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Understanding suitcase sizes

Learn what type of suitcase you need for your upcoming travel. Whether you are going away on a short or long trip, we created a detailed explanation of suitcase sizes. We included dimensions and weight for carry-on and checked luggage for all major airlines too.

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Read more about the type of travel gear you may need for your trips. From cameras, through lenses and drones, we put together all the gear we use when we travel together. We included backpacks which are most suitable for our technical luggage.

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The essentials you need in your carry-on to ensure your flight is super comfortable. Here's what you need to travel smarter.

Searching for the perfect travel gift for your friends or family? We curated the best travel essentials travellers actually want.

You need the right photography gear to capture those great candid moments you experience during travel time

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First time flying? Check out all the recommendations to help you get over the initial hurdles. It includes info on what to pack so your first long haul is nice and easy.

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