How to have the best experience in La Digue

Ever since I've decided to spend our honeymoon in the Seychelles, I wanted to experience La Digue. I've heard so many great things about this small island, and couldn't wait for the opportunity to finally travel to La Digue. One of the best beaches you will find is the famed Source d'Argent located in the Union Estate. It really is a beauty, but due to its popularity, expect not a secluded beach, but a popular tourist attraction. What is interesting is that La Digue hotels are mainly self-catering accommodation, or bed and breakfasts ran by locals.

L'Union Estate La Digue Seychelles

Why visit La Digue

La Digue is a small island, part of the Seychelles Archipelago. Is a popular honeymoon destination, offering tourists a great opportunity to immerse themselves into the local cultures, relax and explore the surroundings. La Digue promises to take your breath away with its famed beach, Anse Source d'Argent, as well as steal your heart when you meet some local inhabitants, the giant tortoises.  With such small number of cars, La Digue is a great choice for the environmental traveller, as most people tend to make use of bikes. To me, this was a huge wow factor, as I dream of a fossil-fuel-free world. 

La Digue is the perfect island for a quiet holiday, where you can snorkel, walk, cycle and enjoy some of the best sunsets. 

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Getting to La Digue

Getting to La Digue is usually done by ferry, from Mahé or Praslin. I took the ferry all the way from Mahé and it wasn't an adventure I would like to repeat anytime soon. It was actually one of the worst parts of my Seychelles honeymoon, as everyone on the ferry was being sick. The journey was tedious, nothing made sense and there was a lack of organisation. People were also skipping the queue, something which I really don't appreciate. However, there is a great way to overcome what I call the sea nightmare, and if you are interested, click to read more about how to survive the Seychelles ferry.  

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La Digue Hotels

As mentioned before, La Digue hotels are mainly small, self-catering villas ran by locals, but opulent choices are of course, available. Le Domaine de L'Orangeraie Resort and Spa is one of the best hotels on the island. It also depends on what you want to do and how much you are prepared to spend. During my stay in La Digue, I made a great mistake of going for a relatively cheap accommodation called Oceane Self Catering. Unfortunately, it was a bad decision as we couldn't sleep because the owner's TV was too loud, there were works being undertaken at the villa first thing in the morning and the kitchen was not part of the room as advertised. I would definitely recommend skipping this one. The owners should have closed the villa, finish the works on site and then reopen to the public. People go to La Digue to relax and forget the dins of the day, and not pay to have breakfast on the sound of drilling. 

La Digue hotels we love

Liane De Mai

Liane De Mai

Orchid Self Catering Apartment

Orchid Self Catering Apartment

Domaine Les Rochers

Domaine Les Rochers

Le Relax Luxury Lodge

Le Relax Luxury Lodge

Food in La Digue

As with all the Seychelles, food is expensive and mainly imported, but, in all honesty, the food we had in La Digue, was by far the best we had during our honeymoon. I don't know if it was the way it was prepared, the freshness or simply the extra ingredients, but we really enjoyed it. The only problem is that it becomes a little repetitive, as there aren't that many options available, but still, you can definitely find great dishes. To have the best experience in La Digue, I strongly suggest that you walk or cycle a lot, to explore all parts of the island. There will be places with very little restaurants, hence I suggest buying some ingredients from the local shops and making some sandwiches for lunch. Not only this will save money, but you will know the food is fresh and really delicious. For the evening, have a wander in the Centre of La Digue where you will find several restaurants. A popular choice is Fish Trap, especially because they serve a variety of cocktails and have some great beach dining options. They also have wifi, although it's very slow and unreliable. 

Secluded Beach La Digue

Beaches in La Digue

Like me, you probably believed that Anse Source d'Argent is the most beautiful beach in the world. Well let me start by telling you, that if Anse Source d'Argent is the reason you wish to visit this beautiful island, then don't waste your money. Although Anse Source d'Argent is a superb beach, it's also very busy and very difficult to access during high tide. I strongly suggest going around the island and finding other, more amazing looking beaches. For example, Petite Anse in Mahé, was perhaps the best beach I've ever seen. It was clean, well sized, secluded enough, surrounded by tropical vegetation and had little visitors. Beaches in La Digue are the complete opposite. They are beautiful and superb for snorkelling activities, but they are relatively small, usually quite busy and not all lined with exotic flora. Hence, I am telling you to grab the bike and cycle around the island until you get to Petite Anse and Grand Anse on the SW of La Digue . I made the mistake of walking all the way to these beautiful beaches, and I got really tired by the time I got to them, but it was worth it. It was also during this adventure, that I got to see a beautiful tortoise, roaming around freely around the island. 

In conclusion, beaches in La Digue are great, but you need to avoid the popular ones for the best photographic opportunities. Even the less accessible beaches will have lots of people around, so, unfortunately, not many secluded beaches in La Digue. 

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Pros and Cons

I loved La Digue, because I really liked how laid back everyone was. I enjoyed the food, the land tortoises, the people and the shops. I also had a great time walking around La Digue for hours, drinking cocktails and having great tasting breakfast every morning. As a con, which is easily avoidable, I didn't like the accommodation and would not recommend it. I didn't like the beaches as much as on Mahé and Praslin, but could definitely find some excellent spots for a snorkel or a swim. I loved that everyone was using bikes and in general I felt very safe in La Digue. Loved the variety of drinks and food but really didn't like that prices in La Digue, as they were much higher than on both Mahé and Praslin. Whilst in La Digue, I had no access to the internet whatsoever, which made it a bit difficult. We managed to connect for 5 minutes whilst eating in Fish Trap, but been disconnected pretty quickly. 

Overall I would definitely recommend a visit to La Digue. In my opinion, this island is a beautiful island which has to be explored and photographed. I loved my time in La Digue and I can't wait for the opportunity to go back. In a nutshell, to have the best experience in La Digue, you have to pick your accommodation carefully and be prepared to trek to the best beaches around the island. 

Your turn to tell me about La Digue. Did I miss something? Did you have a different experience? Maybe you have a tip you want to share with me? Please tell me all about it in the comments section bellow.

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How to have the best experience in La Digue

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