Our awesome 4 days London Itinerary

Wondering how to enjoy a 4 day London itinerary? We put together our favourite attractions in London so you can fall in love with the English capital city during your first-time visit. We’ve been to London on so many occasions and it remains one of our favourite cities in the world. There’s simply so much going on in London, new shops, new exhibitions, great socials. When we feel like travelling to an electric city, we always get our London itinerary out and start planning our trip.

Our 4 day London itinerary

Is a 4 day London itinerary enough? We think for a first-time visitor it’s the right length. Of course, we know you will love London and you will want to come back every weekend thereafter, but that’s another story. London can be anything you want it to be. London can be romantic, electric, vibrant, fun, social or posh. It’s the many faces of London that makes it such an interesting tourist attraction.

Beyond Big Ben, or the iconic London Eye, you can feel the city in so many ways. The great English customer service, the rush hours in the tube, those long walks around the city’s parks and the many international restaurants, all make London an experience. London remains the beating heart of the UK, a conglomeration of nationalities, cultures and traditions, all put together, creating one of the world’s best metropolises worth visiting.

4 days London itinerary

Day 1 London Itinerary

Tower Bridge

Start the day at the Tower Bridge, an iconic bascule and suspension bridge in London. When it was completed, this bridge was the most sophisticated for its time. It continues to be featured in several movies nowadays.

Try to get there as early as possible to avoid potential traffic. Remember that London is pretty jammed almost always so if you want some beautiful pictures with this attraction, you might want to make your way there as early as 5 am.

Tower of London

Less than five minutes away from the Tower Bridge, you will find the Tower of London, a historic castle which holds the Crown’s jewels. To learn more about it, you can get a tour guide in advance.

We recommend spending around 2 hours exploring the Tower of London.

St Paul’s Cathedral

Make your way towards St Paul’s Cathedral, located around 25 minutes walk from the Tower of London. Remember that no photos are allowed inside the cathedral. You can admire the cathedral from the outside or pay the £18 admission fees to enter it. We are yet to see its interior.

London Eye

Cross the Millenial Bridge and make your way to the London Eye. Many disagree, but we think there is something truly romantic about being in the London Eye. The ride is slow and offers impressive views over London.

You can see so many beautiful buildings from atop and we honestly think the London Eye is worth every penny. You can purchase a normal ticket or reserve a VIP cabin with champagne. There are also various fancy experiences where you can get fancy lunch and food in the London Eye.

You can find more info here.

Big Ben

Cross the Westminster Bridge towards the famed Elizabeth Tower. It was so exciting to hear the Big Ben the first time. You know you are in London when you hear the majestic Big Ben.

Big Ben is the nicknamed offered for the Great Bell of the clock located in the Tower. Many assume the whole tower is actually Big Ben, but that’s not the case, it’s just the bell. The Tower used to be called the Clock Tower which was renamed to Elizabeth Tower to mark the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II.

Palace of Westminster

I dreamt of seeing this incredible building for many years. I still hold that it’s the most beautiful building in the world. Well, if you like gothic architecture, that is. And I would love to see the whole world in gothic architecture. To see the Palace of Westminster in all its splendour, you can cross the Westminster Bridge to the opposite side. There is so much history about the Palace of Westminster, one of the most fabulous sights in the whole of London.

Westminster Abbey

End the evening by visiting the Westminster Abbey. The Westminster Abbey is a protestant abbey hosting daily services and every English and British coronation since 1066. Prepare for long lines, but it’s such a beautiful place, it’s worth every second of waiting.

Day 2 London Itinerary

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the London residence of Her Majesty The Queen, the monarch of the United Kingdom. You may see the changing of the guard or the beautiful private rooms. we recommend taking a tour for this to better learn about its history and each part you will be seeing. It’s really quite impressive.

Natural History Museum

Do you love David Attenborough? He was our inspiration to travel the world, so ultimately, we believe you cannot skip a trip around the Natural History Museum. Trouble is, you can spend endless hours exploring it, so make sure to keep track of time. The entry is free of charge. You will really enjoy its exhibitions and beautiful interior.

Hyde Park

Time to relax and explore the vast Hyde Park. Weather permitting, of course. But we think one umbrella should solve all your problems, as Hyde Park looks just as glorious during a rainy day. Hyde Park is one of the oldest urban parks, with fountains and a lake. You can enjoy a picnic or just a relaxing walk gathering your thoughts.

Speakers’ Corner

Fancy a debate? Check the Speakers’ Corner located in Hyde Park. A Speakers’ Corner is an area where open-air public speaking, debate, and discussion are allowed.

Piccadilly Circus

Half an hour away on foot, you can find yourself in Piccadilly Circus, a vibrant junction of London’s West End in the City of Westminster. Piccadilly Circus is an attraction of its own, its neon signs and jumbo ads. Imagine it as being a very small scale Shinjuku, and you can already understand how cool and exciting it can be. It does get pretty crowded and busy, but I think that’s just part of the fun.

Five minutes away from the Piccadilly Circus is the National Gallery in London. This is a fabulous art museum with over 2000 paintings. Whatever your taste in art, you will definitely find everything you need here. We love visiting art museums and besides being one of the best things to do in Amsterdam, we think London comes as close second when it comes to its many art museums and galleries.

Trafalgar Square

You can’t visit London without passing through Trafalgar Square. This is an iconic square which features the famed Nelson’s Column, LED-lit fountains, artworks and lion statues. This is especially pleasant on a summer day when locals sometimes gather around listening to music and dancing.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden is one of the main entertainment areas in London. Here you’ll find an array of restaurants, stores and markets. There is something really exciting about being in the middle of it all. Covent Garden is a great way to end the day, do a bit of shopping and enjoy some fine dining.

Day 3 London Itinerary

British Museum

Start today’s London itinerary with a visit to one of the greatest museums in the world: the British Museum. We advise that you arrive when it opens, as it can get really crowded sometimes. The museum opens at 10 am.

British Library

The British Library is the largest national library in the world based on the number of items catalogues. It has a huge collection from all over the world, but perhaps the most popular items are the Magna Carta and handwritten Beatles lyrics.

Kings Cross

Harry Potter lovers, this one is for you! Kings Cross is a legend now thanks to J.K. Rowlings and to be fair, both G and I are obsessed with Harry Potter, so there is no way we’d skip Kings Cross from our London itinerary. Head to the cool Harry Potter store and take a picture on Platform 9 3/4.

Shakespeare’s Globe

Shakespeare’s Globe is a reconstruction of the Globe Theatre founded by actor and director Sam Wanamaker. The complex housing included a playhouse, an indoor theatre and a candle-lit space. It also includes a rehearsal studio complex. At the Shakespeare’s Globe, you can find out more about Shakespeare’s life and work.

Tate Modern

One of my favourite places in London: Tate Modern, is a gallery dedicated to modern art. The entrance is free and you only pay for special exhibitions. The building itself was once a Bankside Power Station.

Day 4 London Itinerary

Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew

The last day of your London itinerary and one entirely out of ordinary, we promise. Start the day by visiting the Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew. The best part about Kew is the greenhouses. The palm house is amazing and there is always something going on at Kew. We really love it and we visit it every single time we are in London.

Richmond Park

Since its so close to Kew Gardens, you shouldn’t skip a walk around Richmond Park. Today it’s about relaxing. At least for the morning. Richmond Park is a deer park and plays an international importance in conservation.

Oxford Street

Want to experience a little more energy in London? Spend some time shopping around Oxford Street. There are so many known brands here, but also shops with discounted lines. It’s one of the best places known for shopping in the whole world. Apart from Tokyo, this comes as a second favourite shopping place for us. So, grab your credit card, and venture into this urban jungle of sales and fun.

Mayfield Lavender Farm (optional)

Time to say goodbye to London but before you do so, we recommend getting out of London and heading towards the Banstead Lavender Fields. Lavander Fields in London you say? This is no joke, I mean it. The entry is just £1 per adult. There are so many beautiful spots to enjoy these endless fields and you can support the farm by purchasing lavender-based products (like lavender ice cream). This is a secret spot for photographers looking for something a bit more special in London. It’s a little far from central London, as you will have to take the public transport for about 1 hour and 20 minutes. If you visit London during the lavender season, it’s totally worth your while.

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    This is a great list of the main spots. I love London, too and there is just so much to see, so I love that you made a 4-day itinerary. The lavender field is such a great idea! When is the lavender season in London?

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    Your photos are so gorgeous and make me miss London so much!

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    I have been to London 4 times and each time have visited St Paul’s. If you dont visit inside you are missing one of the most beautiful churches in the world. The architecture is simply awesome. Next time just pay the entrance fee you won’t be disappointed. London is an amazing city, as is whole of the UK. I can’t wait until I can return.

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    Tsk tsk, you left out Southwark Cathedral, Bourough Market, and the Imperial War Museum on the South Bank. Churchill War Room near Big Ben is fabulous. Been there at least 10 times and still haven’t seen everything. London is my favorite place in the world.

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    I’ve never been to London. And, of course, I wanted to be there so badly. I think that when planning my next vacation London will be one of the options. Besides, I saw good deals on airline tickets which surprised me. And I think you should not miss such a chance.

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