Japanese with Aimee – an honest review

You’re thinking of learning Japanese and you love the idea of a cost effective solution. Japanese with Aimee promises to teach us Japanese effortlessly by allocating just 15 minutes every single day. But does this work? You know I love Japan! After spending so much time in Japan, doing fun itineraries in Japan and exploring all the best things to do in the country, I figured it’s about time I take my Japanese to the next level.

I took a module of Japanese with Aimee and decided to write an honest review. After all, everyone wants to know if it’s worth the money and the investment. Dedicating just 15 minutes every single day with the promise to learn how to speak, read, write And understand natural Japanese seems almost too good to be true. But is it? Let’s find out.

To create this review, I decided to keep a daily diary and write down my impression about each lesson. I figured that this is the best way to reach a conclusion by the end of the course and make sure I can offer all the pros and cons, if any.

Let’s get started and see what Japanese with Aimee is all about.

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What is Japanese with Aimee

If you’ve not heard about this before, this is a great time to head over to Aimee’s website and check it out. Japanese with Aimee is a Japanese course online delivered by Aimee. Aimee is an Australian lady with a really fun Aussie accent and a bubbly personality. Like most of us, she’s in love with Japan and everything Japanese.

She promises that if you take her courses from A to Z, and taking her 15 minute lessons, 5 times a week, you will learn Japanese.

Aimee’s greatest passion in life is Japanese, and her biggest goal is to make learning easy for others. Like many others she’s found apps confusing and in person lessons time-consuming and expensive. So she came up with a new idea on how to teach us Japanese.

Each module is 12 weeks long and they are aligned to the JLPT N-levels.

The Beginners courses align with the N5, the Intermediate with the N4, and so on until you get to the Advanced level which is N2 content and the highest we go (N1 is very specific content, mainly for people who want to work in Government roles in Japan).

Japanese with Aimee main page

How much does it cost?

Each level is currently $395 (USD) although we have always offered continuing students a 20% discount. There is a payment plan available as well. You can split the cost into three payments of $150.

There is currently a waiting list for new students so if you’re interested, just make sure you sign up straight away!

The structure

I didn’t know what to expect so I was most excited when I finally got my login details. Everything is online as you might have have guess. There is a quick get ready guide which I strongly advise that you check out before you start.

And then, you start! Now, to make sure that you do things properly, you will see that you don’t have full access to the whole course in one go. New modules open up as you go along. I think this is a great idea because it makes you slow down to allow for things to really sink in.

The courses really are just 15 minutes a day. Aimee delivers them with a smile on her face and honestly she does make things sound easy. She’s also encouraging, which I appreciate because let’s face it, Japanese is not that easy.

You will learn the alphabets as you go along and she doesn’t expect you to do it all in one go. Every single week you will learn new characters and new phrases.

There were days when I drove my husband nuts by pointing at things and speaking in Japanese. But that’s the fun of it, right?

While everything is online and delivered electronically, I, personally, believe there is a need for a printer. I couldn’t have done it without one. It makes things easier to follow for me and to practice the alphabet. I don’t know if anyone can do it without printing documents and exercise sheets but I do think that’s a must. In a sense this is a bit of a pro and con. Pro because you don’t need to buy books so Aimee kindly provides you with all the materials you may need. Con because you still rely on pen and paper. To me, however, honestly, is not a con as I’m a visual learn so I would need to physically write things down for things to stick. I thought I should mention it either way.

There are some quizes along the way to test your understanding and make sure you are fully ready to move to the next module. Very important! You will get access to a Discourse group for 24/7 hour support. Besides, it’s quite nice to chat with like-minded individuals who are taking the course and share the same passion for Japan as you.

Do you actually learn Japanese

Oh you know me, I’m the most sceptical person on this planet. I honestly thought Aimee’s course is not going to do the trick. But actually, it really does. And I don’t say this lightly because you know I’ve learnt Japanese from apps, books and even went to an in-person trial class before.

I honestly thought it’s going to be just ok, maybe if anything a bit overpriced. I’m so pleased and delighted to say that my Japanese is SO MUCH better already. Maybe it’s the right approach for me to study but I love the bite size lessons, the fact that I get to print my own exercise sheets, I get to practice for one single day before the next lesson.

Basically, it’s my better to do 15 minutes class plus say 30 minutes of practice every single day, then a longer time 2-3 times a week. So Aimee, if you’re reading this, thanks! You’ve nailed the structure of the course and you’re actually making me learn Japanese. I’m grateful.

Here’s another thing I love about Aimee’s course. She just gets right into grammar. I appreciate that unlike apps, where I learn how to say apple and boy in Japanese, Aimee is teaching words and grammar right away.

So yes, yes you do actually learn Japanese with this course.

Japanese Kimono Dress Oiran

Do you need extra lessons or extra help?

Let me make one thing clear: Aimee delivers the lesson in 15 minutes and then it’s up to you to complete the exercises. It usually takes another 30 minutes. Then, you should aim to surround yourself with Japanese for the rest of the day. Try listening to Japanese music, watch some anime etc It really helps your brain. At least that’s my experience. After all, everyone is different.

I’ve had weeks when I did the work every single day and had really busy weeks when I caught up with all the lessons over the weekend. Doing the work every day makes a lot more sense and it’s easier to remember and learn.

I don’t think you require extra lessons or help. Aimee’s course is sufficient. But there will be moments when you might wonder why this word is written or pronounced in a certain way, even tho the character should be something else. A quick google search or YouTube search will reveal that info for you. Eventually, Aimee does go into these details too, but I can tell she’s trying to not overwhelm right away. I’m just curious innately, so I like to do a little extra digging.

Japanese with Aimee alphabet help

Would I recommend Japanese with Aimee

Honestly, in a heartbeat. I love the courses and the way they are short and well tailored make a lot of sense to me and my learning style. You learn a lot, and she’s always there for any questions you might have. The price is very fair for what you get, especially given that you don’t need to go anywhere, and you don’t need to buy extra materials.

I like it that for continuing students she offers a discount, which is lovely. I’m a continuing student, by the way, in case you’re wondering. While I’m a little busy with my house renovation, I will continue to take all the courses all the way to N2 or N1.

Try it for yourself. I really think you’ll like it.

Japanese with Aimee sign up page

Did Aimee pay me for this?

No, Aimee didn’t pay me for this review. But because I like Aimee’s course so much and would recommend it in a heartbeat, I did ask that she’s setting up a discount for you guys. Use YCTRAVEL when you sign up and get 10% discount on the course. It’s a great deal, right? Sign up for the course.

Now you know everything you need to know about Japanese with Aimee. If you want to learn Japanese in a fun and cool way, this is the course for you. Give it a go and let me know what module you’re currently taking in the comments section below.

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