We are husband + wife and we think travelling together is the best thing ever.

We are content creators, photographers, marketers and avid readers.

We are best friends, coffee lovers, road trippers. Our heart is to see you travel with your loved ones, fall in love with the world and capture intimate moments together.

I’m a Romanian-born British citizen who lived in Bristol for 10 years and hasn’t lost her accent (yet). I was born in December and I’m a winter child, there’s no day when I don’t miss rainy, moody days or snowy blizzards. I just can’t get enough of nostalgia.

I am an Art Director turned entrepreneur. I am a content creator and travel photographer who loves everything SEO and marketing related. I absolutely adore teaching and that’s why being a public speaker is a secret passion of mine.

People describe me as an extrovert with an insatiable appetite for life. I’m easily excitable and an idealist with an open mind and an open heart.
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I’m a software engineer and a technical director with an ever-growing appreciation for thought evoking aesthetics. I am Hungarian by birth and British by passport who travels with the girl of my dreams.

I was born in November, yet I’m an introvert who loves fresh Spring morning and insanely colourful summer evenings.

I travel because I’m constantly curious and want to translate all my knowledge into epic mediums which inspire other couples to hit the road.

People describe me as an outdoors enthusiast who is enthralled by lush destinations and leafy forests. I think travelling with my gorgeous wife is the greatest and I still can’t believe she fell for me.
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Travelling the world together is the greatest thing we’ve ever done. We love travelling so much, we decided to make it into our lifestyle. We wanted to kiss good morning in London, have dinner in Tokyo and fall asleep in Kyoto. We value our marriage, and we wanted to celebrate it over and over again, through the means of travels, in search of enchanting new experiences and dazzling curiosities.

We are idealists who believe in great travelling stories. We are husband + wife and we think travelling together is the best thing ever.

You will find us cuddling on the sofa, traversing the deepest jungles, conquering rocky mountains and swimming in surreal oceans. Travelling shaped our story and made it more versatile and never boring. We are dreamers who believe in possibilities and opportunities.

You Could Travel is our travel website and love story. We created this travel blog in April 2016 as a way to inspire you to always look forward to the unknown, follow your deepest dreams and fall in love with the world. We believe travelling is about connection: is about you feeling something special and sharing it with your loved ones.

Taking photos together during travels is like freezing the absolute joy and that unique intimate moment. In retrospect, it’s like looking at a photo of you and your loved one and thinking: this is us, happy, excited, most vulnerable but most victorious too.

Cory & Gergely Varga You Could Travel

Travelling is not about staging pictures is about capturing intimate moments as they unfold. Is about sharing life in the most spontaneous and magical way.

We are introspective travellers, looking for experiences that help us grow as people. We want our travels to teach us something new, something which we can apply to our daily lives upon return. This way, our life as a couple is never dull, but ever changing and evolving.

Cory and Gergely Varga You Could Travel

We are genuinely curious and just like you, we are eager to learn more about the beautiful world around us. Children at heart, we are inquisitive, we question everything.

We travel to regain our sense of adventure. We want to be pioneers, break the norm and challenge ourselves beyond monotony. Travelling is about constantly seeking a better version of oneself.

So let’s say yes to an exceptional life full of new possibilities and go on an endless adventure.

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