How to Organise an Unforgettable Crete Honeymoon

Thinking of a honeymoon in Crete? Getting married to the love of your life is one of the most incredible things in this world. The thought that your lives are now intertwined, shared together, forever, makes the idea of marriage so very special. We travel as husband and life and to us, marriage is the best thing ever. And when you get married, there is one special perk to it: getting to enjoy a honeymoon of your dreams. Many consider a Crete honeymoon because of the weather, food, traditions and lovely activities which can be experienced as a couple. A traditional Cretan honeymoon is also great because it doesn’t come with the large price tag as many other destinations. Crete has guaranteed hospitality and that perfect Mediterranean weather everyone enjoys.

Here is our guide to enjoying your honeymoon in Crete.

Why a honeymoon in Crete

Ever since we visited Crete we realised the potential of this Greek island. The weather was fantastic, the food was outstanding and the hospitality made our stay even more memorable. Crete has a lot to offer and its romantic vibes make it ideal for honeymooners.

Although a popular tourist attraction, Crete doesn’t come with a huge price tag, making it perfect for budget-conscious honeymooners who wish to splurge, but without breaking the bank.

Village Experience Legacy Gastro Suites

As Crete is popular during the summer, we recommend booking accommodation in advance. We recently experienced the incredible Legacy Gastro Suites in the heart of Heraklion. This 5-star luxury hotel comes with 12 suites, ideal for honeymooners. They have elegant furniture, cosy interior and a foodie concept for newly married couples who wish to experience Greece from their suite.

Crete is a varied island, which means that it can offer an array of activities suited for newly married couples. From gentle walks in the botanic garden, through adventures up the mountain, to romantic walks through picturesque villages. Crete has outstanding stretches of beaches too, so if you wish, you can combine soft adventure with a relaxing afternoon in the sunshine.

Welcome to your legacy gastro suite room

The perfect hotel for your Crete honeymoon

As previously mentioned, we recently stayed in an amazing hotel called Legacy Gastro Suites. For honeymooners, this is a fantastic luxury boutique hotel with a unique concept, suitable for foodies and culture seekers.

Legacy Gastro Suites is situated in the heart of Heraklion and it features 12 suites inspired by notable Greek artists. Every single suite comes with a food station in order for couples to have a magical gastro experience. You’ll find an array of locally sourced products from all over Greece.

Legacy Gastro Suites

The items have been specially curated by the hotel’s food experts. The idea is simple: bring together an array of specialities which can be found in Greece and in exchange, give back to the local producers who believe in old fashioned ways of making food. Basically, it brings good, honest food right in your luxury hotel room.

And unlike many other luxury hotels, Legacy Gastro Suites doesn’t alienate with its design but offers a cosy feeling to its guests. Imagine an elegant decor with authentic books sourced from all over Europe. Everything (and we mean everything) in your hotel room is sourced from local producers.

Gastro Suites at Legacy Hotel

Everything about Legacy Gastro Suites inspires authenticity and love, combined with the desire to showcase the history of Crete which many are proud of.

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Our favourite thing about the room was, of course, the food station. The idea of picking an item from the shelf and sampling it in our own room was excellent. We tried special herbal teas, wines and sweets. You’ll find olives, mushrooms, truffle butter, snacks, homemade sodas, herbs, salts and liqueurs. And unlike many other mini-bars, this hotel decided to offer its guests cold items with a twist. Say hello to your own wine rack with full bottles of wine sourced from Crete. The so-called mini bar is more like a mini-fridge filled with cold meats and delicious cheeses.

Couple Legacy Suite

Again, the perfect hotel for honeymooners who want to experience the whole of Greece in their own suite. And to make it even more special, Legacy Gastro Hotel decided to make the breakfast in an a la carte format, at no extra cost. Simply pick the items you want to be served to you in the morning and the staff will bring them directly to your room. You can pick anything and everything from the list, and the exact time you want breakfast.

If you don’t wish to have breakfast in your room, ask the staff to arrange it for you on your own balcony.

Legacy Gastro Suites reading

Crete honeymoon ideas

Planning a honeymoon is no easy task. We know it as we’ve been there. You want everything to be perfect and there is no room for error. It is your special time together as a newly married couple, after all.

We recommend taking a step back and allowing the hotel staff to do the work for you. We wish we would have done this during our honeymoon because, as we learned, it’s more relaxing to just have things prepared for you. And to be fair, that’s how it should be on your honeymoon.

Gastro concept Legacy suites

The optimum time for a honeymoon in Crete is five-seven days. Arrive at your Legacy Gastro Suites and check-in. Allow the staff to introduce the hotel to you and to help you with your luggage. You’ll both receive a complimentary drink upon arrival.

For dinner, go downstairs and ask the chef to prepare something special for you. We loved the snail dish the most. We were reluctant to try it, but after all, we ended up loving it so much. You can try a variety of local traditional dishes as well.

Talk to the staff to arrange a few potential day trips around Crete. Perhaps a visit to the local botanic garden, arrange for a fun outing in the nearby villages and discuss options for the best restaurants around.

Delicious snails Legacy Gastro Suites

We recommend a full day in the comfort of your hotel suite. Just take it easy, have a late breakfast and indulge in the food station items. You can ask the staff to tell you more about each product or you can even arrange for a tasting if you prefer.

Open a local bottle of wine and enjoy it with the many kinds of cheese in your mini-bar. For a special dinner, why not ask the hotel staff to organise a special wine tasting. Wine tasting can be done in your own suite and potentially partnered with food too.

Food at the Legacy Gastro Suites

When booking your honeymoon with the Legacy Gastro Suites, make sure to discuss your options with the staff. They will recommend special activities just for you, tailored to your liking. Make sure to create a list with your interests so the staff can put together fun packages for you and recommend things to do with their specially curated partners.

Beautiful Fields in Crete Legacy Gastro Suites

Best time to visit Crete

It all depends on your weather preferences. Crete is a beautiful island with good weather year round. The main tourist visit period is April to mid-October. For a honeymoon, late spring/early summer and in autumn can be great to avoid the summer tourists.

If you are a beach bum, then summer is the best bet. For those interested in authentic experiences and culinary traditions, we recommend early Autumn. September is also really good for the autumn harvest when you can sample a variety of fresh produce.

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Breakfast area Legacy Gastro suites

Your turn to tell us about your plans. Would you like to have your honeymoon in Crete? What are your main interests for a honeymoon? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.

Thank you Legacy Gastro Suites for sponsoring this post and making our stay in Crete possible. We loved your gastro suite and we are impressed by your truly iconic hospitality. All opinions in this piece are our own.

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