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We are Cory and G, the British couple behind the soft adventure travel blog, You Could Travel.

We created this website in April 2016 and we’ve been rapidly growing ever since. We regularly work with well-established brands and promote fantastic destinations through storytelling and photography.

Over the last few months, we partnered up with other travel-related publications and websites who have interviewed and featured us. We have a monthly travel destination column in print for a local UK magazine. To read more, please visit our Press page.

For our latest stats and demographics, please check our Media Kit

Cory and G in Nuuksio National Park

Media Kit

You Could Travel Media Kit 2018

How to work with you could travel

Press Trips

Promotion your destination to our audience, through the use of articles, photography, digital storytelling and social media.

Brand Ambassadors

Representation of your brand and products and promoting it through our website, social media and blogging communities.

Sponsored Content

Professional and unique content in line with your marketing campaign and placement of an advertisement on all our mediums.

Product Reviews

Unbiased reviews under the form of articles about your products which are designed for soft adventure and long term travel seekers.

Contests and Giveaways

Promotion of your competition and giveaways to our audience through articles, social media and newsletters.

Public Speaking

Cory is an experienced public speaker and is available to talk about travel, online entrepreneurship, UX Design, marketing and social media.

Original Content for your site

Professional content in line with your brand which you can use on your website or print mediums as well as on your social media.  

Traffic Acquisition

Cory G Exploring Madeira

Our Demographics

Who reads you could travel

49% of our readers are between the age of 25-34. Around 18% of our readers are between the age of 18-24 and
17% of our readers are between the age of 35-44.

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You Could Travel Traffic Acquisition

We get most of our traffic via organic search: 80%.
Over 15% of our traffic comes from social media and the rest comes from other mediums such as referrals, direct and email.
You Could Travel has a Domain Authority of 30.

Prague Cory and G You Could Travel

Social Media

Get Social With You Could Travel

We currently have 17k+ Twitter followers and 41k+ Instagram followers.
We have 6.9k+ followers on Pinterest (and a reach of over 1.1 million people) and 2k+ Facebook fans.

Why work with us

We have been working with various clients from all around the world long before we created this travel website. Through our digital studio, we learned the ins and outs of the internet trade and we are fully aware of what a business needs, starting from branding and identity, through great SEO and reach, to great marketing techniques.

We have been travelling the world since 2013, hence we know what type of information a beginner and experienced traveller needs.

We are professionals who create high-quality content through the means of great articles and fascinating photography.

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Cory and G hiking in the snow

Coralia (Cory)

Learn More About Cory

With a Bachelors with Honours in Law, Cory has a strong background in writing and cultural studies. She is the travel writer and photographer at You Could Travel. Her stories have been featured in print and web-based outlets. Her passion for photography started at the age of 17 when she won the photographer of the year award through a local competition in Romania. Cory is passionate about UX Design and SEO skills which translate into the ever-changing web world.

Cory G Wedding Day

Gergely (G)

Learn more about G

Highly precise and incredibly passionate about the digital world, G is a true problem solver. As a developer, G is highly focused on using the latest technology to deliver high calibre results for his clients. He is a master of SEO, marketing and social media, skills which he implements into You Could Travel on a daily basis. G never shies away from a challenge and loves working with Drupal, his weapon of choice when crafting a new web-based solution.

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