Where to buy engagement rings in Tokyo, Japan

Never in my life, I would have imagined myself searching for the best place to buy engagement rings in Tokyo, Japan. Yet, one perfect, sunny day, during our 2 weeks in Japan, I sat down with G and turned the internet upside down in the hope that we will find the right answer to our question.

We just got engaged on Mount Hiei, in Kyoto a few days before and we were ready to go on a diamond ring hunt. Naturally, we went to Ginza and marvel at all top-notch stores, enquired about quality, price, and craftsmanship.

The problem? Most high-end brands offered very expensive diamond rings in comparison to the quality offered. Besides, the turn around time for the wanted diamond ring would have been a couple of weeks. Note that we were due to leave in two days back to the UK.

Problem with engagement rings in Japan

We looked at forums and we found that most people recommend that we try either Ginza, or Shinjuku. People kept on saying that it might not be cost-effective to buy a diamond ring in Japan, as it is an expensive country.

We almost gave up, when, a Japanese friend of ours recommended that we try Okachimachi.

Apparently, this small area is some sort of Japanese jewellery heaven which few foreigners know about – for now! The moment we heard about it, we embarked on an adventure…

Ginza at night


Okachimachi means “Jewellery town” in Japanese. The area is very close to Ueno Park, and you will find about 30 jewellery stores here.

Getting to Okachimachi

You need to take the subway to Okachimachi Station. From the station, you literally need to walk about 2 minutes to the West, until you will see the first jewellery stores. The good news is that the place is packed with all sorts of jewellery stores.

Literally, you can find anything and everything in this quarter. The bad news is that it’s very time-consuming to go from store to store, so you should start early in the morning.

Tokyo Subway Train Station

Okachimachi jewellery stores

We literally went from shop to shop for hours and asked about prices, quality and turn around time. We also took lots of business cards and wrote down the names of the shop and all the information received so we can compare everything at the end of the day.

We found very few English speaking sellers which made our journey very difficult. Some sellers were very happy to try and help, whilst others were a little more reluctant due to the language barrier.

Overall it was a very nice experience. We weren’t afraid of getting a bad deal, as we tend to trust the Japanese. As people, they are honest and very proud of what they do. As a general rule, if a Japanese person tells you something, they mean it.

Shopping Ginza Nightlife

Okachimachi diamond ring!

After hours of search, we came across a cute store where we found a Japanese gentleman who spoke English. He took his time to show us rings, find the perfect diamond and also agree to get everything ready for the afternoon next day! He offered engraving included in the price, plenty of discounts and a most beautiful wooden box for the ring. All that walking around has paid off.

The next day, we went to pay for the ring and pick it up. IT WAS AMAZING!

Since a lot of you are sending us emails to ask us about the shop, we decided to include it in the list: It’s called Ryu Tsu. You can find it on the map.

Where to Buy Engagement Rings in Tokyo Japan

Should you buy diamond rings in Tokyo?

Absolutely! I couldn’t have found a better place to buy my engagement ring. I am pleased with the quality, the weight, the price and the service. We all know Japan has the best service in the world, and this made it easier for us to want to purchase this from Japan. As a keen traveller, I love that my engagement ring is from Tokyo, my favourite necklace from New Zealand and my wedding ring from London.

A final word of advice

When buying a diamond ring, irrespective of the country, you should expect to receive a document of authenticity. Some country will have different one according to their own laws and regulations.

We did receive a certificate in Tokyo and we could easily check the validity of our purchase online. Yet another reason why purchasing a diamond ring in Tokyo makes sense: minimises the risk of receiving false certificates or counterfeit diamonds.

It’s your turn to tell me the story behind your favourite piece of jewellery. Where did you buy it from? Leave a comment below and tell me all about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an engagement ring cost Japan?

On average, a traditional diamond engagement ring in Japan can cost anywhere from ¥100,000 ($800) to several million yen. As always, there are engagement rings available at various price points, and it’s possible to find options that are more affordable or significantly more expensive.
A good idea is to consider your budget, what kind of diamond you are after (there are so many!) and what type of ring you want. Based on these criteria, you will find it easier to look for the perfect ring.

Is $1000 a lot for an engagement ring?

I would say, a $1000 is an average price for a diamond ring in Japan in 2023. You can find cheaper and more expensive options as well. Department stores and popular western shops will sell the rings for a lot higher price and local shops that trade diamonds will give you a better price.
A good rule of thumb is that the more specialised the store is, the better the price and higher the quality of the diamonds they sell. It’s a good idea to learn about diamonds before you go shopping, so you can recognise what makes them classed “high quality” or “low quality”.

Do they wear engagement rings in Japan?

In Japan, engagement rings are not traditionally a common practice. Unlike in Western cultures where engagement rings are often exchanged, the focus in Japan tends to be on the wedding ring. The wedding ring is typically a simple band that is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand.
However, with the influence of Western customs and globalization, the popularity of engagement rings has been growing in Japan in recent years. (The number of couples who exchange engagement rings grew from 5% in 1966 to about 60% in the 2020s.) Some couples now choose to exchange engagement rings as a symbol of their commitment before getting married. This trend is particularly seen among younger generations and in urban areas.
It’s important to note that while engagement rings are becoming more popular in Japan, they are still not as widely recognized or expected as they are in Western cultures. Ultimately, the decision to exchange engagement rings or not is a personal choice for the couple based on their preferences and cultural background.

What finger does the ring go on in Japan?

Similar to many Western countries, the wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. The fourth finger is known as the ring finger, and it is believed to have a vein directly connected to the heart, hence the significance of wearing a ring on that finger.

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Cory from You Could Travel entering Senso-ji in Tokyo, Japan

Cory Varga – Cory Varga is a licensed travel agent and published travel writer. Her main expertise is writing about Japan, where she happily lives with her husband.
Cory published her first book on Japanese customs and manners because she’s obsessed with everything Japan and wants to share more about the local customs with the rest of the world.
While Cory has visited hundreds of destinations and has lived in 7 different countries, Japan remains her favorite place to live and write about. Cory is multilingual.


22 responses to “Where to buy engagement rings in Tokyo, Japan”

  1. Maritza L. Avatar
    Maritza L.

    Hi, thank you so much for this information. What a beautiful ring! Do you remember the name of the store you eventually bought your ring? My husband and I are going to Japan next year to celebrate our 5-year wedding anniversary, and I am thinking of purchasing a bridal ring set in Tokyo, just to make it “that much more special”. Thanks in advance!

    1. Cory Avatar

      Hi Maritza,

      From what I remember the store is called Ryutsu and it was located right in the heart of Okachimachi. Their address os ryu-tsu.co.jp I hope this helps. One of the managers speaks very good English. They also offer certificates and are duty-free.

  2. Kalfin Avatar

    I’ve actually been to Ryustu, they have some very beautiful jewellery there. They know their stuff!

    1. Cory Avatar

      Oh that’s so cool! I love that store so much. The gentleman who helped was so kind.

  3. AR Avatar

    Thank you for this info. Your ring is beautiful! We just bought my engagement ring from Okachimachi (Gyoku Gems store). They were able to make a simple, custom diamond ring for us within 3 days. For others searching, definitely go to Okachimachi!

    1. Cory Avatar

      Thank you so much for your help. I am going to check it out next I am in Tokyo. <3

  4. Kanchana Avatar

    Thanks for the information! It helped me a lot..

    May i know from which shop u purchased?

    1. Cory Avatar

      Hello Kanchana,

      It was called Ryutsu and it was located right in the heart of Okachimachi. The manager spoke very good English. He was absolutely brilliant!
      I hope you find it well.

      Kind Regards,


  5. Faith Avatar

    Hi there! May I know how much did you spend on your engagement ring? :))

    1. Cory Avatar

      Hi Faith,

      I am happy to send you an email and confirm the prices. Will that work?
      I can tell you that my ring was significantly cheaper than specialised jewellery stores in Ginza, and the diamond was of much better quality.
      Let me know.

      Kind Regards,


  6. Marc Avatar

    Dear Cory,

    Thank you very much for this lovely blog, it is a huge help!
    If possible, may I contact you in private to get a bit more information about the price and ring?

    Many thanks and happy holidays!


    1. Cory Avatar

      Hi Marc,
      Thank you for your message. Sure thing. Please go to our Contact page and send me a message.

      Happy to help with more info. Happy holidays!

      Kind Regards,

  7. Sarah Avatar

    We found a lovely little diamond boutique in the Omotesando area called Kensington diamonds which was fantastic for our engagement ring – absolutely love it!
    Cool article btw, thanks for posting 🙂

    1. Cory Avatar

      Hi Sarah, really glad you found a great store for your engagement ring! Omotesando is a great area with shops and great service. I loved shopping there! For those interested in more off beath diamond adventures, I recommend Okachimachi.

  8. Bryan Avatar

    Thanks for the advice, great article! this helped me buy an engagement ring for my fiancée recently, we are both on a work placement in Tokyo until the end of this year.

    Japan seems to have more demand for smaller diamonds than is the norm back in the states. I browsed around Star Jewelry (Omotesando), 4C Bridal (Omotesando), Lazare Diamond (Ginza) and a few different options in the Mitsukoshi building in Ginza also – but the average carat size on display in these retailers is around 0.25-0.30 carat. My fiancé is from Boston and (I thought) would be hoping for something a little bit bigger than these.

    After reading this article I visited Okachimachi which I found out means ‘Jewellery town’ in Japanese – it’s close to Ueno and has like 20-30 diamond retailers all next to one another, where shops show you rows of different loose diamonds to choose from, at a more reasonable price than the bigger shops in central Tokyo. I found around 50% of the shops I went in spoke English, the rest was pretty much geared up towards Japanese (and some Chinese) shoppers.
    They have a big selection on offer though, and a lot of stock available in the carat size I was looking for.

    I eventually bought a 0.94ct diamond from Kensington Diamonds in Omotesando (about a minute walk behind the Ralph Lauren building along the Main Street), which is run by an American/Japanese owner Hanna – she helped me set it into a really nice round halo setting that I was looking for. They managed to get it finished for me in two weeks before I flew to propose in Koh Samui and my now wife-to-be loves it!

    All in all I would very much recommend the experience of buying an engagement ring in Japan 🙂

    1. Cory Avatar

      Thank you Bryan, I have updated the article based on your comments. I am very glad you got the ring and wish you and your fiancée all the best.

  9. Btysun Avatar

    Its very helpful information for anyone . thank’s for sharing

  10. Jon Avatar

    Hi, i was wondering about the price range of the rings available there, im planning to buy one this summer break. Would you happen to remember?

    1. Cory Avatar

      Hi Jon, how are you? I bought mine 7 years ago so there’s a good chance the prices don’t apply anymore. But you can find prices ranging from $500 to pretty much anything you can afford. Depending on the metal, the quality of the diamond, they will tailor a price just for you!

  11. Thao Avatar

    Hi Cory

    May I know how much did you spend on your engagement ring? I’m planning to go to Japan this summer. Thanks you.

    1. Cory Avatar

      Hi Thao, you will find a range of prices to suit your own budget. I got my engagement ring in 2015 so a lot has changed in terms of pricing since. Best to talk to the jeweller for current pricing.

  12. d'elfe Avatar

    Thanks, you saved my fanfiction 🙂 I needed a place for my characters to go shopping for an engagement ring.

    This being said, I bought mine in Montpellier, south of France, where I resided at the time. Wasn’t cheap, but I love that ring to death 🙂 We moved, now, but keep a great memory of that day.

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