17 Best Souvenirs from Australia

They say you haven’t visited any place if you haven’t been to the Land Down Under. And when you get back home, you will definitely want the best Australian souvenirs to remind you of the good days.

Let’s speak the truth; you might be tempted to buy a stuffed Kangaroo or Koala and a Boomerang too.

While these epitomize the classic Australian souvenirs, this vast country has lots of other remarkable souvenirs on offer that will always evoke memories of Down Under.

Australian Souvenirs to Consider

Your holiday Down Under cannot be deemed to be complete without taking home some souvenirs from Australia. Whether for yourself, family member, workmate or just friend, each of the items we describe below are uniquely Australian. They will always take you back to the Land Down Under, figuratively, of course.

The prices vary to meet different budgets and for sure, you will also get something unique for family and friends as you shop for yourself. Tell you what? Only your baggage allowance will keep you from getting all the Australian souvenirs recommendations we have for you.

Vegemite, the Aussie Equivalent of Peanut Butter

How can you leave Australia without some Vegemite? That would be like leaving Switzerland without chocolate. Few things can be considered more Australian than Vegemite. This food item can be found in nearly Aussie homes.

But what is Vegemite? Simply explained, it’s the equivalent of peanut butter to an American. This Aussie breakfast staple is best enjoyed on toast. For sure, not everyone loves Vegemite but how can you prove to family or friends that you have been to Down Under without a jar of Vegemite?

The Uniquely Crafted Akubra Hat

Akubra are uniquely crafted hats made with rabbit fur felt. If you are a movie fan, you might remember ‘Crocodile Dundee’ the 1980s film franchise that popularized the Akubra hat. This is a local staple, wide-brimmed hat specifically designed to ward off the scorching Australian sun. They make remarkable Australian souvenirs as they will dazzle folks back home.

In 2007, it was the APEC Leader’s Conference official outfit held in Sydney. Well, it doesn’t matter that only Stephen Harper, then Prime Minister was the lone ranger who donned the distinctive Akubra Hat; they will be the perfect gift for people back home.

Take Home Some Indigenous Art

From authentic aboriginal art, tablecloths to bags, and other locally designed products, Australia has a piece worth taking home. The indigenous people use their art and skills to tell stories about their land, plants, animal, and spiritual landscapes to great effect. These are souvenirs from Australia that will remind you of days spent Down Under.

To get the best quality, make sure the piece is clearly labelled. Check whether it mentions both the artist and specifies the community to which the proceeds go to. In Australia, members of the Indigenous Artists and Communities typically receive royalties for their art designs whenever you buy something from them. Yes, take home an indigenous piece of art as you promote the local designers.

Grab Some Quality Australian Opals

Australia is world-famous for her quality opals. Sydney, in particular, is home to a broad range of opal products, from delicate jewellery to investment gems. We are always mesmerized by the changing and shifting colours of opal when exposed to light. You will too.

We strongly recommend a pair of opal earrings or studs. Set expertly in Australian gold, this will remind you of this vast nation and also make a special souvenir gift to be treasured.

The Uniquely Aussie Ugg Boots

As they would exclaim in the Land of Down Under, “Mate! You cannot leave without this iconic sheepskin footwear.” But what are Uggs? Ugg boots are warm, comfortable footwear, and uniquely Australian. They are made using sheepskin of the highest quality and are a staple in most households especially during the chilly months of winters.

There are Uggs for men, women, kids, and even toddlers. In Sydney, we found the perfect Ugg gift items in the heart of the city at 1/85 Williams Street.

Want a secret to the Aussie way of wearing Uggs? When you get home with these unique Australian souvenirs, wear them indoors to keep your toes nice and comfy during winter, not as a fashion statement when out there.

Try Kangaroo Jerky, the Aussie Version of Beef Jerky

We loved the kangaroo delicacies (including Kangaroo pizza!) served at our Hotel in Sydney but because we could not bring such perishables back, we pleasantly learned of Kangaroo jerky. This is something to bring home and you will find it conveniently packed in many souvenir shops and grocery stores.

Kangaroo jerky? Consider it a local version of the traditional beef jerky but now with Kangaroo instead of bull.

High-Quality and Durable Kangaroo Leather Products

Well, if Kangaroo jerky is not your thing, we got something more conventional, if it can be called that. Australia, especially, Sydney prides itself in having some of the highest-quality leather products made with Kangaroo hide. You will find carefully crafted items such as belts, wallets, bags, and other products. Kangaroo leather is highly-prized because of its strength.

Of course, the prices will vary according to what you choose, but with about AU$65, you can bring home an awesome hand-embossed leather wallet designed by an Aboriginal artist. We found the collection at Harrington Street Leather in Sydney to be worth checking out. You can find them at 32 Harrington Street.

And while talking about strong leather products, why not also try Crocodile leather when Down Under? If your schedule allows, check out the Harrington Leather Collection in Sydney. All leather used in their products is from sustainably farmed animals, strictly monitored by the Australian Wildlife Protection Act.

You Cannot Leave without the Sweet Tam Tams

We never leave without packets of these famous Australian chocolate biscuits for they make a great treat. Our favourite is Dark Mint but you can choose from other flavours that range from White Chocolate to Honeycomb. In fact, why not try them all?

These biscuits are a popular snack and we know that after a bite, you will crave for more. When trying Tam Tams for the first time, look for those labelled Original for they are the best.

Want a secret we discovered during our Aussie tour? To really enjoy this delicacy, try biting off the ends of a Tam Tam biscuit and then using it as a straw, drink your hot chocolate or coffee. Try that when you get home to mesmerize and thrill folks.

Talk of Australian souvenirs that you want to keep yet eat at the same time!

The Richly Scented Australian Soaps

Read that again! Yes, Aussie soaps. Soaps make some of the best souvenirs from Australia for their scents take you back to the hotels and places you visited. Many have been formulated to smell of the Australian bush, certain to evoke memories of your wild escapades in the Australian wild.

They are excellent gift items as they are not only lightweight but smell divine. The smell alone could excite someone to start planning a trip to the Land Down Under. Australian packaging is great too!

We love soaps from Cloverfield as not only are the scents rich but they have been enriched with essential oils and extracts from native Australian plants such as Lemon Myrtle, Kangaroo Paw Quandong, Kakadu Plum, and Lilli Pilli.

Can you imagine more worthy Australian souvenirs?

The Rich and Memorable Australian Wines

Thinking of a romantic evening when you get back home? We found the perfect item to make that memorable; Australian wines. They also make great Australian souvenirs or gift items. In particular, Adelaide is acknowledged as one of the world’s ‘Great Wine Capitals’. Grab a bottle of their tasty wines before boarding the plane for home.

If in the vicinity of Melbourne, head to Yarra Valley. Here you can take a guided tour of this wine district and taste their wines accompanied by cheese or chocolates. After the tour, buy a bottle or two to share with your family and friends back home.

The Exclusively Australian Tea or Coffee

What if wines are not top among your interests? We have you covered because tea and coffee are among the leading souvenirs from Australia. In particular, T2 is an elite chain of speciality Australian tea shops that have an extensive range of tea all year round.

If coffee is what pleases your palette, and you happen to be in the vicinity of Melbourne City, you will fall in love with the great taste of Melbourne ground and roasted coffee available at many of the city’s cafes.

And why not consider carrying these ever-popular beverages in the form of beans before heading back home?

Grab some Chocolates from the Legendary Haigh’s

We appreciate that not everyone is a fan of tea or coffee but who can resist a bar of chocolate? If your Australian vacation takes you to the city of Sydney, make a stop by the Queen Victoria Building a must.

By the way, the building itself is one of the City’s best attractions. But we want you to check out the small store of Haigh’s Chocolate. Don’t be surprised to meet a huge crowd lining up outside simply to taste their delicious bars.

Opened back in 1915, the store has over 15 outlets spread around the country. Their popular artisan chocolates are even wrapped by hand and you cannot get better Australian souvenirs for folks back home.

Carry Home the Medicinal Lucas’ Papaw Ointment

What about getting one of the best souvenirs from Australia that also comes with a medical benefit? Lucas Paw Paw Ointment is a regular item in the handbags of many Australian mums and should be in yours too. It’s made using pure Australian papaws.

You can use this popular ointment for skin chafing, rashes, minor burns, splinters, insect bites, and even as a lip balm. You can easily access Lucas products from most Australian pharmacies.

Why not pack a tube of this herbal remedy as you head home?

Don’t Forget the Versatile Tea Tree Oil

We have sampled Tea Tree products from different countries but Australian Tea Tree Oil has a special place in our hearts. Why you might ask? This oil can be used as a topical antiseptic ointment to stop inflammation and prevent germs. And the list doesn’t end there. It inhibits fungi growth and other conditions like Athletes Foot; it soothes dermatitis, treats pimples, helps with dandruff, and kills household germs.

And get this! Many Aussie families put a couple of Tea Tree Oil drops in a spray bottle mixed with water and spray their children’s hair to prevent nits! Pop a bottle or two of this oil in your suitcase and bring home an Aussie souvenir that has magical properties!

The Didgeridoo Aboriginal Wind Instrument

If you are interested in a music-related souvenir or gift item, then we’ve got a great Australia souvenir recommendation. The Didgeridoo is an Aboriginal wind instrument whose history goes back 1500 years. It’s designed with a long wooden “pipe” and a wax mouthpiece.

Authentic handmade Didgeridoos don’t come cheap. You may need to think again if your budget is AUD $100 or less.

And a word of caution while still in Australia with your awesome souvenir. By tradition, during a public ceremony, Didgeridoos are only played by men and females are advised to first seek permission before playing the instrument as a way of showing respect to the Aboriginal customs.

The Health-Packed Macadamia Nuts

We just could not stop eating these delicious snacks as we toured the countryside. Macadamia Nuts are simply a delicious and great snack. Not only are they healthy because of the natural high-fat content but they can reduce cholesterol levels. Why not bring back energy-packed Australian souvenirs that also reduce your exposure to heart diseases?

And guess what? Because Macadamia nuts originated in Australia, not only are they cheap to buy but the packaging also makes them great souvenirs from Australia, at least to our estimates.

The World-Famous Australian Boomerang

Let’s conclude our list of the best souvenirs from Australia with the eternal classic from Down Under. The boomerang was used by Indigenous Aboriginals as a weapon in hunting. It’s thrown in the air, comparable to throwing a Frisbee in the US. However, unlike the Frisbee which goes where you aim, a boomerang will return to the exact place where it was thrown from.

Today, this tool has become a popular item for Aboriginal art designs, and you may want to take home some as gifts for family or friends. It qualifies to be listed among our best Australian souvenir as it makes an excellent item to hang on a wall to remind of your special Down Under vacation.

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