Explore Møns Klint: The White Cliffs in Denmark

Located less than 2 hours south of Copenhagen is one of Denmark’s most surprising wonders: Møns Klint, the white cliffs of Denmark. Denmark is known to be the pancake country, with its vast flatlands, yet on the Danish island of Møn, in the Baltic Sea, you’ll find a 6 km stretch of chalk cliffs, including Aborrebjerg which, with a height of 143 m, is one of the highest points in Denmark. The cliffs and the nearby park are now protected as a nature reserve.

Mons Klint White Cliffs in Denmark

As part of our month-long Scandinavia road trip, we wanted to see these magical 70 million-year-old chalk cliffs. Here’s a guide to Møns Klint, the white cliffs in Denmark which are a natural wonder which must be added to your wish list.

What is Møns Klint?

Møns Klint is a 6 km stretch of white chalky cliffs. The cliffs consist of remains of shells and microscopic creatures which lived on the seabed over 70 million years ago. Today is possible to find fossils in the cliffs as the sea continues to erode the chalk. Erosion is a big problem for high points continue to fall into the sea and landslide continue to be an issue.

Mons Klint White Cliffs in Denmark

There are marked, safe paths for visitors. There are paths along the cliffs tops which lead to the shore in several points.

At the top of the hill, there is the GeoCentre Møns Klint opened by Queen Margrethe. It features interactive computer displays with a variety of attractions for the whole family. It’s a fantastic place to visit to learn more about the geological prehistory of Denmark and the formation of the chalky cliffs.

Mons Klint White Cliffs in Denmark

Getting to Møns Klint?

The easiest way to get to the white cliffs is by car. It takes just under 2 hours from Copenhagen. It’s nice and easy. We travelled from the South but it also took us roughly one hour to get to the island.

You can also take public transport from Copenhagen. Board the train from the Central Station towards Vordingborg. At Vordingborg you will have to take a bus 660R towards Stege or bus number 678 which will drop you off closer to the cliffs.

If you arrive by car, note that there is a parking fee which must be paid at the machines located near the GeoCentre.

Møns Klint white cliffs in Denmark

How to experience Møns Klint?

The shore is pebbly and requires good footwear to be accessed with ease. As it is chalky, we recommend avoiding wearing your best black shoes. We had our black New Balance and they came out almost entirely white at the end of our walk. The soft material also became quite scruffy due to the continuous friction with the pebble stones. Get your hiking boots on for this walk.

The path to the cliffs is relatively steep and can be quite demanding. There are around 500 steps in total to be conquered. Make sure you have a pick me up snack with you and a bottle of water, especially if you visit during the summer.

There are several ways to experience Møns Klint. Here are some ideas to help you better plan for your trip.

Stairs down mons klint

Water excursions

Get a kayak and enjoy a magnificent vista point of the cliffs right from the Baltic Sea. If kayaking is not your thing you can even sail or get on a fishing trip. Perhaps you’d love to try diving or snorkelling? This is the place for it. You can book a guided tour or venture out on your own if you are experienced.

On horseback

Enjoy incredible views from the saddle of Iceland ponies. They are cute and absolute experts in the local terrain. You can get a tour for beginners or for experienced riders.

Enjoy the night sky

Did you know that Møns Klint is Scandinavia’s first Dark Sky Park? That means you can enjoy some incredible stary nights here. It’s also a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve so if you plan on flying a drone, make sure you check if you visit during the bird breeding season. There are posters all around the park informing you when you can and cannot fly a drone.

Mons Klint White Cliffs in Denmark

By bike

Grab your helmet and get ready to explore the forest at the top of the white cliffs. There are a couple of mountain bike trails. Not a mountain biker? No worries! Nearby, you’ll find the Baltic Sea Cycle Route (N8) which has the highest point at the top of Møns Klint. The whole route is 820 km long.

On foot

Finally, nothing beats a beautiful walk on the shores, where you can just bask in the sun for a bit. Walk along the shore or take one of the paths at the top of the cliffs. Whatever your choice, you’ll love Møns Klint.

Happy at the Mons Klint in Denmark

Accommodation near Møns Klint

We absolutely recommend spending at least one night near Møns Klint so you can enjoy a variety of activities. During summer, it does get pretty busy so booking your accommodation in advance is key.

Here are some of the cottages we recommend for your comfort.

Click to book Gård Accommodation – a whole 90sqm apartment with parking included. You will have a kitchen and a private bathroom as well. Ideal for up to 6 people.

Click to book Klintholm Gods Lake Apartments – this is a modern 60sqm apartment located very close to the cliffs. It can accommodate up to 2 people and 2 children.

Click to book Ølholm Cottage – Ølholm Cottage is a little further from the cliffs. You can get either a one-bedroom cottage for up to 4 people or a small cottage for 2 people.

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