15 Things To Do In Ueno Park, Tokyo

Ueno Park

One of Tokyo's largest park and a popular hanami spot, Ueno Park is visited by over 10 million people each year. Ueno Park is located in the Ueno district and can be accessed by subway from pretty much anywhere in Tokyo.

There are myriad things to do in Ueno Park, from visiting museums to wandering around the zoo or chilling under the sakura trees. We have compiled a list of 15 Things To Do In Ueno Park so you can have the best time while you visit.

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Tokyo National Museum

Tokyo National Museum

The Tokyo National Museum houses a vast collection of cultural items and national treasures. It is Japan's oldest and largest museum and it comprised of five different buildings. Admission is 620 yen. We learned a lot about Japan and got the chance to see some great works and antiquities from other Asian countries.

Cherry Blossom Festival

Ueno Park Cherry Blossom

Home to over 1000 cherry trees all in blossom, Ueno Park is one of Tokyo's best spots for hanami. The cherry blossom festival is usually during late March to early April and attracts tourists from all over the world. Expect crowds in Ueno during the cherry blossom season. Better yet, bring a blanket and take a break under a cherry blossom tree.

National Museum of Western Art

National Museum of Western Art Tokyo

Visiting the National Museum of Western Art is a great opportunity to check out European art whilst in Japan. The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions and the entrance is 420 yen.

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

The museum has six galleries and hosts no permanent art collection. Expect to pay for some exhibitions, whilst others have free admission.

National Science Museum

National Science Museum Tokyo

If you are passionate about science or natural histories then I strongly recommend visiting the National Science Museum. Here, you will find a crazy good collection of mounted animals and a lot of hands-on experiments. It's really captivating and interactive. The admission fee is 620 yen.

Ueno Kaneiji Temple

Once one of the wealthiest temples in Tokyo, Kaneiji Temple was destroyed during the Boshin War. Nowadays fairly unremarkable, Kaneiji is worth checking out simply due to its great historical value.

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Ueno Shinobazu Pond

Duck Boat Ueno

We loved sunbathing right by the Shinobazu Pond. It's partly covered in lotus plants and home to a lot of huge Japanese carp. If it's sunny and you need a rest, go to Ueno's Pond. If you're in the mood for some extra fun, why not rent a duck shaped boat.

Ueno Kiyomizu Kannon Temple

Ueno Kiyomizu Kannon Temple

This was originally part of Kaneiji Temple. Its design was inspired by the Kyoto's Kiyomizudera. The Ueno Kiyomizu Kannon Temple is very popular amongst women who wish to remain pregnant, due to its connection to Kosodate Kannon, the goddess of conception.

Ueno Zoo

Polar Bear Ueno Park

This is Japan's oldest zoo and it's most sought after residents are the giant pandas, first brought here in 1972. In 2011, the Ueno Zoo received two new baby pandas. The admission fee is 600 yen and totally worth it if you ever want to see a cute panda or a super beautiful polar bear.

Ueno Toshogu Shrine

Ueno Toshogu Shrine

Ueno Toshogu Shrine is a survivor, one of the few Edo-era structures to have survived Tokyo's earthquakes and wars. It was initially part of the Kaneiji Temple until 1868.

Bentendo Temple

Bentendo Temple Tokyo

This great temple is located on an island in the Shinobazu Pond. Bentendo Temple is a dedication to Benten, the goddess of good fortune and knowledge. This octagonal temple becomes very popular during the cherry blossom season when its grounds are packed with yummy street food stalls.

Shitamachi Museum

Ueno Park Shitamachi Museum

This is a brilliant opportunity to step back in time and experience what life was like in Tokyo during the Meiji and Showa periods. Admission is only 300 yen.

University of Tokyo

University Tokyo

Ever wondered how would it be like to attend a top-notch university such as the University of Tokyo? Japan's top university has its main campus right in Ueno Park. During term time, the west side of the park comes to life as it is swarming with energetic students.


Hanami Ueno Park

Especially great during the cherry blossom season, having a picnic in Ueno Park is a great way to enjoy a lazy afternoon. You can bring your bento box and chill right by the pond, or under a beautiful cherry tree. A beautiful way to make new memories.

Eat Street Food

Street Food Japan

From all the places I've visited so far, Japan is by far the absolute best culinary experience. Full of amazing flavours, great aromas and incredible tastes, Japanese food has no match. Especially lively during the cherry blossom festival, Ueno Park features many food stalls, awaiting for you to taste its delicacies.

Octopus Balls Ueno Tokyo

Having spent two days exploring Ueno, I can safely say this is one of Tokyo greatest green places to visit. Check out Ueno Park, full of museums, temples and beautiful nature, as well as the actual colourful and vivid streets of Ueno, a neighbourhood full of street food, markets and mad nightlife.

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