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What is You Could Travel?

You Could Travel is our travel website and our unique little corner of the internet ran by Cory and G Varga from the rainy UK.

The website was created in April 2016, upon our return from our favourite destination in the world: Japan. You Could Travel quickly became a medium for sharing our adventures, captivating photography and quirky experiences. Our website is geared towards inspiring others through information packed articles that revolve around travel guides, recommendations, and tips. You Could Travel focuses on out of ordinary quests and underlines positives experiences abroad to encourage and motivate through personal adventures.

We specialise in soft adventure travel, off the beaten path destinations and culinary affairs. We strongly believe that a nomadic lifestyle is possible regardless of background, cultural beliefs or financial means and we motivate and encourage these experiences through storytelling and photographic essay.

Cory and G you could travel honeymoon

Who is behind You Could Travel?

We are Cory and G, a married couple from the UK who have been travelling together since 2013. Before that, we were both full time employed working in the IT industry as a UX Designer and Web Developer.

We met in September 2013 through work, decided to quit our jobs and found our digital studio, 42droids, which focuses on designing and developing top-notch websites for clients all across the globe. In doing so, we found a way to work, travel and live together.

Cory G Exploring The World

How did we get started?

It’s well known that England suffers from depressive weather. When they say it rains all the time, they mean it. I can 100% back this (unfortunately true) rumour. It rains all the bloody time. Since both me and G love to walk and hike in nature, we decided to spend what it looked like a lovely sunny afternoon strolling on the British rolling hills. After about 20 minutes, the weather (as unpredictable as it is) decided to turn sour and we got caught in the storm of the century. At the time we had no car, so we had to walk back in the pouring rain. Although we had a lot of fun, when we finally got home (drenched, I must add) we looked at each other, laughed and decided to go somewhere (anywhere) where we could enjoy a few days of sunshine. And so, we booked our first flight to Rome. Needless to say how Rome’s sunny streets, together with the epic Italian food and the local’s passion for life convinced us to just travel more.

It was because of our similarities, curiosity and that crazy appetite for discovery that made us want to embark on a continuous adventure and live our life travelling.

Cory and G hiking in the snow

Why You Could Travel

After a couple of years of travelling, we finally made it to Japan. That’s where we got engaged. During our travels, we got to know the world one destination at the time. We’ve decided then that we wanted to inspire others to do by creating travel as a lifestyle . It’s not impossible, it’s a matter of ambition and willpower. We created this blog as a source of inspiration, help and clever advice on how to travel better and meaningfully. We came up with the name You Could Travel, because we wanted you to follow your most epic dreams, stop doing whatever makes you unhappy and embark on a life-long journey by travelling around the world. Eat, Pray, Love! Enjoy the Tuscan Sun or better yet, conquer the Everest. If you want to, YOU COULD TRAVEL!

You Could Travel brings together all the information you need to make the best travelling choices. This means learning how to save money, what destinations are worth exploring, how to find the best-kept secrets and what local food is all about. Essentially, we make a lot of mistakes during my journey so you don't have to.

Let’s go on an endless adventure!

Honeymoon in the Seychelles


About Cory

Cory is a Romanian-born British citizen who loved travelling ever since she was a little girl. She used to go on road trips with her family every weekend and hike the Carpathian mountains. When she turn 18 she decided it was time to try something different, hence she bought a one-way ticket to the UK, where she studied Law with Criminology at the University of Manchester.

During university years, she dedicated her spare time travelling around Britain whilst keeping a photographic journal on her adventure and culinary affairs. Not wanting to become a lawyer, she became a self-taught designer and pursued jobs in the digital industry.

In 2013 she met the love of her life, G, whom she married in September 2016. Cory is the storyteller and photographer on You Could Travel as well as the predominant subject in all G’s pictures. Cory’s writing skills started becoming obvious when she was a volunteer editor at the age of 16. She is passionate about photography and won the photographer of the year award at the age of 17 through a local competition in Romania.

You Could Travel Lifestyle City of Bath

About G

G is a Hungarian-born British citizen who has been fascinated with the digital world ever since he can remember. He came to the UK to study Computer Science at the University of Bristol and been pursued a career in the web related industry ever since. In 2012 he went on a solo trip to Switzerland where he discovered his passion for mountains, nature and adventure.

In 2013 G met Cory and together founded their epic digital studio 42droids which enabled them to fund their travels around the world. He proposed to Cory in Japan, on top of the Mount Hiei.

G is the digital mastermind behind You Could Travel, being highly focused on SEO and marketing techniques. G loves stealing Cory’s camera and experimenting with fantastic perspectives and unique compositions.

Cory G Exploring Madeira