Tokyo Treat Box Review

I am absolutely thrilled to share my Tokyo Treat Box Review with you, a Japanese snack subscription service that brings the mouthwatering flavours of Japan straight to your doorstep.

As someone who is incredibly passionate about Japanese food and Japanese desserts, I’ve been fortunate enough to live in Japan and experience the wonderful array of Tokyo Treat snacks and treats directly from the source. In this Tokyo Treat Box review, we’ll dive deep into the details of this tempting subscription service, exploring whether it’s worth the investment, what’s inside, and how it all works.

What is in the Tokyo Treat box

Founded by Tokyo native Ayumi, Tokyo Treat is on a mission to share the joy of Japanese snacks and konbini culture with people all around the globe. Thanks to a small team of Japanese snack experts, Tokyo Treat has since shared millions of boxes with over 150 countries, offering a unique opportunity to experience the tastes of Japan. So let’s explore what makes Tokyo Treat so special, and discover how it has managed to satisfy my cravings for these unique and delicious Japanese goodies!

Every month, Tokyo Treat meticulously curates a diverse assortment of snacks, candies, and beverages, taking you on a flavourful journey through Japan’s rich culture. Honestly, the moment I first opened the box, I felt like stepping into a Japanese convenience store full of my favourite snacks and sweets.

With Tokyo Treat’s 20% larger, 1,300g (2.86lbs) subscription box, you’ll receive 15-20 premium Japanese treats, including a variety of instant noodles like ramen, udon, and soba, as well as popular Japanese bread and baked goods such as melonpan and Taiyaki.

Your Japanese dessert cravings will also be satisfied with an exciting selection of jelly, purin, and other sweet delights. As you indulge in these authentic flavours, Tokyo Treat’s 24-page culture guide will enhance your experience by providing interesting articles and information about each of your snacks to truly immerse you in the world of Japanese snacking.

My Tokyo Treat Box review

My Tokyo Treat box arrived in perfect condition, less than 5 days after the shipping notice. The moment I saw the box with the large Tokyo Treat logo, I got really excited because the messaging of the brand was loud and clear: Tokyo Treat is a young and fun. Upon seeing the box, I immediately thought of evenings in the neon-lit districts of Shinjuku and Shibuya with their cool, palpable vibe.

The moment I opened the Tokyo Treat box, I thought a small section of a Japanese konbini was delivered to my door. Amazing!

Opening my Tokyo Treat box

A Konbini, or Japanese convenience store, is renowned for its wide range of Japanese goods, catering to people’s lifestyles 24/7. Originating in the 1960s and gaining popularity in the 1970s, Konbinis filled the need for convenience and flexibility in shopping as lives became busier.

With over 56,000 Konbinis in Japan, including popular chains like 7-Eleven, FamilyMart, and Lawson, these stores are well-known for their food and snack selections. Trust me, you can find quick meals like bento boxes, instant ramen, and salads, as well as smaller treats. Konbinis are also known for their limited edition snacks, such as seasonal Japanese KitKats and Pocky, which may only be available for a short period. In essence, a visit to a Konbini is a unique cultural experience in Japan, and my Tokyo Treat box was literally a mini Konbini experience in the post.

The box I received contained 15 unique items, including a drink, a special edition kitkat and a box of instant ramen. Most of the treats were Sakura themed, but I also got a couple of matcha items, which are my favourite snacks!

Tokyo treat box with some of its contents

How does the Tokyo Treat box work

Carefully curated and sent straight from Japan, the Tokyo Treat Box provides a versatile, automatically renewing subscription with the freedom to pause or cancel at any time.

Similar to various Japanese subscription boxes, you can choose from 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month plans. The longer the subscription, the greater the savings.

The cool thing about Tokyo Treat is that it always comes with perks and promo codes. When you go to their website, you will see a large bottom that says “Tokyo Promo”. When you click on it, you will get the current promotions that enhance your Tokyo Treat experience with cool Japanese souvenirs. For example, sometimes you will get an extra limited edition candy, a Mt Fuji towel or a silk Japanese fan. It’s worth checking it out!

Flat lay of Tokyo Treat box and all of its contents

Target audience for Tokyo Treat box

The Tokyo Treat Box is definitely crafted for those with a zest for adventure and a love for all things Japanese. It caters to enthusiasts who can’t resist kawaii snacks that are as visually appealing as they are delicious. This subscription box is the ultimate choice for the geeky youngsters, the devoted Japan otaku, and the trendsetting individual who is currently studying Japanese.

Perfectly suited for ambitious students who dream of exploring Japan in the near future, or the hard-working salaryman seeking a unique and entertaining snack break, Tokyo Treat is THE subscription box to have.

By subscribing to Tokyo Treat, you’re joining a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for Japanese culture and a genuine appreciation for all things Japan.

What’s inside the Tokyo Treat box

Each Tokyo Treat Box is packed with a delightful assortment of full-size Japanese snacks, guaranteed to satisfy your cravings. You’ll find 15-20 treats, ranging from exclusive Japanese drinks such as Coke, Fanta, and Ramune, to mouthwatering instant ramen, including tasty options like soba and udon. The box also features rare Japanese KitKat flavours, which are exclusive to Japan and inspired by seasonal favourites.

But that’s not all! You can also expect to indulge in crunchy chips and salty snacks unique to Japan, as well as an exciting variety of crazy Japanese candy, featuring chocolate and other sweets with awesome flavours. To top it off, you’ll discover cakes, cookies, and breads inspired by Japanese-style bakeries.

The Tokyo Treat Box comes with worldwide express delivery and complete allergen information. Plus, you’ll receive a 24-page culture guide to improve your snacking experience, with fascinating insights into Japanese traditions and stories behind the snacks.

KitKat Banana Caramel – Have you ever had a choco banana as Tokyo street food? If not, these taste just like it. Sweet and fun, a mixture of banana with chocolate and delicious caramel. My packet came with 10 individually packed mini KitKats.

Caramel choco banana kit kat in my Tokyo Treat box
Caramel choco banana kit kat in my Tokyo Treat box

Mini Cherry Mochi – These are cute bite size cherry flavour mochi snacks. They come with a small toothpick used to take the mini rice cakes out of their shapes. I love that they are literal mini mochis.

Puku Puku Tai Strawberry – No Sakura festival is complete without the taste of fresh taiyaki and this treat was perfect to celebrate the cherry blossom from home. A fish shape treat filled with airy strawberry cream on the inside.

Strawberry Taiyaki snack street food from Tokyo Treat box
Strawberry Taiyaki snack street food from Tokyo Treat box

Yamato Curry Special – Your crunchy senbei packed with spices and tons of curry flavours. If you like Japanese curry, then you are going to love these rice crackers too.

Mini Peach Ramune – These are shareable small candies that come in a retro inspired can. They melt in your mouth and truly taste like mini peaches. They say you should share these with family and friends, but I sort of low-key ate them all in one go.

Mini peach ramune from Japan Crate
Mini peach ramune from Japan Crate

Nyumen Soy Sauce Ramen – This is a ramen that’s super easy to make and enjoy directly from the box. You just need a pair of chopsticks and some hot water, and you are good. Perfect for your lunch break, right?

Kobe Sparkling Apple Juice – I was so surprised to see an actual can of juice in my Tokyo Treat box. This was such a pleasant surprise. Kobe sparkling apple juice is made from 100% Kobe apples, and it’s sweet and tangy. Perfect for quenching your thirst.

Pouring the Kobe sparkling apple juice from my Tokyo Treat box
Pouring the Kobe sparkling apple juice from my Tokyo Treat box

Bisco Mini Strawberry Cream – These are delicious biscuit sandwiches with strawberry cream between two light biscuits. They were put in the box to remind us of the strawberry cream filled crepes at festival stalls. Made by Glico, the same company who has the famous Glico sign in Osaka!

Sweet and Salty Spring Crisps – Delicious crinkle cut crisps made with Hokkaido potatoes and filled with sweet and salty umami flavour. They were curated to remind us of furi furi potatoes or tornado potatoes on skewers from Japanese food stalls.

Sweet and salty potato crisps from my tokyo Treat box
Sweet and salty potato crisps from my tokyo Treat box

Ghana Matcha Truffle – Premium matcha truffles that have three distinctive layers: milk chocolate centre, a gyokuro green tea coating and a dusting of matcha powder. It’s the perfect snack with a cup of tea. They are very delicious!

Piccolo Sakura Matcha – Sakura and matcha work so well together, and this is most evident in the Piccolo cookie rolls. A delicate wafer exterior with a delicate Sakura taste and a strong rich cream made from Uji matcha tea.

Sakura matcha wafer rolls
Sakura matcha wafer rolls

Sakura Cherry Bouchée – This is a delicate cake filled with sweet cream bursting with cherry flavours. This perfect little cake has a gorgeous Sakura flower stamped on it too.

Wasabi Potato Snack – A snack that packs a punch thanks to its delicious wasabi flavours. It’s crunchy and tangy and while it does taste like wasabi it’s not overpowering, it’s just perfect.

Wasabi Potato snack from Tokyo treat box
Wasabi Potato snack from Tokyo treat box

Umaibo Mentaiko – An umami corn snack with the perfect Japanese flavour mentaiko which is spicy marinated cod roe. Perfectly packed, with the right bite and crunch to satisfy your munchies.

Strawberry Choco Pop Out Fortune – These are actual a fortune-telling strip, but also a delicious strawberry choco snack. The best to combine two things everyone loves about Japan. It reminded me of my time in Sensoji or Ueno Park, trying my own omikuji.

Fortune telling japanese snacks
Fortune telling japanese snacks

Apart from the Umaibo Mentaiko and Nyumen Soy Sauce Ramen, everything else in the box is vegetarian-friendly. If you are curious to see what was in the past boxes, you can do so on the Tokyo Treat website. You can also see a preview of the upcoming box to get you excited, although I recommend just waiting for the box to be a surprise. It’s a lot more fun unpacking it to discover all the good snacks for the first time.

My favourite Tokyo Treat snacks

I really enjoyed my Tokyo Treat box, but of course, I have a few favourites which truly stood out to me. I mean, as I mentioned, everything in the Tokyo Treat reminded me of a nice trip to my local konbini in Japan but like everybody else, there are a few things I would put in my basket first.

The Ghana Matcha Truffle were my favourite snack. You can tell I love Japanese tea a lot, but seriously, give me anything with matcha in it and I’m sold. Loved how luxurious these matcha treats were too. Super creamy with the right balance of sweet and bitter.

Ghana matcha balls from my Tokyo box

No surprise here, but the next is the other matcha treat, Piccolo Sakura Matcha. These were so addictive I had them all in one sitting, and I’m not afraid to admit it. They had the right sweet and bitter taste, although much sweeter than initially anticipated. Perfectly crispy and light, the ideal Japanese snack.

Delicious sakura and matcha wafers

I devoured the Nyumen Soy Sauce Ramen for lunch and loved, loved, loved the taste. It was very smooth and subtle, with a perfect umami flavour. Also loved the mini Sakura flowers in the noodle box. Super cute and adorable. And a good excuse to take out my chopsticks too.

Delicious soy sauce ramen Tokyo box

The Bisco Mini Strawberry Cream was out of this world too. I was so surprised because the packaging made me think they will be sweeter, but no, they were just the right balance of sweet but light. I would buy these again next time I’m in Tokyo.

Mini strawberry cream biscuits from Glico

The Sakura Cherry Bouchée was a delicious treat, which I actually shared with my husband. We both loved it very much. Soft, airy, creamy, perfect treat that reminded us of our first week in Tokyo when we tried a similar soft dessert.

Sakura cherry bouchee Tokyo Treat box

How much does Tokyo Treat box cost

Tokyo Treat offers a variety of subscription plans tailored to suit your needs, providing both flexibility and savings. Remember that when you subscribe for longer periods, you get to save and also receive cool promos!

The best value is the 12-month plan, priced at just $32.50 per month, allowing you to save a total of $60.00.

The popular 6-month plan offers a saving of $24.00, with a monthly cost of $33.50.
For those seeking a shorter commitment, the 3-month plan saves you $6.00, at $35.50 per month.

The 1-month plan is available for $37.50 per month, but while more expensive, it does give you the freedom to try out Tokyo Treat boxes without a long-term commitment.

Regardless of the plan you choose, you can cancel anytime, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Tokyo Treat Delivery

Though the Tokyo Treat box has a lot of value in my opinion, it’s worth mentioning that there’s an additional delivery cost of $12.50 per box.

This fee covers Japan Post Priority Shipping, complete with tracking, so you can monitor your box’s journey from Japan all the way to your doorstep. For customers living in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada, the estimated delivery time is between 3-7 business days, ensuring a speedy arrival of your delightful Japanese treats. As I mentioned before, my box made it in just 5 days after ordering it.

Tokyo Treat with lots of fun stuff in it

Tokyo Treat box vs Sakuraco

While both sister companies, Tokyo Treat and Sakuraco are very different and cater for very different target audiences. Tokyo Treat is designed for a more youthful audience, including kids and fans of Japan’s vibrant subcultures. This box is ideal for those who crave konbini-style sweets and enjoy a more lively vibe. You can feel energised just by looking at the box and opening it you will notice many colours and crazy flavours like curry, wasabi, matcha and sakura all together.

In contrast, Sakuraco may be slightly smaller in size, but it offers a selection of higher quality, authentic, and elegant Japanese treats. This box is tailored for adults, young adults, and teens who appreciate a more refined and cultured Japanese experience, further enhanced by the exquisite packaging. I also created a full Sakuraco review to read more about it and see the types of sweets you can expect in those boxes.

In essence, Tokyo Treat captures the fun and colourful spirit of Japanese snack culture, while Sakuraco appeals to a more sophisticated palate.

Sakuraco box next to a TokyoTreat box

Is Tokyo Treat box worth it?

In conclusion, Tokyo Treat is definitely worth it, particularly for those who miss konbini snacks from Japan or can’t make it to Japan to satisfy their snack cravings. Given the high cost of travelling to Japan, Tokyo Treat provides a more affordable way to indulge in your favourite snacks. I know how much I appreciate having these boxes showing up every month as a sweet reminder of how much I love Japan.

Ultimately, I wholeheartedly recommend the Tokyo Treat box for anyone seeking a taste of Japan and wanting to explore its vibrant treats. I am proud to count myself among the ever-growing community of Tokyo Treat fans. Ready to join us? Subscribe to Tokyo Treat box as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does TokyoTreat cost?

Here are the current prices for Tokyo Treat boxes. Tokyo Treat works on a subscription model.

Is TokyoTreat free?

Tokyo Treat works on a subscription-based model. Every month, you will receive a box full of goodies directly at your doorstep for as long as you are subscribed. The longer you subscribe, the cheaper the monthly boxes become. You can cancel your membership online from your account.

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