember the fun adventures we had whilst going around the island. One of the best moments, remains the time we got lost in the mountains, off the beaten track. We almost missed out last bus to the hotel, which would have meant trying to walk back for hours on end. Oh, the endless possibilities. Although stressful, it was also a lot of fun. In the end, a nice young man gave us a lift to the bus stop, so arrived there 2 minutes before the bus. Super lucky!

Forest Trail View Tenerife

Our 10 reasons to visit Tenerife this summer

1. The weather

The main reason to visit Tenerife is of course, the weather. We visited during May and loved every bit of sun we could get. Coming from the UK, it is understable that sunshine means a lot to us. But, as you know, Vitamin D and happy thoughts are due to an epic holiday somewhere sunny.

2. The beaches

There are two types of beaches in Tenerife: soft and golden or black and volcanic. The golden ones are incredibly fine, with sand from the Sahara desert. The volcanic beaches are black and incredibly exotic looking.

3. The prices

Although not cheap, we paid very little for our Tenerife holiday because we went off-season. If you decide to stay in the North, you will sometimes find even cheaper prices, as the weather tends to be a few degrees cooler. It wasn’t a problem for us.

Puerto De La Cruz Tenerife

4. The nightlife

Ok, we are not into partying, but it’s nice to walk around in the evening and enjoy a couple of cocktails. Tenerife is perfect for it! If you love your clubs, we noticed a lot of young people going out, partying and having an epic time. It all comes down to preferences.

5. The food

Of course the food in Tenerife is going to be one of the main reasons we recommend you visiting the island this summer. We were regulars to our favorite restaurant called Tambo. It honestly serves the best seafood I’ve ever tasted in my whole life. We loved the service as well! If you want to buy food from the markets, worry not, as the food is well priced and incredibly fresh.

6. The accommodation

We wanted to stay in the HardRock hotel in Tenerife, but it was already fully booked. So we settled for a different hotel in Puerto de la Cruz instead. It’s worth mentioning that we booked our Tenerife holiday from one day to another, so awesome hotels were expected to be fully booked.

Cory Playa Jardin Tenerife

7. The adventure

Well, we probably wouldn’t recommend you getting lost in the mountains like we did, but the adventure in Tenerife is real. You can rent a car and drive around, discover small villages, eat amazing food and photograph the coolest landscapes. Tenerife is perfect if you are adventure ready.

8. The hiking trails

We love hiking and if you love long walks through lush forests which offer crazy beautiful vistas, then the Tenerife should make it to your bucket list destination right now. Please note that you need a permit to go up to Teide, but it’s free and easy to access. Just visit for more details.

9. The shopping opportunities

The island is full of incredible little markets and small boutiques. I found my favorite pendant in the shape of a lizard here and bought a wooden mask which we still have on our wall. You can also visit Santa Cruz for bigger shopping malls and more expensive stores if you wish. Tenerife is ideal if you like shop hopping.

Hibiscus Tenerife

10. Because you deserve it

Finally, we booked our Tenerife holiday because we simply needed a break. We wanted a week for ourselves, to explore, enjoy our time together and unwind. Just take the time you need, whether is for relaxation, sunbathing or meeting new people whilst you party hardy!

Are you Tenerife ready? Let me know why you want to visit Tenerife in the comments section below.

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    It is a great idea to visit such a breathtaking place off season when the prices are quite lower that in the season!

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