As husband and wife, we have a deep love for travelling and exploring the world together.

We are passionate about capturing and sharing the beauty of our adventures through our work as content creators and photographers.

In addition to our love for travel, we are also avid readers, coffee enthusiasts, and road trippers. Our goal is to inspire and guide you to embark on travels with your loved ones, discover new cultures, and create meaningful experiences. Let us help you plan your next great adventure and make the most of your travels!

I'm an acclaimed Romanian British travel writer and award-winning travel photographer. I started my career as a travel writer back in 2016 when I quickly fell in love with content creation, photography and digital marketing.

I am a Creative Director turned entrepreneur. I am a content creator and travel photographer who loves everything SEO and marketing related. Passionate about teaching, I am a successful public speaker where I love to deliver talks about marketing, business, finance, and SEO.

I recently published my first book called "How to Behave in Japan". I am madly in love with travelling the world with my husband, and Japan is my favourite destination. I write about Japan a lot in the hopes that I can make your trips more exciting and comfortable. Overall, I have lived in 7 different countries, including Japan. I am multilingual, and I'm currently learning Japanese as well.

I was born in December, and I’m a winter child, there’s no day when I don’t miss rainy, moody days or snowy blizzards. I just can’t get enough of nostalgia.

People describe me as an extrovert with an insatiable appetite for life. I’m easily excitable and an idealist with an open mind and an open heart.
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I’m a software engineer and a technical director with an ever-growing appreciation for thought evoking aesthetics. I am Hungarian by birth and British by passport who travels with the girl of my dreams.

I am very passionate about technical SEO, which is what you will find me do for this site. I enjoy fact checking and updating old articles to ensure they stay fresh and relevant. I travel because I’m constantly curious and want to translate all my knowledge into epic mediums which inspire other couples to hit the road.

I am multilingual, have lived in 7 different countries, and Japan remains my favourite place on this planet. In my spare time, I develop cool software and create useful services for the digital industry.

People describe me as an outdoors enthusiast who is enthralled by lush destinations and leafy forests. I think travelling with my gorgeous wife is the greatest, and I still can’t believe she fell for me.
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Travelling the world together is the greatest thing we’ve ever done. We love travelling so much, we decided to make it into our lifestyle. We wanted to kiss good morning in London, have dinner in Tokyo and fall asleep in Kyoto. We value our marriage, and we wanted to celebrate it over and over again, through the means of travels, searching for enchanting new experiences and dazzling curiosities.

We are idealists who believe in great travelling stories. We are husband + wife and we think travelling together is the best thing ever.

Cory and G enjoying the snow in Canada

You will find us cuddling on the sofa, traversing the deepest jungles, conquering rocky mountains and swimming in surreal oceans. Travelling shaped our story and made it more versatile and never boring. We are dreamers who believe in possibilities and opportunities.

Cory and G kissing under the aurora borealis in Norway

We created You Could Travel because of our inner drive to push ourselves outside our conformity of everyday life. Passionate about nature and the environment, we are both adventurous and love the challenge of an everlasting journey of discovery.

You Could Travel is our travel website and love story. We created this travel blog in April 2016 as a way to inspire you to always look forward to the unknown, follow your deepest dreams and fall in love with the world. We believe travelling is about connection: is about you feeling something special and sharing it with your loved ones.

Travelling is not about staging pictures is about capturing intimate moments as they unfold. Is about sharing life in the most spontaneous and magical way.

Cory G Norway Glacier

We are introspective travellers, searching for experiences that help us grow as people. We want our travels to teach us something new, something which we can apply to our daily lives upon return. This way, our life as a couple is never dull, but ever-changing and evolving.

We are genuinely curious and, just like you, we are eager to learn more about the beautiful world around us. Children at heart, we are inquisitive, we question everything.

Cory and G visiting Santa Claus in Rovaniemi

We travel to regain our sense of adventure. We want to be pioneers, break the norm and challenge ourselves beyond monotony. Travelling is about constantly seeking a better version of oneself.

So let’s say yes to an exceptional life full of new possibilities and go on an endless adventure.

You Could Travel was created to help you live an inspiring and fulfilling life

What we do

Since its inception You Could Travel has helped travellers and explorers reach the most interesting corners of the world through insightful articles, meaningful stories and captivating photography. The story of You Could Travel begins, ironically, in a living room. Most precisely, in a small house in the suburbs of Bristol, UK. It was here in 2016 that two outdoors enthusiasts decided to follow their passion and founded a travel website. Soon thereafter, that travel website became known as You Could Travel, a site committed to intrepid exploration which continues to uncover new insights about travel, nature and culture.

Cory & G Varga - You Could Travel

Short History

Throughout the years, You Could Travel acquired a following amongst avid travel dreamers, always on the lookout for their next adventure.

You Could Travel is a travel website that wants to improve its readers' life through transformational travel experiences. Travel is about seeing the magic in the world and capturing the most incredible moments forever. You Could Travel helps ordinary people become avid explorers who live an inspiring and fulfilling life.

You Could Travel continues to reach and resonate with millions of readers every year. We've stayed true to our mission to pursue and celebrate exploration, education and sustainability. Our readers value freedom and are always on the hunt for their next travel experience. At You Could Travel, we value the journey just as much as the destination.

You Could Travel is a well-established player in the travel market. Contributing to its success are the strategic partnerships that inspire its readers to dream, explore and discover.

You Could Travel's mantra is "Made by explorers for explorers".

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