Home to innumerable works of art, an instantly recognizable culture, as well as the most popular cuisine in the world, Italy is a destination for the ages.


Found in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Italy is immediately recognizable on the map thanks to its unique shape in the form of a boot. Surrounded by seas from all sides except the north, the landscape is mostly craggy, yet flat. Its northern region it's occupied by the Alps which makes Italy a photographer's dream. With one of the best climates in Europe, the scenery in Italy is stunning and is one of the largest reasons why it has constantly remained on the list of most popular countries.


Italian food is arguably the most popular in the entire world. There is no corner of the world that doesn’t serve pizza – one of Italy’s largest gifts to the world – or a person that doesn’t know what pasta is. This peculiar cuisine came to be because of Italy’s rough past, so its inhabitant had to get creative in order to survive. This led to the creation of the pizza as a poor-man’s-meal, but in the modern age, Italian food began to be viewed as food for everyone and at any time.


To say that Rome – Italy’s capital – is the largest pillar upon which western civilization has been built would be a massive understatement. Since its founding, Rome – and later by extension Italy – has spread culture and art everywhere across the world. From the Ancient Age to the Renaissance, and later to the modern age, Italian culture and art are some of the most influential in the entire world. Italian culture is fascinating and very alluring, and Italy today stands as one of the bastions of modern culture, art, and fashion.

Dynamic Cities

Rome is called the Eternal City for a reason. It’s stood in the same location for millennia and has survived many catastrophic events, and yet it still remains as one of the liveliest, and most popular, cities in the entire world. Many of the cities in Italy share the same fate to at least some extent – cities like Venice, Milano, Florence, Naples, and many more have seen their own share of ups and downs but have yet to show signs of slowing down. They remain some of the most popular and well-known cities in the world, and deservedly so.

Italy is a destination for everyone. It offers just about everything and in the right doses, so nobody should skip on a visit if they have the chance to see it up close and personally.