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Cory Varga

Cory is a published travel writer and award-winning photographer. She travels full time with her husband and is passionate about creating in-depth travel guides. Cory published her first book on Japanese customs and manners because she's obsessed with everything Japan. She has visited hundreds of destinations and has lived in 7 different countries. Cory is multilingual and an alumna from The University of Manchester.

Cory Varga (full name Coralia Varga) is an alumna from The University of Manchester where she published her first paper as part of her dissertation program. In 2016, Cory began her career as a travel writer and she has received an array of mentions and accolades including being a finalist for the travel awards at Trav Media and Vuelio.

Cory is the published author of a travel book called How to Behave in Japan. She is an accomplished public speaker and she's presented at major travel conferences, including Traverse Events.

Cory has been featured in several travel journals and print publications. She loves reading and occasionally she dedicates her time writing on her Fourth Wing dedicated website called Empyrean Riders. See some of her previous work below:

Dresden Magazine - Created an original travel piece about Dresden.

Downend Voice Bristol - Contributor to Downend Voice, a local print magazine in Bristol. Cory contributed with a monthly travel vertical.

Matador Network - Several travel pieces including Travel guide to Shakespeare’s England, 7 ways to save money on a trip to Tokyo, Photography of Budapest.

Navigator - Published writer on “The traveller defined by everything after Tokyo”.

AFAR - Created a small travel feature on how to enjoy adventures around Japan.

Skyscanner - Created a piece entitled “Skyscanner’s Guide to Visiting Japan on a Tight Budget”.

DK Travel - Wrote a piece on the practicalities of how to spend 2 weeks in Japan.


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